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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

2 Sleep's worst enemy

According to the findings of Japanese researchers revealed the chest and shoulders ruin your sleep is often a bra. Experts also tight dresses body temperature and melatonin levels increased as a result of the two worst enemies of sleep, he said.

Another factor that ruined nights sleep at 21.00 after a work-related mailings and phone calls made. According to research conducted at the University of Michigan, work-related at 21.00 can not sleep well after using the phone and the next day can not come efficient. Russell Johnson in a statement at the beginning of the research team, "Sleep before making work-related phone calls, e-mails and SMS scorers with friends who calls not as comfortable as possible. Working hours 21:00 as I chose. Because many people are sleeping between 21:00 and 01:00. Smart phones are the most destructive tools. Because they are portable. That's why people put them under the pillow or on the nightstand. Unlike the sound of smart phones and laptop computers and lights is more disturbing, "he said.


Which makes it difficult to sleep if another cigarette. According to the statements of the experts before sleep disrupts sleep patterns, smoking. Nitokit of stimulating the release of chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin triggering REM sleep because smokers instead spends more time in light sleep mode. Again, according to studies of sleep before the next day smokers themselves feel less rested. Experts least a few hours before smoking should be left to say.

Heavy protein foods in Dinner, such as grilled chicken and meat being consumed is unfortunately difficult transition to sleep. How much protein-rich food is good, so bad in sleep. Because the body is a lot to digest protein is running and this situation often makes it hard for the body goes into sleep mode. Before sleep such as crackers, cereals and starchy foods instead it would be better to opt for products. 4 hours before bedtime helps reduce blood sugar renewed carbohydrate products which provide faster switching to sleep.


Remember, only to fall asleep to sleep on an empty stomach is not only difficult, but also the depth and layout of your sleep cycle also gets affected.

Half an hour before going to sleep, eat a small amount of unsweetened almond butter and deeper sleep quality sleep can help. Low-glycemic index or leaving these nutrients prevents your blood sugar if one stroke. Doctor Oz almond butter mixed with potassium and magnesium-rich banana loves to eat. This duo helps to relax the muscles and provide a more relaxing if you go into sleep mode.

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