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Friday, 28 February 2014

Bisphenol A: tickets dangerous case for health

The toxicity of thermal paper that makes up the receipts is confirmed by a new U.S. study.

We handle almost every day, without knowing that they can harm our health. Simple contact with the hands of receipts printed on thermal paper increases the concentration of bisphenol A (BPA) in those affected.

The toxicity of BPA, this endocrine disruptor no longer mystery among scientists, who accuse him of encouraging the development of prostate cancer and breast cancer. Disturbance induced metabolism of bisphenol A also expose to infertility and other diseases such as cardiovascular disease and hyperactivity.

Students from Harvard University in the United States, recognizing the strong suspicions about BPA, wanted to see for themselves its toxicity. They appealed to 24 volunteers who had to handle receipts for 2 hours continuously. Some wore gloves, others had bare hands.

Urinary tests after this experience showed a clear difference between guinea pigs "gloved" and others. In the group without gloves, the average concentration of BPA in the urine increased from 2.1 micrograms per liter before handling to 11.5 micrograms per liter eight hours. This is located below the level of BPA obtained after drinking a bobbin.

15% exposure to bisphenol A

The European Food Safety Authority warned last July against the danger associated with thermal paper cash register receipts. These represent "15% of the total exposure" bisphenol A, the remainder being derived from the exposure of the food. Present in many food products such as plastic packaging, cans, BPA ban in food containers in France from 1 January 2015.

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