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Monday, 3 April 2017

scrubba wash bag|Portable Laundry System Wash Bag

Scrubba Portable Laundry System Wash Bag, Light Green

Put Scrubba in your backpack instead of an excess baggage: it is a bag with which you can wash clothes when you are traveling.
scrubba wash bag|Portable Laundry System Wash Bag
scrubba wash bag|Portable Laundry System Wash Bagscrubba wash bag|Portable Laundry System Wash Bag
Using the same principle as traditional washboards, the Scrubba Laundry Bag is an Australian invention that allows you to wash with a quality similar to an electric washing machine in a few minutes and wherever we are A series of steps indicated by its creator. The key lies in the specially designed knots that line the inside of this ingenious plastic bag, which works like a flexible washboard.

Scrubba wash bag weighs less than 180 grams and folds up to a size small enough to fit in a pocket. It is perfect for when you go on vacation, camping and festivals, for those who travel a lot for work, Even to take it to the gym or if you use the bicycle as a means of transportation.

Thanks to Scrubba you will lighten your luggage, you can go on a trip with the tranquility of always having clean clothes, you will save money in laundries and you will no longer have the need to do dirty laundry in the lavatory of a station or a hotel. For an optimal result, you should use liquid detergent, but if your main concern is to save weight on your luggage you can also use the same gel or shampoo that you carry for your personal use.

In six simple steps you will leave your clothes like the gold jets: fill the bag with water, liquid detergent and laundry to 20-40% of its volume, turn it at least four or five turns and fasten its ends, Draw the air through the valve that is available for this purpose, rub between 30 seconds and three minutes, unwind the bag, empty it of the dirty water, rinse with clean water, drain the garments and dry them.

All information on the use, care and maintenance of the "Scrubba" Laundry Bag can be found on this website

Product Features

Bag specially designed to wash clothes effectively anywhere by following a series of steps written on bag.

Material: thermoplastic polyurethane.

Use with warm water (at a temperature of 30-50 ° C).

Printed in the same bag are the instructions for use explained with icons and in English.

conclusion: 100% recommended for people who travel in "backpacker" plan.

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