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Friday, 8 December 2017

Vegetable Spiralizer Bundle - Spiral Slicer

To put more colors in your plate - and eat more vegetables - nothing beats the spiral cutter. Initiation to this gadget that turns heads (and zucchini).
Vegetable Spiralizer Bundle - Spiral Slicer

Spiral Slicer - Vegetable Spiriser. Now you can prepare wonderful salads with incredible looks in your home. Finally you can slice your vegetables and make the same dishes as those served in Japanese restaurants !! With the vegetable spiralizer you can, in an easy and practical way, turn into spirals several types of vegetables like zucchini, pumpkin, celery, carrot, potato. Simply place the vegetable on one of the two ends of the spiralizer, and rotate it. Perfect for preparing spaghetti of vegetables, to serve your salad in an innovative way, or even to decorate your dishes. Use your creativity and surprise in the kitchen.

These spirals seduce, in fact, fans of crudivorous, palaeo, vegan, gluten-free diets and, more broadly, omnivores who want to add color to their dishes. "It's convenient to include more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

The Spiral Slicer is a type of revolutionary vegetable peeler!
It is perfect for cutting small strips of vegetables and thus turning food like carrots into noodles.

So you can create highly healthy culinary innovations and replace masses and carbohydrates with nutrient-packed products.

Here are some characteristics of the Spiral Slicer:

  • Works for various vegetables, peels various vegetables and fruits like zucchini, such as carrots, apples, pickles, sweet potatoes, onions, beets, mandioquinha.
  • With the aspiral peeler, besides being very well sliced, the food will make a presentation in the dish worthy of renowned gastronomic chefs!
  • With the vegetable peeler, the food is cut into a spiral shape and you can make innovative creations.
  • The spiral peeler has two types of blades to achieve spiral and spaghetti shapes. Thus, cutting vegetables in small slices is a technique for preparing different meals.
  • This is because, when the product is cut with a vegetable peeler which ensures thinner blades, it is possible to reach a much higher level of seasoning fixation.
  • The Spiral Slicer has high safety because the blades are not exposed in any of the external spaces!
  • It is a way to turn vegetable consumption into a pleasurable activity and thus, to encourage consumption.

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, the product has been designed with great planning so that the cleaning is facilitated, without the risk of accidents with the blades.

In addition, all the compartments that are part of the Spiral Slicer fit inside the main tube!
Because it is extremely compact, it fits in any corner of the cutlery drawer and will always be on hand for continuous use.

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