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Saturday, 22 February 2014

10 tips for sleeping well

Some good reflexes and rules can suffice to spend more relaxed nights. Dinner, room layout ... learn how to avoid the pitfalls that affect sleep and the quality of your sleep.

1 - Gently with exciting
Evening, reduce coffee, tea, vitamin C, cola and cigarette whose stimulant effects can disrupt sleep. Beware also of migraine and pain medications containing caffeine, used especially for treating nasopharyngitis.

2 - A diet under control
It can become an ally of sleep. Try to eat regular foods rich in vitamin B (fish, soy, nuts, cereals). Calcium and magnesium also promote sleep with their soothing effect on the nervous system. Especially calcium found in dairy and magnesium in chocolate, dried fruits and vegetables.
Can boost its levels of melatonin, which synchronizes the body to the rhythms of the environment, consuming without excess foods like radishes, corn, ginger and barley.

3 - quiet evenings
Prefer relaxing activities, such as a warm bath at least 2 hours before bedtime, reading, herbal tea ...

4 - Overeating and alcohol forgotten ...
The work of digestion interferes with sleep, and alcohol, by its action on the brain, affects the quality.

5 - The bed reserved for the dodo ...
... And lovemaking. Avoid as much as possible disruptive activities: watching TV, working or eating in bed.

6 - airy room
Sleep in a room neither too hot nor too cold. The ideal temperature: 19 ° C.

7 - Listening signals sleep
Consider yawning, itchy eyes ... foregoing sleep. They allow to meet its own biological rhythms. It is useless to want to sleep if you do not sleep.

8 - A steady pace
It is best to lie down and get up at fixed times. By the lie to recover from a bad night, we especially take the risk of shift.

9 - Do you force not sleep
Needless to stay in bed more than 30 minutes to turn and turn. It is better to get up, read, or drink a glass of water ... and go back to bed when you feel earned to sleep again.

10 - No nap
... If you have difficulty falling asleep or you may not get to sleep at night.

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