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Friday, 28 February 2014

Bisphenol A: tickets dangerous case for health

The toxicity of thermal paper that makes up the receipts is confirmed by a new U.S. study.

We handle almost every day, without knowing that they can harm our health. Simple contact with the hands of receipts printed on thermal paper increases the concentration of bisphenol A (BPA) in those affected.

The toxicity of BPA, this endocrine disruptor no longer mystery among scientists, who accuse him of encouraging the development of prostate cancer and breast cancer. Disturbance induced metabolism of bisphenol A also expose to infertility and other diseases such as cardiovascular disease and hyperactivity.

Students from Harvard University in the United States, recognizing the strong suspicions about BPA, wanted to see for themselves its toxicity. They appealed to 24 volunteers who had to handle receipts for 2 hours continuously. Some wore gloves, others had bare hands.

Urinary tests after this experience showed a clear difference between guinea pigs "gloved" and others. In the group without gloves, the average concentration of BPA in the urine increased from 2.1 micrograms per liter before handling to 11.5 micrograms per liter eight hours. This is located below the level of BPA obtained after drinking a bobbin.

15% exposure to bisphenol A

The European Food Safety Authority warned last July against the danger associated with thermal paper cash register receipts. These represent "15% of the total exposure" bisphenol A, the remainder being derived from the exposure of the food. Present in many food products such as plastic packaging, cans, BPA ban in food containers in France from 1 January 2015.

Strawberries, anti-cholesterol food

And if the regime had strawberries replace statins as a treatment against your cholesterol? The hypothesis is not unfounded if one believes the experiment conducted jointly by Italian and Spanish researchers.
Strawberries, anti-cholesterol food

Should we add strawberries to the list of superfoods (cranberry, pomegranate, acai, currants ...) to multiple health benefits? Eating strawberries daily could indeed greatly lower cholesterol. Researchers from the Polytechnic University of Marche in Italy, and colleagues from the universities of Salamanca, Granada and Seville in Spain, made this discovery by observing the impact of this "strawberry diet" of 23 volunteers. The panel of strawberries consumed 500 per day for a month. A blood test was taken at the beginning and the end of the experiment.

The results published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry show that diet decreased the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) cholesterol by 14%. The level of good cholesterol did not change him. However, the amount of triglycerides decreased by 21%. In excess, these lipids increase the risk of atherosclerotic plaque, that is to say, the lipid deposition within the arteries.

Other parameters also improved as the concentration of antioxidant biomarkers such as vitamin C and the changes plaquettaire. Ces function returned to normal within 15 days after stopping the "treatment".

Other cholesterol-lowering foods

Difficult to determine exactly which compounds present in strawberries can explain these cholesterol-lowering benefits. Maurizio Battino, Italian researcher director of the study hypothesizes. "All the signs and epidemiological studies converge on strawberry anthocyanins, plant pigments responsible for the red color."

Strawberries so join the base anti-cholesterol foods . Meanwhile the strawberry season, you can enjoy for example apples, oat bran, sardines, mackerel, walnuts and peppers.

Being vegetarian is good for blood

Vegetarians have better blood pressure than meat eaters if we believe a Japanese study.

Want to lower your blood pressure? Stop eating meat. This is what you advise Professor Yoko Yokoyama National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center in Osaka, Japan. This researcher found that a vegetarian diet was better than the omnivore to reduce blood pressure by analyzing seven clinical tests and studies 32 plan. This work published between 1900 and 2013 were made in 18 countries and covered 21,000 vegetarians.
vegetarian diet

The results of this compilation, published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, shows that consumers of meat with hypertension could reduce it by adopting a vegetarian diet that emphasizes fruits, vegetables fresh, legumes (beans and beans, lentils, peas) and whole grains (unrefined) fiber rich in vitamins and minerals.

More broadly, the vegetarian diet was associated with a mean decrease in systolic pressure of 6.9 points (blood pressure during contraction of the heart) and a decrease in diastolic pressure (relaxation phase of the heart) of 4.7 points. The Japanese team has even noted that some participants, this vegetable diet resulted in a decrease in blood pressure to a level that was no longer the anti-hypertensive treatment needed. And without any side effect is observed.

One way to prevent heart disease

Hypertension is a recognized risk factor for heart disease and premature death. So vegetarianism is an interesting track to prevent these diseases. "A simple 5-point decrease in blood pressure applied across the United States would lead to a decrease of 9% of heart disease and 14% of heart attack," Dr. Neal Barnard defends, co-author of study, quoted by LiveScience. "It's great. Show me a drug that can accomplish this feat," challenges the researcher.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Do not skip breakfast

In modern life, because of busy work, people start to pay less and less attention to breakfast. There are even many people who always go to work without breakfast. In fact, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you do not eat breakfast in the long term, it can cause serious harm to the body.
Do not skip breakfast

First of all, it can make you fat. Many people think that if they do not eat breakfast, it can help them reduce weight. In fact, this idea is not correct. According to scientists the power even if you do not eat breakfast, it still may not promote the consumption of fat, because as soon as the human body understands malnutrition, he will first consume carbohydrates and proteins, but not fat. Worse yet, if you do not eat breakfast, it will make you eat more food for lunch, which would cause difficulties in digestion and absorption. In this case, excessive fat will accumulate in the body and gradually make you fat.

Secondly, it will lead to constipation. If you eat three meals a day regularly every day, the human body naturally form gastrocolic reflex, which is useful for detoxification. On the contrary if you do not always have breakfast, it can cause disorder gastrocolic reflex and then lead to constipation. If the body can not send out the toxins, excessive toxins build up in the body and then lead to many symptoms such as acne.

Third, it will make people easy to grow old. Breakfast plays an important role in providing energy and nutrients needed human body throughout the day. If you do not eat breakfast, the human body has to consume protein and glycogen, which is stored in the body. As time passes, it will cause dry skin, wrinkles, and anemia and accelerate human aging. Seriously, it may even cause iron deficiency anemia.

Last but not least, it may make people susceptible to chronic illness. If you do not eat breakfast, hungry stomach will be able to for a long time, which can easily lead to the gastrointestinal tract such as gastritis and peptic ulcer. What is more, it can make blood platelets stick together easily, thereby increasing the likelihood of cardiovascular disease.

From what we discussed above, we see that breakfast is very important in our life. As a result, for your health and longevity, pay great attention to breakfast.

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5 STEPS BEFORE Consuming foods in travel

Who wants to travel healthy starts with ... washing hands. All recommendations of the World Health Organization to not get sick while traveling.

Every day, travelers get sick because he did not comply with some simple health rules before consuming food or beverages absorb. The World Health Organization ( WHO ) therefore offers them some advice of prévention.Tout recalling that should ask their doctor about the different diseases that can be contracted at the place of travel.

Do not forget in the first place: a very frequent hand washing, separation of raw and cooked foods and the proper cooking of food.

Other tips : maintain food at safe temperatures, and verification of good sanitary quality of water we consume.

Be careful when in cases of diarrhea, the organization reiterates the need for user moderation drugs slowing intestinal transit, especially for children. Rather, it is advisable to rehydrate by drinking plenty or "oral rehydration solution, water bottled, boiled or purified, or weak tea, soup or other liquid safe." It is also best to avoid drinks that tend to dehydrate, such as "coffee, drinks too sweet, some medicinal teas and alcohol."

The "five keys" WHO Safer Food:

  • Wash hands often, especially each time before handling food and eating
  • Cooked foods should not be in contact with raw food could contaminate
  • Food should be eaten cooked and kept hot. Fish and raw seafood should be avoided, as well as poultry meat still pink in appearance, as well as ground beef and hamburgers bleeding
  • Cooked food left several hours at room temperature should be avoided. They must either be kept warm or chilled or be presented on ice
  • Ice cream, water ice and raw milk that may be contaminated with harmful microorganisms, should be safe from. Fruits and vegetables should be peeled, and those whose skin is damaged avoided. In case of doubt on the water, you should make it boil.

The Complete Book of Garlic: A Guide for Gardeners, Growers, and Serious Cooks

Discover all the therapeutic properties of garlic, its varieties, its history through the ages and how to grow in your garden. See also full of tasty and healthy recipes using garlic, drink ... dessert! Garlic is like a love story, when love is unrestrained and we can not imagine for a moment live without! Condiment food with unique flavors, essential in our kitchen, a plant with many therapeutic properties, it has survived the centuries and is still very much passion and controversy. This small guide, peppered with surprising anecdotes and illustrated with numerous photographs, you calls for an enlightening journey and bubbly you will discover the fascinating world of garlic, from ancient to the most modern laboratories research. You will discover Garlic medicinal properties, how to prepare and to grow in your garden. Vintage, cooked, roasted, alone or combined with other foods, you will learn to cook using recipes submitted, all original and delicious, including some are signed by famous chefs like Olivier Berte, Rick Stein, Jean-Christophe Novelli and Denis Martin. Whether you're a gourmet, anxious to maintain your health in a natural way or just curious, join the authors on a journey of discovery and Celebration ... putting garlic in your life!

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Wednesday, 26 February 2014


There is a correlation between sleep and diabetes through sleep disorders such as insomnia, hypersomnia syndrome, restless legs, or disorders apnea syndrome ... can be the effects of diabetes or have effects on him. Poor sleep hangs over glycemic control increases the risk of developing diabetes and may aggravate existing diabetes.

The vital function of sleep
Sleep is vital for the body. It is necessary for recovery from physical, intellectual and psychological. Among other functions, sleep contributes:

  • mechanisms of cognition and memory
  • the elimination of toxins
  • to replenish energy reserves of nerve and muscle cells
  • and especially the regulation of metabolic functions (glucose, appetite ...) which explains its link with diabetes.

Circadian rhythms
Each person has biological rhythms that regulate the activity of our body. Among these rhythms, circadian rhythms characterize our lifestyle over 24 hours with alternating phase of sleep at night and sleep during the day. This internal clock is part of our biological heritage and may vary slightly from one individual to another. However, it is synchronized by the main time markers that are daylight and social activity. Despite this, some people tend to get up later or earlier. But one thing is for sure, these rhythms are essential to the balance of the body and repeated disturbances (sleep disorders, night work, work day with no light, staggered schedules ...) have an impact on health .
Major sleep disorders
Sleep well, regularly 8h per night on average , is needed by the body and makes a good recovery. If some need 9h 6h and others only to feel like (large and small sleepers), a sleep time beyond or below 10h 5h is a warning signal and can hide a sleep disorder .

Major sleep disorders
Sleep well, regularly 8h per night on average , is needed by the body and makes a good recovery. If some need 9h 6h and others only to feel like (large and small sleepers), a sleep time beyond or below 10h 5h is a warning signal and can hide a sleep disorder .

Major sleep disorders are:

  • insomnia (sleep too short): difficulty falling asleep, poor sleep, multiple awakenings during the night or early morning
  • hypersomnia (sleeping too long): regular sleep or catch up (on weekends, holidays ...), daytime somnolence (excessive tendency to fall asleep in situations of everyday life)
  • Restless legs syndrome : discomfort in the legs that require stand
  • Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome : repeated cessation of breathing during sleep

Links between sleep and diabetes

Effects of sleep on diabetes

Sleep disorders can have an effect on diabetes, overweight and obesity. Studies show that reduced sleep causes a dysregulation of glucose metabolism (50% decrease in the action of insulin, 30% reduction of the amount of insulin produced), tennis favor the onset of diabetes or the exacerbation of existing diabetes.

During sleep, fat cells secrete a hormone (leptin) that goes to sleep feeling hungry. The day the stomach, he secretes another hormone (ghrelin) that facilitates food intake. The decrease in sleep time cause people to eat more, which increases the risk of obesity.

Effects of diabetes on sleep
Diabetes can be a cause of impaired sleep. Some insomnia are indeed related to impaired glycemic control (especially in case of hypoglycemia at night , common in type 1 diabetes). Rapid changes in glucose levels during the night causing nighttime awakenings , insomnia factors.

People with diabetes are also bigger consumers of sleeping pills and hypnotics .

Some complications of diabetes such as frequent urination (polyuria), musculoskeletal pain (which require to get up several times at night) may also be the cause of insomnia . The restless legs can result from nerve damage (neuropathy) associated with diabetes. The diabetic retinopathy can she, impair the vision of light and push the diabetic person underexposure with an effect on circadian rhythms .

Food and sleep
Some foods are more challenging and promote wakefulness such as proteins, while others promote sleep like carbohydrates. We therefore avoid eating meat in large quantities in the evening, but we allow a dessert or a sweet drink (tea, for example) that promotes sleep and prevents hungry at bedtime. diabetes and sleep are interrelated . No wonder they share the same lifestyle and dietary measures: limit alcohol, eat healthy, regular physical activity ... By improving one, it helps balance the other and vice versa .

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Bitcoin - currency of the future?

Anyway, the topic Bitcoin not only coming from upper pages of financial publications, but also draws attention to itself every month different news. Some brokers including starting to offer the opportunity to earn kriptovalyuty aware that there can be no interest to traders. Such a high activity and perseverance certainly will result in something interesting, so perhaps it is time to look at alternative investments in the form of electronic "coins". Established in 2009, bitcoin today is increasingly gaining popularity among users, investors and states. Only in November bitcoin price reached a new historic high at $ 600 per week rising to 25% immediately on the news background United States and China. Of course, the last word will be in the U.S. - bitcoin recognition in the United States will be the impetus for the whole world to adopt a similar decision. Mt Gox now ready to provide any documents necessary for the legalization of the Senate within the country. Once the solution is found, we are waiting for a new financial era of electronic money. Good or bad, to judge you!

Bitcoin popularity is growing every day. Already many countries have officially adopted it as a means of calculation. Bitcoin attracts numerous investors' attention primarily for its capacity - in just 5 years of its value has grown from $ 0 to $ 1250 , the lion's share of this range it was in 2013, though with drastic.
Recall that Bitcoin - it is one of the possible alternatives to traditional currencies , while not belonging to any particular state. The main purpose of e-currency - the ability to legitimate e-payment for goods, and limiting popular walking and is widely distributed by other means of payment alternative Bitcoin, which is difficult to influence the public authorities of different countries. That is why the question of its use is still a matter of controversy among experts and gives different opportunities in different countries.

Some countries have banned the use of any walking and Bitcoin in principle, arguing that the decision concerns about the inability to track illegal transactions involving kriptovalyutoy terrorism and maintaining with it. Others, including Canada and Germany, are more loyal to innovation, and placed on the territory of the machines with Bitcoin-checks, as well as provide an opportunity to use it for business.

Bitcoin: the law and the outlaw
Kriptovalyuta gradually begins to acquire an investment vehicle signs, responding to the world price news . However, while investors very scary high volatility Bitcoin . If now it costs about $ 600, in April we saw a quote at $ 266, then the value has plummeted to $ 50 per unit. Nevertheless, the more talk about bitcoin, the more states recognize kriptovalyutu legitimate monetary unit, the greater the interest in it from investors and above quotes.
To date, Germany has officially recognized bitcoin as a unit. Canada supported this decision , extending installing ATMs that allow to convert Bitcoins to other e-currencies.

Officially outlawed kriptovalyutu Thailand and some other countries, arguing the decision in that it violates some laws to control the movement of capital, resulting in possible unwanted conduct transactions without proper financial control of the country. The same "fears" are persecuted and U.S. authorities. Government has already tried several times unsuccessfully to legalize bitcoin, but the fact that there is no emission from kriptovalyuty controlling and regulating bodies is not giving financial institutions of America to tell her "yes." Nevertheless, the country is expected in the Senate hearings on the problems arising from the U.S. with the popularization of bitcoin.

Rising popularity kriptovalyuty

According to Bloomberg, up to this point the financial structure of the country, including the Commission on Securities and Exchange Commission United States prepared and sent an official letter to the Senate with their assessment kriptovalyuty. According to the Wall Street Journal, financial officials acknowledged bitcoin as a legitimate financial instrument . Ben Bernanke, head of the Federal Reserve , also welcomed the development of electronic currencies, noting that they can provide certain advantages in the future, providing a more rapid, stable and efficient payment system. However, the lack of control over the ongoing operations in bitcoin, while entail restrictions for use.

However, the growing interest in bitcoin , and in November the Chinese market BTC China surpassed the largest to this site on Trade kriptovalyutoy Mt Gox in trading volume, further increasing the funding to the security trades at $ 5 million. As we understand it, China is now playing a major role on the world stage, so the decision of investors to invest in such a project opens wide horizons for bitcoin .

Bitcoin - the future of the financial system

Subject prospects bitcoin as an investment instrument lately one of the most popular in the financial environment. Such fame in no time digital currency was due to the fact that made ​​possible the transmission of the digital property between Internet users , and to a safe environment in which everyone knows that the transfer was effected, and no one can challenge the legality of such action.

Bitcoin value depends on two factors : the current demand for payment system (volume and speed of payments), as well as speculation about the future prospects of this system of payment. Critics of this tool indicate its limited availability for ordinary buyers and sellers, but once it is in the same vein, talking about computers and the Internet.

Cost to dispel another myth about too high volatility of bitcoin, which may deter those wishing to accept it as payment. The fact is that in fact it is a complete accounting system that does not require to keep on hand for currency transactions. Each buyer or seller can exchange bitcoins at any time. Moreover, the use of this currency eliminates any fraud, such as those that occur with credit cards. There is no PIN-codes and digital currency is very difficult to steal.

Of course, the situation is not excluded the use of currency for criminal purposes . The recent arrest of the director of Charlie BitInstant Shrema only confirms this fact. He was accused of selling more than 1 million dollars in bitcoins, which later went to purchase drugs. Such scandals are likely to be periodically occur, but the very nature of digital currency allows you to track any transaction occurred and payment will be fixed forever in the digital magazine, so that the legal system is such a thing even easier to track than the transaction using cash, gold or gemstones.

Prospects for further growth are endless currency , given the speed of propagation of the positive experience of its use in the modern world. In fact, the payment goes to the "viral effect": the more people will get pleasure from it, the more people learn about the new instrument. In the popularization of digital currencies involved sellers, buyers, "miners", producing currency in the digital space and processing all transactions, as well as developers and entrepreneurs who create new products and services under it. With such a large-scale support of 1000-fold increase in the value of bitcoins is not surprising.

With such prospects understand the concerns of some central banks, including the Bank of Russia and, for further dissemination of this currency. Just imagine, every day millions of people are forwarded to their families in other countries, the funds from which the banks take their commission (sometimes reaching 10% of the amount sent). According to the World Bank, the annual volume of such transactions is about $ 400 billion. Daylight bitcoins will deprive a large banking sector a source of extra income, but make life easier for many customers.

By the way, Ben Bernanke, recently spoke about the great potential of digital currencies, because they support a fast, safe and efficient payment system. Simply put, bitcoin now very undervalued , so much so that even a rough estimate of their potential value to produce enough hard, but it definitely could be repeated a thousand-fold increase, and perhaps in the near future a new era of electronic finance.

Monday, 24 February 2014


Special effects are a major component of modern cinema. Indeed, precisely because the effects can recreate a particular historical epoch embody on the screen is fantastic monster or incredible ability superheroes. This video shows in chronological order the films that have received "Oscar" award for visual effects, since 1977 to the present day.

In recent years more and more difficult to distinguish between real objects on the screen of the already added during post-production. Computer technology is not standing still, and now almost anyone, armed with a piece of green material (so-called "hromakey"), high-quality camera and a sufficiently powerful computer with installed application Adobe After Effects is able to translate his directorial ideas on the screen. Actually, many independent directors do just that.

Of course, enthusiasts do not have enough manpower and expensive equipment, which is available to Hollywood figures, however at home, too, can create something impressive, and the Internet is full of evidence of this. People making amateur films on your favorite video games, cleverly mounted their home record to impress friends, and even virtually alone draw full CG-animated cartoons. Whatever you say, Hollywood and technology become more affordable over time.

By the way, in recent times by special effects artists in Hollywood are paying less and less. Studio Rhythm & Hues, which has created a wonderful and challenging from a technical perspective visuals for the film "Life of Pi" was forced to declare bankruptcy, despite the fact that she received "Oscar" award for his work. Increasingly create effects entrust Asian and Indian companies that work for nothing, thus effectively putting an end to Western experts, who must either also work for a pittance, or just close the doors of their studios.

Should remember the people who spend days, weeks and months at the screens of their work computers to pupils spectators at a certain point the film dramatically widened and heart began to beat faster. These masters worthy of our respect.



Huge corporations engaged in production of expensive and clever smartphones. At the Mobile World Congress trade show, Mozilla announced its plans to release a budget model smartphone just $ 25.

Nonprofit organization Mozilla Foundation was created specifically for the project management of the same name Mozilla, which includes Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Application Framework and other developments. But in world wide the company is known primarily for its popular free browser Mozilla Firefox, which won the people's love and confidently takes the first lines of the charts around the world.

Since Mozilla - the organization has no right to engage in commercial activities, its role in this case is confined to certain specifications and installation providing its mobile operating system developers to iron, ie themselves directly to smartphones.

According to the news portal CNET, Mozilla has already signed a partnership agreement with the Chinese manufacturer of microchips Spreadtrum Communications, which has agreed to supply the first smartphones to markets around the world.

"We are working together with Chinese partners working to reduce the price of smartphones below the 50-dollar barrier, that was not such a simple task," - said Mozilla CTO Brendan Eyck in an interview.

These phones will not look like something that we are all used. They will be much smaller than the averages smartphones of our time, the battery will have a lower capacity and lower screen resolution than the one to which we are accustomed.

However, in countries where people can not afford to pay 200-500 dollars for smartphone handsets with Firefox OS on board for the ridiculous price of $ 25 can enjoy great popularity.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

10 tips on how to prolong your life

You can extend your life for a few years, if you follow some simple rules: eat healthy foods more often, exercise and find time for yourself. If you do, you will gradually acquire habits that define a healthy lifestyle.

1. Do not forget the beets ! It is often called a secret weapon in the fight against high blood pressure. And in fact hypertension is a major cause of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and premature death.

2. Discard the TV ! Researchers estimate that the average person spends watching TV 10-15 years of his life. At least part of this time can be spent more usefully to health.

3. Give up sweets ! Studies have shown that the aroma of sweets affect a specific area of the brain that makes want to get this sweetness is mandatory, regardless of whether it would be, and how harmful it would be cake or candy. If you want sweet, it is better to have a cookie.

4. Hugs strengthen health! Studies conducted in 2005 at the University of North Carolina, showed that if hugging a loved one, even just for 20 seconds, then it will lead to lower blood pressure and levels of cortisol (the stress hormone). Do not be discouraged under any circumstances.

5. Limit salt! Every day a person takes about 9.5 grams of salt, and its excess amount raises blood pressure and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

6. Walk in the sun! Sunbeams falling on the skin, allow the body to produce vitamin D , which is effective in the fight against cardiovascular disease, depression, osteoporosis and even some cancers.

7. Do not forget about fruits and vegetables ! Calculated that if every day you will have at least one serving of fruits and vegetables (3-4 pieces), then you will significantly reduce the risk of premature death by about 20%.

8. Follow the basic principles of survival! To extend its life by about 14 years, it is necessary to observe the following principles: no smoking, do regular exercise, drink alcohol in moderation (no more than 1-2 glasses of dry red wine a day) every day and eat five servings of fruits and vegetables. If you feel that you can follow at least one of these principles, follow!

9. Walk more! According to experts, to control your weight, you need to do at least 10,000 steps a day.

10. Laughter - the best medicine!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Cheetah, the fastest robot in the world

The field of robotics comes from living a revolution. For the first time, a robot could reach a speed of race superior to man. Named Cheetah robot-sprinter Usain Bolt has done better by exceeding  the 45 km / h on a treadmill.

Usain Bolt is the holder of the speed record at the Championships World Athletics Championships in Berlin in 2009. He reached a speed of 44.71 km / h on the 100m with a record time of 9.58 seconds. But the robot Cheetah was dethroned. Developed by U.S. company Boston Dynamics with the support of financial DARPA and on behalf of the Pentagon, the robot Cheetah and largely inspired by the performance of this animal has managed the feat of running to 45.54 km / h. At the moment, Cheetah has been tested on a treadmill and connected to a cable that allows it to maintain balance. But the company Boston Dynamics plans soon test a new model of its robot, the Wildcat. This new prototype will evolved outdoors and completely independently. longer term, this robot sprinter will be used by the U.S. Army during military missions, such as the robot Alphadog LS3 .

10 tips for sleeping well

Some good reflexes and rules can suffice to spend more relaxed nights. Dinner, room layout ... learn how to avoid the pitfalls that affect sleep and the quality of your sleep.

1 - Gently with exciting
Evening, reduce coffee, tea, vitamin C, cola and cigarette whose stimulant effects can disrupt sleep. Beware also of migraine and pain medications containing caffeine, used especially for treating nasopharyngitis.

2 - A diet under control
It can become an ally of sleep. Try to eat regular foods rich in vitamin B (fish, soy, nuts, cereals). Calcium and magnesium also promote sleep with their soothing effect on the nervous system. Especially calcium found in dairy and magnesium in chocolate, dried fruits and vegetables.
Can boost its levels of melatonin, which synchronizes the body to the rhythms of the environment, consuming without excess foods like radishes, corn, ginger and barley.

3 - quiet evenings
Prefer relaxing activities, such as a warm bath at least 2 hours before bedtime, reading, herbal tea ...

4 - Overeating and alcohol forgotten ...
The work of digestion interferes with sleep, and alcohol, by its action on the brain, affects the quality.

5 - The bed reserved for the dodo ...
... And lovemaking. Avoid as much as possible disruptive activities: watching TV, working or eating in bed.

6 - airy room
Sleep in a room neither too hot nor too cold. The ideal temperature: 19 ° C.

7 - Listening signals sleep
Consider yawning, itchy eyes ... foregoing sleep. They allow to meet its own biological rhythms. It is useless to want to sleep if you do not sleep.

8 - A steady pace
It is best to lie down and get up at fixed times. By the lie to recover from a bad night, we especially take the risk of shift.

9 - Do you force not sleep
Needless to stay in bed more than 30 minutes to turn and turn. It is better to get up, read, or drink a glass of water ... and go back to bed when you feel earned to sleep again.

10 - No nap
... If you have difficulty falling asleep or you may not get to sleep at night.

10 tips to prevent pollution

Almost all people think that caring for and protecting the environment is everyone's job. However, few - if not one - are committed to this goal as they believe that this role demands a significant investment of time and effort.

Is that your case? If so, do not worry, here are some practical tips from their place to contribute a bit in favor of nature and future development. I have found an interesting list of 10 tips to prevent pollution, because that is important to know other tips to fight for a better world , echo is to emphasize this awareness in all of us.

Take notes and pay close attention:

How to prevent global warming:

  1. Reducing the use of your car at 15 miles per week you avoid 230Kilos of carbon dioxide produced a year. 1 car contributes about 10% of carbon monoxide affects the atmosphere.
  2. One hectare of Trees removed along a year, the same amount of carbon dioxide produce by four families in that same time. One tree removes one ton of carbon dioxide over its lifetime.
  3. Producing a kilo of meat uses more water than showers 365 lit. On the other hand, Use fresh food, avoid consuming frozen food which consumes 10 times more energy.
  4. Reducing avoid excess energy that countries see the need to use oil, coal or gas to pack energy supply
  5. By reusing 100 kilos of paper, the lives of at least seven trees were saved.  Moreover, the production of recycled paper consumes between 70% and 90% less energy and prevent global deforestation continues.
  6. The energy saving light bulbs consume 60% less electricity than a traditional bulb. This simple change will reduce the emission of 140 kilos of carbon dioxide per year.
  7. Give maintenance to your car regularly, it reduces the emission of gases into the atmosphere.
  8. If reduced by 10% personal garbage, you can save 540 kilos of carbon dioxide a year. Also you can save up to 1000 kilos of waste in a year by recycling half of the waste of a family.
  9. Every liter of petrol saved keeps issuing three kilos of carbon dioxide.
  10. Properly inflated tires improve fuel consumption rate by more than 3%.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Mozilla Firefox 27.0 Final-Product of the Month

Mozilla Firefox is a popular browser. The program provides us with the necessary tools for browsing the web, and allows the recovery of a number of useful extras.

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers . The application provides the key necessary for comfortable viewing features available to users, however, cast hundreds of plug-ins and extensions for customizing the program to individual needs. Mozilla Firefox has the possibility of tabbed browsing, pop-up blocker pop-up, the user can also use the built-in mechanism for checking spelling (also in Polish). By default, at our disposal was devoted convenient download manager . Among the main advantages of the browser lists the most common speed, standards compliance and the huge number of available extensions. It should also be mentioned additive "Personals," which allows you to customize the appearance of the browser to suit your needs as well as quickly add bookmarks and smart address bar, allowing faster page open web . We have a built-in PDF reader that allows reading PDF documents directly in the browser, as well as panel download manager and open a personal mode in a separate window, find a Find Bar - a full text search on multiple pages simultaneously. applications in this release is support for TLS 1.2, SPDY 3.1, changes in the editor, improved SocialAPI, and change the default font.

Price / license: Freeware

MultiObfuscator 2.00 -Yet not another cryptography SW

MultiObfuscator a convenient tool for strong data encryption. It offers a range of possibilities of securing files.

MultiObfuscator is free application used to encrypt the data . Files can be encrypted using a 256-bit, and using up to four layers of encryption - each may have their separate password. You can use the password generator, and select one of the sixteen encryption algorithms. MultiObfuscator does not require installation on your operating system . We recommend to anyone who wants to increase the level of privacy of their data.

Price / license: Freeware

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

10 unique secrets of Carrots, which is useful to know

Forget about the pills with vitamin A! With wonderful orange vegetables - carrots - you get the necessary vitamin A, as well as a number of health benefits: your skin will be beautiful and young, and you can prevent the development of cancer. Here are a few things that you might not know about carrots.
10 unique benefits of Carrots

Health Benefits

1) Carrot improves eyesight

Positive effect on vision carrots long been proven. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which is converted in the liver into vitamin A. This vitamin is transformed in the inner layer of the eye in rhodopsin, the visual pigment needed for good night vision.
Beta-carotene also protects against macular degeneration and senile cataracts. Studies have shown that people who regularly eat carrots, 40 percent less likely to develop macular degeneration than those who eat this vegetable in small amounts.

2) Carrot helps prevent cancer

Research shows that carrots reduces the risk of developing lung cancer, breast and colon. Scientists have discovered a special substance - and falkarinol falkariniol - which is likely to have anti-cancer properties.
Falkarinol - a natural pesticide that allocates carrot to her roots were not affected by fungi. Carrot is almost the only product that contains this ingredient. Scientists have discovered that mice on third lower risk of developing cancer, if they regularly eat carrots.

3) Carrot helps fight aging

Beta-carotene in carrots works as an antioxidant and prevents the destruction of the cells through metabolism. It also slows down the aging of cells.

4) Carrot promotes healthy skin

Vitamin A and antioxidants protect the skin from the negative effects of UV. Lack of vitamin A in the body makes the skin, nails and hair dry. Vitamin A protects against premature wrinkles, acne, dry skin, age spots and bad complexion.

5) Carrots are a natural antiseptic

Connoisseurs of medicinal properties of herbs know that carrots can prevent the spread of infections. It can be applied to cuts in raw or cooked form.

6) Carrots makes skin beautiful

With the help of this vegetable can be inexpensive, but very effective facial mask. To do this, mix the grated carrots with honey, olive oil and lemon.

7) Carrot prevents heart disease

Studies have shown that a diet rich in carotenoids, helps reduce the risk of developing heart disease. In carrot contains not only beta-carotene, but alpha-carotene and lutein. Regular consumption of carrots also lowers cholesterol by the fact that the water-soluble fiber from carrots restricts the bile acid.

8) Carrot helps cleanse the body

Vitamin A helps the liver to remove toxins from the body. It also reduces the level of bile in the liver and fat. Fiber helps to cleanse the intestines carrots and accelerates the excretion of toxins.

9) Carrot heals the teeth and gums

Because the carrot is a solid vegetable, chewing at her teeth cleaned and oral cavity. Carrots like toothpaste and toothbrush cleans harmful plaque and remove food particles between teeth. When chewing carrots allocated a lot of saliva, which helps to regulate the acid-alkaline balance in the mouth and does not breed bacteria. Minerals contained in carrots, also protect the teeth from damage.

10) Carrot protects against stroke

According to research by Harvard University, people who consume more than six carrots a week are less likely to suffer a stroke than those who eat very little carrot -

1 piece a month or less.

Interesting facts about carrots

Rabbits love carrots, but too much they can not eat. For such a small animal, like a rabbit, a carrot - it's like for a man of 20! In carrot no white sugar, but contains natural sugar, which can cause digestive problems. Better to give rabbits carrot tops.

Carrot is the second most popular after potato vegetable.

The biggest carrot that has hit the record books - this carrot weighing about 9 kilograms and a length of about 6 meters!

There are about 100 varieties of carrots. Some of them are quite large, other small. They can vary in color: orange, purple, white, yellow and red.

In England of the 17th century, women wore hats carrot leaves instead of flowers or feathers.

How to eat carrots?

Nutrients in carrots are in very tight protein capsules, which are destroyed in the processing temperature of carrots, either through mechanical operations: grinding, squeezing juice, careful chewing. In this processing carotenoids become much more effective. Fats help absorb carotenoids, which are released into the bloodstream, as they dissolve in fats.



Representatives of the Navy (US Navy) announced that in the near future they will acquire the most promising weapons including a powerful laser cannon and an electromagnetic railgun.

Laser will be deployed on one of the Navy ships at the end of 2014, and a prototype railgun already tested and are planning to install over the next two years.

As representatives of the organization, the decision is due, primarily, with the economy weapons. Compared with missiles and bombs, both technologies are inexpensive and can be shooting almost continuously.
Besides the low cost, emphasis is also placed on ease of use: laser, which is deployed on a warship USS Ponce, can be controlled by only one not too experienced sailor. Laser weapon system designed to eliminate the so-called "asymmetric threats" - for example, air drones complexes speedboats and other potential threats to the warships in the Persian Gulf, where there is a USS Ponce and other vessels.

With regard to the railgun, it already tested on the ground in Virginia. He has demonstrated the ability to produce missiles with a speed of six to seven times the sound, which is enough to cause serious damage.
"However, both systems have some drawbacks. Lasers, for example, lose their effectiveness in rainy and dusty weather, and also because of the turbulence in the atmosphere. Railgun also requires huge amounts of energy to run a shell" - said Loren Thompson (Loren Thompson ), a military analyst at the Lexington Institute.

Rumor has it that the Navy United States found a way to overcome the problem of bad weather, but it is not universal at high cloud and heavy rain laser will continue to lose productivity. Problem with energy for as long as the railgun can not solve.

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Friday, 14 February 2014

Volcanic eruption in Indonesia: 3 dead, 200,000 displaced

A volcano on the Indonesian island of Java erupted Thursday night killed three people, forced the evacuation of 200,000 people and disrupted air traffic, and airport closures in Indonesia
Mount Kelud

Mount Kelud woke up suddenly, throwing a plume of smoke, ash and sand and causing the closure of several airports on the island.

A man and a woman of about 60 years died under the rubble of their homes, said a spokesman for the National Disaster Management Agency. Roofs would have collapsed under the weight of debris from the volcano.

Mount Kelup is located 140 km from Surabaya, the second largest city of the country. The airport was closed, as well as those of Yogyakarta and Solo.

On the outskirts of Yogyakarta, the authorities closed Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple in the world, covered with ashes.

In early February, another Indonesian volcano , the Sinabung, erupted, killing at least 16 people.

Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are common in Indonesia, the country with some 130 active volcanoes.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

What Food Causes Eczema?

Foods that cause eczema - what foods should you avoid?

Eczema is a condition of medical annoying skin condition that affects millions of people worldwide every year. Although there are many possible causes of eczema, not many people have found that it can often be the food they eat on a daily basis that can cause their eczema. Here you will find some of the most common types of triggerfoods that trigger eczema in otherwise healthy.

While people may hate to hear it, caffeine is often a common trigger for eczema. The caffeine in foods and drinks can cause an increase in hormones in the body thatcause stress and can trigger an outbreak of eczema. Items with high levels of caffeine should be avoided include chocolate, soda, tea, and coffee.

Common food allergy associated 
Many foods that cause problems common allergy can often cause outbreaks of eczema in those who do not suffer from other forms of allergic reactions. Even if you believe that you are not allergic to a particular food, if you have eczema you may reduce items such as wheat, corn, eggs and nuts please. It is important to remember not only the basic forms of these foods, but other products that could contain as well as corn syrup, or mixtures found in the convenience store.

Dairy products and red meat 
Some foods are harder to digest by the body than others. Red meat and dairy products are some of these types of products that make the body work harder to digest them completely. Sometimes when this happens, the byproduct of the food is not broken down properly and can clog pores, causing flare-ups.

A healthy diet 
Maintaining a healthy diet that is balanced and focused on the principles of the food pyramid can help an individual to reduce outbreaks of eczema. Lots of fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables help cleanse the body of impurities, and the water is drunk on a regular basis can eliminate impurities as well. This can allow you to enjoy the above products in moderation while avoiding unpleasant episodes of eczema.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Cancer: Vitamin C 'gives chemotherapy a boost'

Vitamin C in high doses may increase the anticancer effects of chemotherapy according to a new U.S. scientific study.

And injected large quantities of vitamin C helped to boost chemotherapy in mice and humans according to a study published in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

Researchers from the University of Kansas tested in rodents and some patients the effects of vitamin C on chemotherapy.

After grafted with human ovarian cancer cells in mice, they injected the vitamin C. They also administered vitamin c to patients with advanced ovarian cancer.They found that the ovarian cancer cells were sensitive to treatment with vitamin C and non-diseased cells that remained healthy.

This treatment at high dose of vitamin C was administered in conjunction with conventional chemotherapy. It has been effective in destroying cancer cells, it also helped reduce the negative effects of chemotherapy.

Promising trials

Researcher Jeanne Drisko, co-author of the study believes that "there is really a interest in using vitamin C for cancer."

"Patients are looking for safe and affordable treatments to better manage their cancer, "she recalls. "According to the study, and the first clinical data, vitamin C administered intravenously has exactly this potential. It is effective and accessible to all."

But the use of vitamin C is facing an economic barrier. Pharmaceutical industries are unlikely to fund trials of vitamin C intravenously because there is no possibility of patenting natural products.

"Because vitamin C can not provide potential patent, so development will not be supported by pharmaceutical companies," said Dr. Qi Chen, principal investigator of the study.

Dr. Kat Arney, head of communications of the English Institute "Cancer Research UK", has responded to this new study. "As the experiment was conducted on 22 patients, it is difficult to say whether high doses of vitamin C injection have a real impact on patient survival. But it is interesting to note that it reduces Side effects of chemotherapy "and concluded that" any potential cancer treatment should be carefully evaluated in large clinical trials to ensure that it is safe for patients and effective. Further studies are needed before prescribing vitamin C to patients. "

The decomposition of plastic waste affects human health

Degradation of plastic in the sea would be bad for human health according to a new study by the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm).
plastic waste affects human health

When the plastic degrades naturally, it produces polystyrene nanoparticles. The Inserm researchers in view of the increasing production of plastic in the world have analyzed these particles and discovered they alter the properties of cell membranes and thus the activity of certain proteins.

A computer model

To understand the effects of these particles, the researchers created a computer model of cellular membrane.

"This model is certainly incomplete compared to a real membrane, consisting of hundreds of different molecules. But nevertheless it correctly simulates the basic properties of a cell membrane with a leopard skin appearance, made of soft yellow areas and areas black stiffer "describes Luca Monticelli, co-author of this work.

They then examined the effect of the presence of particles of plastic. "Nanoparticles of plastic are very hydrophobic and therefore have a high affinity for lipids: once in the membrane, they are not feeling well and they stay there," says the researcher. They found that "a decrease in the speed of movement of the membrane proteins in a relaxation of the overall structure and stabilization of specific domains called rafts. Known for certain pathologies effects of viral infections such as the flu or AIDS, Alzheimer's disease or prion diseases such as Creutzfeldt-Jacob."

The polystyrene nanoparticles would be able to modify the properties of membranes and affect the activity of membrane proteins and their functions. Now man is often in contact with these substances.

The sea reserve plastic

In fact, 280 million tons of plastic are produced in the world and unfortunately represent a significant proportion of waste which a significant part is found at sea But after decades of decay, this plastic is transformed into nanoparticles polystyrene, whose health effects are still unknown.

For the authors of this survey, "the findings of this study should challenge the scientific community and mobilize to study the effects on human health of the pollution and degradation of plastic in the sea"

Degradation of plastic in the sea would be bad for human health according to a new study by the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm).

Sunday, 9 February 2014


The Korean company should present its future high-end smartphone on February 24 in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Especially as the Web abuzz almost every week for a possible upcoming release or a new integrated incredible technology ... This time, the question is no longer allowed for the presentation of the Galaxy S5. Korean firm invites indeed the press on Monday 24th February at 20h for revealing Unpacked 5. This figure certainly means the announcement of S5, although previous 4 Unpacked did not all give rise to new Galaxy S. And Samsung has made a habit of revealing his phone off large living room, in large imperial cities like London and New York S3 to S4.

But the competition is such that the S5 and its specificities are known in late February. Especially a new watch connected compatible the Gear 2 would also be presented, or the perfect combo to counter both iPhone 5 and future iWatch Apple. Finally this wait S5 even though users are disappointed with their S4 user experience according to a study site Gazelle indicating that the rate of recovery of S4 increased by 138% during the second half of 2013 compared to S3 with the same period in 2012.

The technical background seems very solid once again. Featuring a 5.2-inch AMOLED screen with resolution of 1440 x 2560, it should have an octa-core Snapdragon processor. To this would be added 3GB of RAM and an internal memory which will obviously depend on the version: 32GB, 64GB or 128GB picture side, we expect a 16 MP sensor. Design it will be further improved with more aluminum and less plastic forms more likely to permanently enter the galaxy of high-end smartphones.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

What foods are best to eat before bedtime

Disputes about whether to eat in the evening, being a long time. Obviously, if you are desperately struggling with excess weight, you should dine as early as possible and less caloric.

Experts looked at this issue from the other side - they appreciated what foods will help the rapid fall asleep, and which, on the contrary, will affect your sleep negatively.

A number of studies where researchers measured sleep duration and how foods or beverages affects sleep.

A number of products contain chemicals that help to fall asleep faster, say scientists. Experts recommend at bedtime to use such products: cherries, bananas, milk, cereal, granola, herbal tea. Scientists have identified as products that reduce the duration and reduce the quality of sleep. So, foods and beverages, which should not take before bedtime: sandwiches, burgers, coffee, dark chocolate, energy, spicy food, condiments, fried foods, alcoholic beverages.

At first glance, alcohol helps you relax and fall asleep. However, as research demonstrated moderate levels of alcohol reduce not only the length, but also the quality of sleep.

Therefore, scientists recommend, is to abandon spicy, fatty foods before bed, as well as products containing caffeine and alcohol, and replace them with fruit, milk or herbal tea.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Scientists have created a bionic arm that could "feel"

The work, carried out by researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland,  developed a bionic prosthesis human hand, which allows its owner to feel varying degrees of pressure, which are called tactile sensations, reports MIT Technology Review .

Novelty, which became a sensation in Biomechatronics, has been successfully tested Dutchman who after an accident with fireworks left without a left hand.

After implantation of the prosthesis to this man took over a month to once again feel the touch, as it was before the accident. Swiss scientists created a prosthesis not only receives signals from the brain, but also gives him the feeling that occur at different degrees of pressure.

Opportunity to relive tactile sensations appeared after the nerve endings during surgery were connected to the electrodes. Once touch sensor bionic prostheses strength to various substrates, the electrical signals received by electrodes implanted. Those are in turn influenced by the central nervous system of man.
Recall that in the United States was developed bionic prosthetic leg, which the patient experienced a rather extreme way - man walking climbed the stairs to the 103rd floor of a skyscraper.

Details of the Swiss implant are published in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

2 Sleep's worst enemy

According to the findings of Japanese researchers revealed the chest and shoulders ruin your sleep is often a bra. Experts also tight dresses body temperature and melatonin levels increased as a result of the two worst enemies of sleep, he said.

Another factor that ruined nights sleep at 21.00 after a work-related mailings and phone calls made. According to research conducted at the University of Michigan, work-related at 21.00 can not sleep well after using the phone and the next day can not come efficient. Russell Johnson in a statement at the beginning of the research team, "Sleep before making work-related phone calls, e-mails and SMS scorers with friends who calls not as comfortable as possible. Working hours 21:00 as I chose. Because many people are sleeping between 21:00 and 01:00. Smart phones are the most destructive tools. Because they are portable. That's why people put them under the pillow or on the nightstand. Unlike the sound of smart phones and laptop computers and lights is more disturbing, "he said.


Which makes it difficult to sleep if another cigarette. According to the statements of the experts before sleep disrupts sleep patterns, smoking. Nitokit of stimulating the release of chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin triggering REM sleep because smokers instead spends more time in light sleep mode. Again, according to studies of sleep before the next day smokers themselves feel less rested. Experts least a few hours before smoking should be left to say.

Heavy protein foods in Dinner, such as grilled chicken and meat being consumed is unfortunately difficult transition to sleep. How much protein-rich food is good, so bad in sleep. Because the body is a lot to digest protein is running and this situation often makes it hard for the body goes into sleep mode. Before sleep such as crackers, cereals and starchy foods instead it would be better to opt for products. 4 hours before bedtime helps reduce blood sugar renewed carbohydrate products which provide faster switching to sleep.


Remember, only to fall asleep to sleep on an empty stomach is not only difficult, but also the depth and layout of your sleep cycle also gets affected.

Half an hour before going to sleep, eat a small amount of unsweetened almond butter and deeper sleep quality sleep can help. Low-glycemic index or leaving these nutrients prevents your blood sugar if one stroke. Doctor Oz almond butter mixed with potassium and magnesium-rich banana loves to eat. This duo helps to relax the muscles and provide a more relaxing if you go into sleep mode.

EU approves medical use of pill with a camera to study the colon

A more friendly and discreet method for one of the most feared examinations in medicine is coming: American regulators approved a camera that is the size of a snack that help you see the large intestine of patients who have difficulty traditional colonoscopies.

The Given Imaging swallowable camera is designed to help doctors locate polyps and other early signs of colon cancer. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had approved the device for patients who have problems with the other procedures, considered shameful, it involves reviewing the colon using a tiny camera on the tip of a flexible hose of a meter long.

Israeli technology company, developed from missile defense systems, using a battery-powered camera for shooting high speed while slowly moves through the intestinal tract for eight hours. Images are transmitted and recorded by a device placed in the patient's waist and are then checked by the doctor.

Although wireless imaging system of Given Imaging sound like science fiction, actually has more than a decade of existence. In 2001, the company received FDA approval for a similar device used to view the small intestine.

At that time, analysts expected that the method of Given Imaging a direct competitor to the traditional colonoscopy again. However, the company studies found that the images taken by the mini-camera are not as clear as the process in the office. As a result, the company has sought a more limited market for PillCam: patients who have difficulty in traditional colonoscopies.

The FDA approved the PillCam Colon for patients who have undergone incomplete colonoscopy. The company estimates that approximately 750,000 patients in the United States can not be subjected each year to complete the study due to anatomical issues, previous surgeries or other conditions of the colon.

Even with this limited indication, analysts estimate that the new camera pill could generate sales of more than $ 60 million in North America by 2019 as technology improves. Debbie Wang, an analyst at MorningStar, believes that the company has cleverly positioned the device as another tool in the kit of gastrointestinal specialist, rather than as a direct competitor.

"The administration understands Given that traditional colonoscopy is now central to the gastroenterologist," Wang explained "why they would not do anything that will position this device as a substitute."

Monday, 3 February 2014

Worlds Most Flexible Woman - Zlata

Russia jujitsu model Zlata high flexibility of its body, known as "the world's most flexible woman." Its superb contortionist audience not only amazing, but repeatedly break the Guinness Book of World Records. According to the Japanese website "" report, Zlata studio recently launched 2014 calendar, which was more than difficult for India to watch the action in jujitsu calendar altar.

The Russians once was a model jujitsu gymnast. 4 years old, his special talents were discovered. Zlata 27 years old still can be very easily curled his body just 60 square centimeters in size box. In other words, the body flexibility remains high. Every time a contortionist, its action is always difficult to make the audience choking beautiful, but also always make the audience feel incredible. Zlata said she is concerned for each action are done in a very natural, does not give her harm. Of course, her technical skills and her hard training is absolutely inseparable.

Zlata fans have said, "Every time I see her relaxed and elegantly curved his body, we marvel and I admire, will reflect on their laziness, suddenly we have the motivation to exercise."

U.S. actor Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead

Philip Seymour Hoffman
U.S. actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead at his home in New York, announced the American media. He was 46. The exact reasons are not yet known, but Fox News quoted a judicial source refers to a possible drug overdose. Philip Seymour Hoffman is best known for obtaining the 2006 Oscar for best actor for his role in Truman Capote .