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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Smoke Free Barbecue Lotus Grill Portable Grill

Artland Smoke Free Barbecue Lotus Grill Portable Grill with Transport Bag, Blazing Red, Regular

With the Smokeless Barbecue "LotusGrill" you can experience the pleasure of grilled cuisine comfortably, safely, anywhere and without complicate your life to light the fire, because it has a fan powered by four AA batteries that provides air To carbon steadily, and thanks to its double layer construction, the outer bowl is not heated and can be touched at any time. 

A little glowing gel and charcoal will suffice for the barbecue to be ready to cook after three or four minutes, and allows to prepare the food quickly, because thanks to the fan the hot air flows out of the closed coal container and the Inner bowl reflects the heat upwards. It has a fan regulator to increase or decrease the temperature. 

In addition, their design prevents food grease from dripping onto the charcoal and burns to produce smoke, and the closures on the side of the outer bowl attach the grill, the carbon container and the inner bowl making the barbecue into a single unit safe. 

The "LotusGrill" Smokeless Barbecue can be transported at any time during use, is completely disassembled and is very easy to clean, because the grill and inner bowl, made of stainless steel, can be put into the dishwasher. With it can be cooked in a short time for five diners and the duration of the combustion is between 40 and 90 minutes depending on the amount of coal used,

Product Features

  • Smokeless charcoal portable barbecue.

  • Material: steel and plastic shock resistant. Grill, inner bowl, carbon container and closures: stainless steel.

  • Dimensions: diameter of the top 350 mm, the base 260 mm and the grill 320 mm; Height 234 mm.

  • Approximate weight: 3.7 kg.

  • Includes: carrying bag, four AA batteries and user manual.

  • Maximum capacity of the 250 gr.

  • Outer bowl made of powder coated steel.

  • The fan runs on four AA batteries (included)
  • Dish washer Safw

I had tried other barbecues, but none convinced me. This is very practical, compact and you make the embers in a percussion. 100% recommended for camping and home.

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