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Sunday, 2 April 2017



The benefits of sport are vast. In fact, physical activity helps you feel good about her body and her head, while having fun. But How often is it advisable to do sports? A drive of 30 minutes of exercise a day is ideal for a healthy life. But note that if you need / want to lose weight or achieve specific goals, you will have to train more.

The benefits of doing Exercise are:

Exercise allows you to control your weight. Physical activity is essential against overweight and obesity! Why? When you exercise, you burn calories. And the greater the intensity of physical activity is important, the more calories you burn.

Sport prevents diseases and health problems . It boots high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and lowers triglyceride levels, main fat component. Physical activity promotes good blood circulation, reducing the risk of heart disease. In fact, regular exercise helps prevent health problems such as stroke, metabolic problems, heart attacks, type 2 diabetes, depression, various types of cancer and arthritis.

Exercise makes a good mood . Stimulating various brain chemicals, sport makes them happier and calmer. Moreover, sport positively influences the self confidence. So if you exercise regularly, you will feel better about your body, but also in your head.

Sport increases your energy level . It strengthens your muscles and improves your stamina. Through sport, you oxygenate your muscles more and your heart, which helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. And, if your heart and lungs work better, you will have more energy.

Exercise improves sleep . Make regular exercise helps to fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly. Warning: better not exercise just before diving under the duvet: you do not sleep! energy.

Physical activity improves sex life . It gives you more energy and has a real positive effect on your sex life. In addition, the active sports sexual arousal in women and is a very stimulating benefits of sport on health effective. In addition, men who move a lot have less risk of erectile dysfunction.

Playing sports is fun . In fact, exercise is a fun way to spend time. It gives you the opportunity to do what you like or relax, simply. Playing sports with friends or family to go to a real source of fun and enjoy the social environment.

Do physical exercise should be part of your habits. Sign in gym and stick to your resolutions! You will feel good in your body ... and your mind!

Tips: Before you begin a new training program, consult a physician.

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