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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Bitcoin - currency of the future?

Anyway, the topic Bitcoin not only coming from upper pages of financial publications, but also draws attention to itself every month different news. Some brokers including starting to offer the opportunity to earn kriptovalyuty aware that there can be no interest to traders. Such a high activity and perseverance certainly will result in something interesting, so perhaps it is time to look at alternative investments in the form of electronic "coins". Established in 2009, bitcoin today is increasingly gaining popularity among users, investors and states. Only in November bitcoin price reached a new historic high at $ 600 per week rising to 25% immediately on the news background United States and China. Of course, the last word will be in the U.S. - bitcoin recognition in the United States will be the impetus for the whole world to adopt a similar decision. Mt Gox now ready to provide any documents necessary for the legalization of the Senate within the country. Once the solution is found, we are waiting for a new financial era of electronic money. Good or bad, to judge you!

Bitcoin popularity is growing every day. Already many countries have officially adopted it as a means of calculation. Bitcoin attracts numerous investors' attention primarily for its capacity - in just 5 years of its value has grown from $ 0 to $ 1250 , the lion's share of this range it was in 2013, though with drastic.
Recall that Bitcoin - it is one of the possible alternatives to traditional currencies , while not belonging to any particular state. The main purpose of e-currency - the ability to legitimate e-payment for goods, and limiting popular walking and is widely distributed by other means of payment alternative Bitcoin, which is difficult to influence the public authorities of different countries. That is why the question of its use is still a matter of controversy among experts and gives different opportunities in different countries.

Some countries have banned the use of any walking and Bitcoin in principle, arguing that the decision concerns about the inability to track illegal transactions involving kriptovalyutoy terrorism and maintaining with it. Others, including Canada and Germany, are more loyal to innovation, and placed on the territory of the machines with Bitcoin-checks, as well as provide an opportunity to use it for business.

Bitcoin: the law and the outlaw
Kriptovalyuta gradually begins to acquire an investment vehicle signs, responding to the world price news . However, while investors very scary high volatility Bitcoin . If now it costs about $ 600, in April we saw a quote at $ 266, then the value has plummeted to $ 50 per unit. Nevertheless, the more talk about bitcoin, the more states recognize kriptovalyutu legitimate monetary unit, the greater the interest in it from investors and above quotes.
To date, Germany has officially recognized bitcoin as a unit. Canada supported this decision , extending installing ATMs that allow to convert Bitcoins to other e-currencies.

Officially outlawed kriptovalyutu Thailand and some other countries, arguing the decision in that it violates some laws to control the movement of capital, resulting in possible unwanted conduct transactions without proper financial control of the country. The same "fears" are persecuted and U.S. authorities. Government has already tried several times unsuccessfully to legalize bitcoin, but the fact that there is no emission from kriptovalyuty controlling and regulating bodies is not giving financial institutions of America to tell her "yes." Nevertheless, the country is expected in the Senate hearings on the problems arising from the U.S. with the popularization of bitcoin.

Rising popularity kriptovalyuty

According to Bloomberg, up to this point the financial structure of the country, including the Commission on Securities and Exchange Commission United States prepared and sent an official letter to the Senate with their assessment kriptovalyuty. According to the Wall Street Journal, financial officials acknowledged bitcoin as a legitimate financial instrument . Ben Bernanke, head of the Federal Reserve , also welcomed the development of electronic currencies, noting that they can provide certain advantages in the future, providing a more rapid, stable and efficient payment system. However, the lack of control over the ongoing operations in bitcoin, while entail restrictions for use.

However, the growing interest in bitcoin , and in November the Chinese market BTC China surpassed the largest to this site on Trade kriptovalyutoy Mt Gox in trading volume, further increasing the funding to the security trades at $ 5 million. As we understand it, China is now playing a major role on the world stage, so the decision of investors to invest in such a project opens wide horizons for bitcoin .

Bitcoin - the future of the financial system

Subject prospects bitcoin as an investment instrument lately one of the most popular in the financial environment. Such fame in no time digital currency was due to the fact that made ​​possible the transmission of the digital property between Internet users , and to a safe environment in which everyone knows that the transfer was effected, and no one can challenge the legality of such action.

Bitcoin value depends on two factors : the current demand for payment system (volume and speed of payments), as well as speculation about the future prospects of this system of payment. Critics of this tool indicate its limited availability for ordinary buyers and sellers, but once it is in the same vein, talking about computers and the Internet.

Cost to dispel another myth about too high volatility of bitcoin, which may deter those wishing to accept it as payment. The fact is that in fact it is a complete accounting system that does not require to keep on hand for currency transactions. Each buyer or seller can exchange bitcoins at any time. Moreover, the use of this currency eliminates any fraud, such as those that occur with credit cards. There is no PIN-codes and digital currency is very difficult to steal.

Of course, the situation is not excluded the use of currency for criminal purposes . The recent arrest of the director of Charlie BitInstant Shrema only confirms this fact. He was accused of selling more than 1 million dollars in bitcoins, which later went to purchase drugs. Such scandals are likely to be periodically occur, but the very nature of digital currency allows you to track any transaction occurred and payment will be fixed forever in the digital magazine, so that the legal system is such a thing even easier to track than the transaction using cash, gold or gemstones.

Prospects for further growth are endless currency , given the speed of propagation of the positive experience of its use in the modern world. In fact, the payment goes to the "viral effect": the more people will get pleasure from it, the more people learn about the new instrument. In the popularization of digital currencies involved sellers, buyers, "miners", producing currency in the digital space and processing all transactions, as well as developers and entrepreneurs who create new products and services under it. With such a large-scale support of 1000-fold increase in the value of bitcoins is not surprising.

With such prospects understand the concerns of some central banks, including the Bank of Russia and, for further dissemination of this currency. Just imagine, every day millions of people are forwarded to their families in other countries, the funds from which the banks take their commission (sometimes reaching 10% of the amount sent). According to the World Bank, the annual volume of such transactions is about $ 400 billion. Daylight bitcoins will deprive a large banking sector a source of extra income, but make life easier for many customers.

By the way, Ben Bernanke, recently spoke about the great potential of digital currencies, because they support a fast, safe and efficient payment system. Simply put, bitcoin now very undervalued , so much so that even a rough estimate of their potential value to produce enough hard, but it definitely could be repeated a thousand-fold increase, and perhaps in the near future a new era of electronic finance.

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