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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Cycling in the city: a potentially dangerous habit??

Because of pollution, riding on Cycle in the city is not necessarily good for the health. Involved, the fine pollution particles which penetrate into the lungs and can cause cancer.
Cycling in the city: a potentially dangerous habit??

Cities offer some comfort and great opportunities, but also poses health hazards. According to data from the World Health Organization , air pollution in urban areas would be responsible for 1, 3 million deaths worldwide per year. It is in this context that Irish researcher from Trinity College Dublin, Marguerite Nyhan, decided to highlight the risks of cycling in the heart of the cities where traffic is particularly dense.

In a study published by the newspaper The Australian , the researcher and his team explained that they observed 32 healthy cyclists. The result of their analysis leaves no doubt that the people who adapted to cycling in cities take deep breaths because they are full physical strain and inhale dust particles generated by dangerous diesel engines  so much than compared with pedestrians.

Pollution Emitted by engines, brakes and tires of vehicles, causes lung cancer link  are certified by several studies with , said the National Institute of Health (INSERM). Among other things, the fine particles emitted by diesel engines, which can represent up to 90%  from road traffic are particularly bad for the body.

"The pollution of air, indoors and outdoors, is a major environmental health problem affecting both developed and developing countries," says WHO. Marguerite Nyhan concludes his research by advising cyclists choose routes away from heavy traffic and wear a mask.

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