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Saturday, 4 January 2014


1- Choose a good plan : more than 9 out of 10 people fail in the long term. Forget diets "miracles" that promise dramatic results in no time! Ideally do you follow a nutritionist or dietitian who will work with you a plan that meet to your needs.

2 - Have a reasonable objective and realistic . It is not possible to lose more than 500g of  weight per week. If you lose more, it is water or worse, muscle.

3 -  Plan your food purchases: set your weekly menus in advance to make your shopping list. And especially do not go shopping on an empty stomach! Hunger may make you buy too much fat and sugar and not allowed during your diet.

4 - Do not neglect physical activity . Recommendations are at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day. If you miss time looking in your day anything that can be an excuse to move your muscles: take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk out after your lunch break, contract your abs when you're sitting ... The possibilities are endless!

5 - Do you offer small rewards for each level passed. For example: the first pound lost I offer this pair of shoes that I like so much!

 6 - Allow yourself the differences from time to time: they are planned and controlled, they are the best way to avoid frustration and keep your diet over time.

7 - Advertise publicly that you will lose weight. So you'll be more motivated  and can be supported by your entourage !

8 - Beware of your balance , it is not always the best indicator of the success of your diet. In fact if you lose fat and gain muscle, your weight will increase but your body will be fine. Therefore prefer a garment "test" and a tape measure to take your measurements and record your progress .

9 -  Do not skip meals : you will then undergo a lot of stress in your body which will hasten to store everything you swallow at the next meal ...

10 -  Drink plenty of water during and between meals. This removes toxins from your body.

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