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Monday, 24 April 2017

The best recipes of natural juices

Filling with the daily amount of fruit recommended can be a difficult task and not everyone gets it. Either because of its flavor or because it is unappetizing. The solution is the natural juices, a comfortable, healthy and rich way to ingest various rations of fruits.
 best recipes of natural juices

There are many combinations that we can choose for our drink, and all of them equally healthy, but we propose these recipes one hundred percent natural:

Apple juice, orange and pomegranate
The mixture of these three ingredients is as original as it is palatable. The orange contributes acidity to the flavor, the apple something sweeter and the pomegranate all its vitamins and minerals , as well as of carbohydrates and high percentage of water.
7 apples.
2 oranges.
2 grenades.
The five pieces of fruit recommended by the Mediterranean diet can be consumed in very different ways. One of the most refreshing ways to get it is with the juices , where you can combine different fruits enjoying all their flavors . In this way, all the vitamins and nutrients that fruit give us are concentrated in a single glass.

Making a fruit juice is very simple and takes no more than 10 minutes . The method to achieve this is to cut (in this case) apples and oranges into small pieces. For pomegranates, we can extract the grains by helping with a covered or an orange juicer.

The three fruits are put together in a blender container and crushed to a homogeneous, lump-free liquid. Leave it to rest in the refrigerator to cool and you are ready to taste.

Pineapple juice, cucumber and celery 
The tropical fruit par excellence along with celery form the perfect ingredients for a drink with hardly any calories and with diuretic properties. Cucumber provides input in vitamin A and C . It is used not only in recipes but also in cosmetics.

Celery stalks.
A cucumber.
Pineapple slices.
Lemon juice.

Pineapple is a tropical fruit rich in vitamin A , B and C and in carbohydrates . Together with celery , they are food constituted mostly by water, so they have diuretic properties and hardly contribute calories.

For its part, the cucumber has a low contribution in carbohydrates that compensates with its value in fiber and vitamins . In addition, it is widely used as a beauty product
To begin with, we cut the cucumber into slices and, before cutting the celery, we wash it well. Then we split several pieces of pineapple and we put all the ingredients in the glass of the mixer.

Mix everything together for a few minutes until we get a more homogenous mixture. Then we add a little lemon juice, the latter only to give a touch of more acidic flavor.

We can also add a pinch of sugar or even apple extract, that is optional.

Finally, we put our juice in the refrigerator so we can taste it cold.

Juice of beet, orange and carrot
A drink that combines the vitamin C intake of orange, vitamin A and antioxidants from carrot and minerals and functions against beet constipation.

Red beet.
A couple of carrots.
A couple of oranges.

The orange is a fruit with a powerful contribution of vitamin C , in addition to contain calcium , phosphorus and potassium .

The carrot, on the other hand, stands out for its content in vitamin A and for being a good antioxidant . Without forgetting that it is a fruit rich in fiber , potassium, calcium, acid folic , magnesium and vitamin C. Its orange color is due to carotenoids pigments called.

Among the different nutritional properties of the beet, we can find its contribution in iron and folic acid, in addition to other contributions in minerals that it shares with the carrot. It is distinguished by its content in folates and its functions against constipation .

For all this, the mixture of these three effective antioxidants becomes an ideal recipe for a natural juice.

To begin with, peel and cut the beets and carrots. Then we peel the oranges and squeeze them to extract as much juice as we can. If we do not want lumps, we pass it through a strainer.

Then we put the vegetables in the blender or blender and mix them for a couple of minutes. Meanwhile, we add the juice of the oranges and continue beating.

Although the juice already has a natural sweet taste, we can add a little sugar and even the mixture of an ingredient more like apple juice. But it is always better to be natural foods and drink cold drinks.

Juice of papaya, pineapple and orange
A tropical fruit juice rich in fiber and sugars plus the nutritional properties of citrus. An original and daring recipe to refresh you and benefit from its antioxidants.

A couple of oranges.
Crushed ice.

Pineapple and papaya are two tropical fruits that favor digestion due, in part, to being potent antioxidants . The papaya also, contributes vitamin C and A , within which it emphasizes its content in betacarotenos . It is rich in fiber and sugars.

Orange, meanwhile, is a citrus contributes a high level of vitamin C. It contains minerals such as calcium , phosphorus, magnesium and potassium . Its contribution in fiber helps regulate intestinal transit and absorption of fluids.

The first step to preparing our juice is to wash all the fruits that we are going to use. Cut the pineapple into slices and put it in the blender or blender and beat.

Then we cut the papaya and remove the seeds. We cut the oranges in half and squeezed their juice. We put both ingredients in the blender or blender and mix it together with the pineapple.

Finally, we serve it in a glass or glass with crushed ice and, as decoration, we can place some currants on top.

Blackberry juice and watermelon
Blackberries contain potassium , magnesium and calcium . Meanwhile, the watermelon stands out for its contribution in vitamin A, C and folic acid . Both are ideal fruits for summer with high water content and delicious mix of flavors.

A banana.

Berries are a type of fruit that function as antioxidant and contain large amounts of vitamins , especially the group C and E. In addition to being a food rich in minerals such as potassium , phosphorus, magnesium and calcium . They also stand out for their high water content.

Watermelon, meanwhile, has very similar to blackberries nutritional properties, additionally adding its contribution to vitamin A and B, folic acid and carbohydrates .

The first step to preparing the juice is to wash all the fruits that we are going to use, especially the blackberries. Then peel the food and cut it into pieces. We first put the banana in the glass of the blender and then the rest of ingredients.

We beat for a couple of minutes to make sure there is no fragment left.

If we want to give a different touch of flavor, we also add the apple, this will leave a more complete mix.

Finally, before taking it, we can strain the juice to get rid of the seeds and seeds. We put it in the refrigerator until it is very cold and we can enjoy our drink.

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