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Sunday, 9 April 2017

What is the best baby thermometer

The best: What is the best baby thermometer

Being a mother and father is not an easy task. You have to know everything and have resources in any situation, for example when your baby gets sick we need to have a good thermometer. That is why we want to contribute our bit and give you some usual tasks like choosing the best thermometer for babies from among those that exist in the market.

First, you should avoid using mercury thermometers , the typical ones used in the past. Its sale has been prohibited since 2014, as it poses a danger to health and the environment. So if you have one of these thermometers it is better not to use it and choose a safer option for your baby, since the mercury can evaporate or be ingested by in case of breakage.

It is essential to take into account the age to choose the best among the different thermometers for babies . According to information from Mayo Clinic specialists  the most appropriate for each age are:

  • Newborn up to 3 months: It is recommended to take the rectal temperature with a digital thermometer or an infrared front thermometer , since they are the ones that provide more accurate readings in such small babies.
  • In babies from 3 months to 6 months,  digital thermometers,  infrared thermometer for the forehead  or a pacifier thermometer can be used .
  • From the age of 6 months, in addition to digital baby thermometers, ear thermometers  can be used  . However, if you have doubts about the results, it is advised to take the rectal temperature, since it is the most accurate form until 3 years.
  • From the age of 3, digital thermometers can be used  in the armpit instead of the rectal route, in addition to the other types available for infants and children.
  • From age 4 onwards, most children can hold a digital thermometer under their tongue for the short time it takes to get a temperature reading. You can also use a normal digital thermometer to take axillary temperature, a front thermometer or an ear thermometer.

The types of digital thermometers for babies are divided into different classes: rectal, axillary, oral, contact infrared or non-contact, pacifier and tympanic or ear.

What is the best baby thermometer?

1. Digital thermometers for babies with a flexible tip for  rectal, axillary and oral use record body temperature through heat sensors. Among its advantages it stands out that it is fast does not need more than a minute, accurate and easy to read, you just have to see the screen the exact number of body temperature. It is also safe because it contains no mercury.

The digital thermometers for babies with flexible tip are the most economical, the thermometer design duck costs few bucks extra. If you prefer digital thermometer with neutral design  you can get it for less.

Aottop Digital Baby Thermometer for Oral, Rectal & Underarm,Flexible Tip,Best for Babies Infants childern and Adults

In  babies from 0 months to 36 months it is recommended to measure the rectal temperature with this type of thermometer, to do it correctly you should light it and lubricate the tip, place the baby or child back, lift your thighs, and insert the thermometer into the rectum ( 1.3 to 2.5 centimeters) and wait for the signals indicating that the measurement has been performed before withdrawing.

This type of thermometer with flexible tip in addition to measuring the temperature rectally, allows to do it under the armpit and oral, although you must wait until the small one is 3 and 4 years respectively.

REFAGO Clinical Digital Thermometer For Oral Underarm & Axillary Reliable Readings for Baby Child & Adult FDA approved Waterproof Thermometer Flexible Tip  

Other features are that they have LCD screen and emit a sound when you finish measuring the temperature of the baby. However, in some models a few minutes should be allowed to allow the temperature to stabilize.

They are very safe thermometers because they have no mercury or BPA , are water resistant and include a storage box.

These digital thermometers have a price range ranging from almost 4 euros to almost 17 euros, depending on the benefits, such as the  ultra-fast Bébé Confort thermometer with which you can have a measurement in 8 seconds, which is quite comfortable for Use it rectally.

2. Baby face thermometers  can be contact or non-contact depending on the model. This type of thermometer is also recommended in newborn babies and measures the temperature through infrared or ultrasonic sensors.

Chicco- 4757100000 Easy Touch Infra-Red Thermometer

The measurements with these front thermometers are almost instantaneous and it is such a delicate method for the baby, that can be used while they sleep. Even with many models, it is not necessary for the thermometer to touch the baby. It also has more uses, such as measuring the temperature of bath water or food.

Chicco Easy Touch  is a baby thermometer with infrared technology that offers a quick temperature measurement with just the thermometer on the forehead, priced below € 30. It has a small size and is simple to use, since it has only two buttons. Memorize the last 25 measurements, counts with an acoustic signal at the end of the measurement and for temperatures above 37.5 ° C.

The digital thermometer with infrared technology Topcom performs measurements in just 2 seconds, in the ear or in the forehead, and also measures the temperature of food, bath water and even the baby's room.

Topcom Infrared Thermometer

Topcom Infrared Thermometer

3. Pacifier Thermometers are usually comfortable to use on babies who are accustomed to wearing one, because the thermometer comes integrated into the teat. In addition is the thermometer pacifier is a reliable method to measure the temperature of the baby from 3 months.

Philips AVENT has a digital baby thermometer kit that includes: a normal pacifier so baby is accustomed to form, a pacifier thermometer and a flexible tip digital thermometer.

4. Baby ear thermometers , like front thermometers, measure the temperature inside the ear canal by infrared. However, it should be noted that wax or ear curve can interfere with the accuracy of temperature in some cases.

ThermoScan Braun Ear Thermometer is a model that measures the temperature by infrared and has a novel technology with fever guide, configurable according to age, which eliminates the uncertainty of interpreting the temperature to know if you have a fever.

Currently most digital ear thermometers also allow measurements to be made on the forehead. Like the Medical Infrared Talking Forehead Thermometer Baby Room Thermometer New 2017 Model Non Contact Digital Thermometer Baby No Touch Instant Results For Home Or Pediatric Use Bilingual Celsius Fahrenheit , a model that accurately measures baby's body temperature and can be used on the baby's forehead or ear. This baby thermometer also has functions to measure the ambient temperature and a clock. It has LCD screen, memory of the last measurement and its use is simple thanks to its unique key, which gives us reliable results.

Since it does not require contact with the skin, it is sufficient to focus it at a distance from the skin between six and eight centimeters. It works by ultrasound and this quality makes it less intrusive for our babies. It makes it easy to take their temperature, since at these ages it is impossible for them to be still in contact with a foreign object for a long time. In addition, it is totally harmless and excels by the precision of its measurements. It automatically shuts off after one minute without using it.

5. The plastic strip thermometers  placed on the forehead of the babies replaced the old method of measuring whether or not there is fever by hand, but they are not very reliable because the temperature that it marks is not accurate. It is often recommended that they be supplemented by the use of another type of thermometer.

6. Smart thermometers  such as Wishbone is a novel method to measure the temperature of the baby with our smartphone by placing a device in it, which also measures the temperature and food of our children.

This new  smart thermometer or smart thermometer,  compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, can only be purchased through the Joywing Tech developers page, but soon we will surely have it in stores.

Wishbone is Y-shaped, with a 45-degree angle, and is designed to connect to headphone jack of a smartphone, with an infrared sensor on one end and a battery on the other. It is very easy to use, the sensor is positioned a few centimeters from the baby's head and in two seconds detects the temperature, which is recorded in the mobile app.

IFever is another smart thermometer manufactured by the Japanese company Vipose, which has a band that can be placed on the baby's arm and emits a bluetooth alert to a smartphone when the baby's temperature rises. In turn you can make a record using a table of temperature curve that can be useful for when the doctor examines the baby and can even store the data in the cloud via Wifi.

The advantages of the iFever intelligent thermometer are that it allows you to measure the temperature quickly and easily for 24 hours with high precision, because it uses a very accurate temperature sensor, which in comparison with a standard mercury thermometer has an error of Measuring less than 0.1 degrees Celsius. It can also be used in babies from 0 to 36 months.

Recently the company of French origin e-TakesCare announced that its thermometer Tucky for babies and children between 0 and 7 years, is already available in Spain.

Tucky is a "wearable" to control the temperature of the baby from your smartphone. It has an app available for iOS as Android, which allows a history of temperature, medication, vaccines, sleep or any other relevant data related to the health of our children.

In addition to baby thermometers Babyglow pajamas are also designed to change color when the baby's body temperature exceeds 37 ° C.

The grandmother's method of putting her hand on her forehead is already outdated. Today there are equally fast, much more accurate and reliable methods to measure your baby's temperature.

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