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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

10 Simple Tips for Successful Single Parenting

Parenting is the most rewarding job in the world. It is also the hardest job in the world. It's easier when you have a partner in your life who can help you with daily challenges. When you are a single parent, the task of raising children can be both difficult and frustrating. However, there are steps you can take to help make your parent families strong and united. Try the 10 simple tips below to help your single parent run an organized and positive way!
Single Parent

1. Focus on children, but balance priorities

Make your children a top priority. This could mean that you have to make sacrifices. For example, you may have missed the opening of this great movie coming out party, to attend your son's academic performance in kindergarten will be held the same evening. Attend school performance and enjoy! Your son will appreciate the attention. At the same time, do not neglect your well-being, or inevitably you will come to feel the weight that fate has placed on you.

2. Structure of positive discipline and consistent

Even if you do not feel calm and strong, try to argue your discipline in a non-emotional and assertive manner. Make sure that your discipline is consistent and make sure your children are absent from the consequences of their misbehavior. Threatened consequences should be implemented.

3. Open communication

Successful single parents to generate open communication in their household. Ask your children about their school day. Ask them about their activities after school. If you know that your daughter likes to talk about his soccer practice, but do not like talking about his math class, engage in conversation on his football. Focus your energy to make your children feel comfortable to talk about their feelings and activities.

4. The honesty of emotion

If you express anger in the presence of your children in a situation that does not deserve these reactions, recognize and explain the deficiency. For example, if your children see you lose your cool evil in traffic, take a deep breath and recognize those who sometimes adults lose their character, as children, but there is a better way to handle the situation, and say - that you are going to show that "better way" the next time you're in the same situation. Accept that you lost your cool ... and move on.

5. Organization of the Interior and Finance

Successful single parents manage the needs of the family too. You probably already have a calendar, but if you do not, get a calendar and start using it! The two-parent family can "hollow" with hosting and organizing funding, but it is absolutely essential that single-parent households to be well organized in these areas.

Plan your week of activities. Be aware of the requirements of each activity, so that you do not turn around at the last minute, trying to find karate suit your daughter and rush to the store for a last minute birthday gift. About your household chores, again, planning is the key! If cleaning the house in one day is not possible, organize your week and cleaning is distributed in a realistic way. Children must be assigned to specific chores, which differ according to their age. Make responsible task that is age appropriate. She'll teach responsibility (and it will make your life a little easier). Monitoring to ensure that these tasks are done. Once these tasks are rooted in a habit, you will not have to worry about "monitoring".

6. Rituals

Try to keep bedtime rituals as a routine. It will help to maintain the stability and organization in your household.

7. Co-operation with the other parent

Try to maintain a positive relationship with the other parent of the child, and for as long as possible, encourage children and the other parent to be involved in the other life. Even if you feel anger and resentment to the other parent, you still need to make an effort for the benefit of your children to be involved in the lives of your children. Of course, if the other parent is a real threat to your children, it is better for him to be involved in a protected or not at all able.

8. Positive outlook

Even when you are faced with difficult perspectives, try to keep a positive attitude. Your views will be the color of the attitude of your children. If you stay positive, especially in a difficult situation, your children, we hope to adopt your attitude. A positive approach will help you and your children to survive and thrive in difficult times otherwise.

9. Spend time together

It is important to spend time with your children, and sleep does not count. Spend time together doing enjoyable activities, gardening or playing ball in a local park or a trip somewhere new and different. Shared experiences will help you develop a relationship that will help you through all the difficult experiences that may arise with the passage of time.

10. Enjoy your children and tell him

Although this seems obvious, tell your children that you love and appreciate them. Strengthen them that you are lucky to have them. Before leaving your home to take the bus to school, give them a hug more and plant a kiss on the cheek or nose! You might also remind them how lucky they are to have a great mother too!

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