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Friday, 7 April 2017

Big Boy Heavy Duty Folding Armchair

 The Big Boy Heavy Duty Folding Armchair

The Big Boy Heavy Duty Folding Armchair is a large, resilient camping chair. It can be folded and thus reduced to the pack size of 17 x 16 x 97 cm. The weight is five kilograms. So that it is easy to stow away and can be transported easily. It can therefore be used for many occasions, such as a festival, camping holiday or an excursion. A storage bag is included.

The BigBoy is, as its name suggests, a chair of the larger category. It can be set up and dismantled in just a few steps. One of its great strengths is the high load capacity of up to 160 kilograms, which is hardly any other camping chair. The chair is still safe and stable, which is appreciated by many users. The size of the seat is comfortably designed so that comfort is not lost - even when sitting for a long time. A beverage holder is inserted into the armrest. Overall, the users are very satisfied and evaluate stability, seat comfort and processing positively.

The camping chair is available online at Amazon . Compared to other camping folding chairs, he is thus in the midfield. Taking into account the positive customer evaluations, the expenditure is justified. Above all, with its load capacity, the BigBoy is virtually unrivaled, which is why it is all the more pleasing to get good quality with it.

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