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Saturday, 22 February 2014

10 tips to prevent pollution

Almost all people think that caring for and protecting the environment is everyone's job. However, few - if not one - are committed to this goal as they believe that this role demands a significant investment of time and effort.

Is that your case? If so, do not worry, here are some practical tips from their place to contribute a bit in favor of nature and future development. I have found an interesting list of 10 tips to prevent pollution, because that is important to know other tips to fight for a better world , echo is to emphasize this awareness in all of us.

Take notes and pay close attention:

How to prevent global warming:

  1. Reducing the use of your car at 15 miles per week you avoid 230Kilos of carbon dioxide produced a year. 1 car contributes about 10% of carbon monoxide affects the atmosphere.
  2. One hectare of Trees removed along a year, the same amount of carbon dioxide produce by four families in that same time. One tree removes one ton of carbon dioxide over its lifetime.
  3. Producing a kilo of meat uses more water than showers 365 lit. On the other hand, Use fresh food, avoid consuming frozen food which consumes 10 times more energy.
  4. Reducing avoid excess energy that countries see the need to use oil, coal or gas to pack energy supply
  5. By reusing 100 kilos of paper, the lives of at least seven trees were saved.  Moreover, the production of recycled paper consumes between 70% and 90% less energy and prevent global deforestation continues.
  6. The energy saving light bulbs consume 60% less electricity than a traditional bulb. This simple change will reduce the emission of 140 kilos of carbon dioxide per year.
  7. Give maintenance to your car regularly, it reduces the emission of gases into the atmosphere.
  8. If reduced by 10% personal garbage, you can save 540 kilos of carbon dioxide a year. Also you can save up to 1000 kilos of waste in a year by recycling half of the waste of a family.
  9. Every liter of petrol saved keeps issuing three kilos of carbon dioxide.
  10. Properly inflated tires improve fuel consumption rate by more than 3%.

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