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Thursday, 23 January 2014


Jordan Belfort becomes broker on Wall Street at a very bad time: the stock market crash of October 1987. Immediately dismissed, he launches into the lucrative market of securities at a discount. Shortly after, he founded Stratton Oakmont and committed a bunch of left-nots as brokers. Through a routine of his own, he teaches them how to rip a large number of major investors. At age 26, he amassed a fortune of $ 49 million in one year. With his partner Donnie Azoff, Belfort combines the antics and debauchery of all kinds. It garnered wealth as if it were a grocery list: huge property, helicopter, car Ferrari, yacht. He married a wonderful beauty that gives him two children. But his arrogant profile gangster tie attracts the attention of the FBI.

Release Date: 2013-12-25
Rating: 16 + (erotica)
Country: United States
Distributor: Paramount
DVD Release Date: nd
Genre: Drama Biography
Duration: 179 min.
Year: 2013
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Cast and Crew:
Director:  Martin Scorsese
Editing:  Thelma Schoonmaker
Screenplay:  Terence Winter
Photography:  Rodrigo Prieto
Music:  Howard Shore

Cast:Jean Dujardin ,  Jonah Hill ,  Jon Favreau ,  Leonardo DiCaprio ,  Matthew McConaughey ,  Kyle Chandler ,  Margot Robbie ,  Cristin Milioti ,  Rob Reiner ,  PJ Byrne

Watch The Wolf of Wall Street Trailer:

The best performance of DiCaprio
The Wolf of Wall Street also gives Leonardo DiCaprio an opportunity to offer the best performance of his career. Besides aplomb he shows in the skin of an unfriendly character prone to all the excesses, the actor also displays an unsuspected talent for comedy. Scenes showing him under the influence of strong drugs (whose effects are offset) are pretty amazing this regard.

For three hours without any dead time, the viewer is drawn into an environment that Scorsese chose to show up at the end of his vision, without sweetening. With his usual mastery, it exposes the depravity of an amoral world that never learns from his mistakes, boosted by his own arrogance.

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