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Saturday, 8 February 2014

What foods are best to eat before bedtime

Disputes about whether to eat in the evening, being a long time. Obviously, if you are desperately struggling with excess weight, you should dine as early as possible and less caloric.

Experts looked at this issue from the other side - they appreciated what foods will help the rapid fall asleep, and which, on the contrary, will affect your sleep negatively.

A number of studies where researchers measured sleep duration and how foods or beverages affects sleep.

A number of products contain chemicals that help to fall asleep faster, say scientists. Experts recommend at bedtime to use such products: cherries, bananas, milk, cereal, granola, herbal tea. Scientists have identified as products that reduce the duration and reduce the quality of sleep. So, foods and beverages, which should not take before bedtime: sandwiches, burgers, coffee, dark chocolate, energy, spicy food, condiments, fried foods, alcoholic beverages.

At first glance, alcohol helps you relax and fall asleep. However, as research demonstrated moderate levels of alcohol reduce not only the length, but also the quality of sleep.

Therefore, scientists recommend, is to abandon spicy, fatty foods before bed, as well as products containing caffeine and alcohol, and replace them with fruit, milk or herbal tea.

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