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Thursday, 27 February 2014

5 STEPS BEFORE Consuming foods in travel

Who wants to travel healthy starts with ... washing hands. All recommendations of the World Health Organization to not get sick while traveling.

Every day, travelers get sick because he did not comply with some simple health rules before consuming food or beverages absorb. The World Health Organization ( WHO ) therefore offers them some advice of prévention.Tout recalling that should ask their doctor about the different diseases that can be contracted at the place of travel.

Do not forget in the first place: a very frequent hand washing, separation of raw and cooked foods and the proper cooking of food.

Other tips : maintain food at safe temperatures, and verification of good sanitary quality of water we consume.

Be careful when in cases of diarrhea, the organization reiterates the need for user moderation drugs slowing intestinal transit, especially for children. Rather, it is advisable to rehydrate by drinking plenty or "oral rehydration solution, water bottled, boiled or purified, or weak tea, soup or other liquid safe." It is also best to avoid drinks that tend to dehydrate, such as "coffee, drinks too sweet, some medicinal teas and alcohol."

The "five keys" WHO Safer Food:

  • Wash hands often, especially each time before handling food and eating
  • Cooked foods should not be in contact with raw food could contaminate
  • Food should be eaten cooked and kept hot. Fish and raw seafood should be avoided, as well as poultry meat still pink in appearance, as well as ground beef and hamburgers bleeding
  • Cooked food left several hours at room temperature should be avoided. They must either be kept warm or chilled or be presented on ice
  • Ice cream, water ice and raw milk that may be contaminated with harmful microorganisms, should be safe from. Fruits and vegetables should be peeled, and those whose skin is damaged avoided. In case of doubt on the water, you should make it boil.

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