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Friday, 28 February 2014

Strawberries, anti-cholesterol food

And if the regime had strawberries replace statins as a treatment against your cholesterol? The hypothesis is not unfounded if one believes the experiment conducted jointly by Italian and Spanish researchers.
Strawberries, anti-cholesterol food

Should we add strawberries to the list of superfoods (cranberry, pomegranate, acai, currants ...) to multiple health benefits? Eating strawberries daily could indeed greatly lower cholesterol. Researchers from the Polytechnic University of Marche in Italy, and colleagues from the universities of Salamanca, Granada and Seville in Spain, made this discovery by observing the impact of this "strawberry diet" of 23 volunteers. The panel of strawberries consumed 500 per day for a month. A blood test was taken at the beginning and the end of the experiment.

The results published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry show that diet decreased the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) cholesterol by 14%. The level of good cholesterol did not change him. However, the amount of triglycerides decreased by 21%. In excess, these lipids increase the risk of atherosclerotic plaque, that is to say, the lipid deposition within the arteries.

Other parameters also improved as the concentration of antioxidant biomarkers such as vitamin C and the changes plaquettaire. Ces function returned to normal within 15 days after stopping the "treatment".

Other cholesterol-lowering foods

Difficult to determine exactly which compounds present in strawberries can explain these cholesterol-lowering benefits. Maurizio Battino, Italian researcher director of the study hypothesizes. "All the signs and epidemiological studies converge on strawberry anthocyanins, plant pigments responsible for the red color."

Strawberries so join the base anti-cholesterol foods . Meanwhile the strawberry season, you can enjoy for example apples, oat bran, sardines, mackerel, walnuts and peppers.

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