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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

How and why eat balanced?

How and why eat balanced?

A good diet, your best ally to perform in theaters? A question I will try to answer ... A balanced diet has a positive impact on your health and fitness, it is a fact. Still need to know what food to eat?

Why should you eat balanced?

A balanced diet will help you feel good and your body to be in good shape. To keep his body healthy. But what does balanced eating mean? Contrary to conventional wisdom, you can vary the pleasures between fruits, vegetables, fish and sweets. The whole thing is not to abuse it ;-).
A balanced diet is not built on a meal but over several days. This is why there are no prohibited foods and a festive meal can be included.
I suggest you decipher the foods that will become your best health allies.
What is a balanced diet?

A balanced diet brings all the nutrients needed for the proper functioning of your body.

  • Proteins  : They play a role in many of the body's functions, including muscle building and repair. Role that will interest the majority of athletes. They must represent 11 to 15% of the energy intake of one day.
  • Carbohydrates  : they are the energy from the body. They should account for 50 to 55% of a day's energy intake.
  • Lipids  : they are more commonly called "fats". They have, among other things, an energy role, energy that can be used immediately or stored in fat cells. They should account for 30-35% of the day's energy intake.

Let us not forget the vitamins and minerals, these micro-nutrients do not bring any energy but have an essential role for the good development and functioning of the organism. A balanced diet covers the micronutrient needs of our body that can not make them.
Hydration is also part of the diet. Our body is composed on average of 60% of water and our muscles 73%. Water plays a role in the functioning of the cells but it is also essential for the regulation of the body temperature and the elimination of the waste produced during the effort for example.
How to adopt a balanced diet?

A balanced diet is not built on a meal but on several meals: breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner will accompany your sports days.
For a day in good shape, here are my nutritional recommendations:
Starchy foods (pasta, rice, semolina, potatoes, bread ...): at each meal to refuel
Meat, fish, egg  : 1 to 2 times per day for protein intake.
Fruits and  vegetables: at least 5 per day, for the intake of vitamins, fiber and water.
Dairy products  : 3 per day for the intake of protein and calcium.
The fat will be limited without removing them, they bring lipids and vitamins.
The sweet products are to be limited but not necessarily to be removed. They bring pleasure and retain that the food is above all a pleasure (that must be controlled ;-))
Water  : it is to be consumed at will

You must therefore ensure good eating habits:

- not snacking between meals;

- do not skip breakfast;

- take your meal at the table, in peace;

- limit fat and sugar;

Now that you have all the balls in hand to keep fit and perform during your session, it's up to you to play.

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