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Monday, 20 March 2017



Hardly starts the new season, the manufacturers of the most popular handbag brands surpass each other, to put your faithful customers in the next state of enthusiasm.

The answer to this question is always in the eye of the viewer. Often one has itself itself on few favorite brands and bought for years exclusively from these offers.


Anyone who has become accustomed to excellent quality will rarely move under a certain price range.

"Quality has your price." - This sentence still remains valid.

In the following, we will show you which handbag brands make up for us the Cream of the
Cream, the world of bags.

While some brands have been convincing the market with their achievements since time immemorial, Michael Kors is still quite fresh, but convinced from the beginning.

The list is not ordered by priority:

Michael Kors: 
Already in 1981, before his design studies in New York City, Michael Kors founded his own label. The Michael Kors LLC. At the same time, he worked as a sales manager in a luxury boutique and sold his own collection. If you are on today's famous shopping malls in the world, his beautiful handbags fall very quickly. These include Michael Kors handbags from the latest collection.

What was founded in Florence in 1921, originally as a small workshop for leather goods and luggage by Guccio Gucci, has today become a world concern with some of the most charming handbags of our time. Inspired by the sport of horses, luxurious handbags were created that adorn the most charming women in every season. You can find some examples of these with these Gucci handbags .

As soon as this name is mentioned, the hearts, fashion-conscious women beat higher. When quality meets the highest demands, the luxury handbags of this brand are ready to hand. We are indebted to the Prada brothers, who founded a company in 1913 and who have shaped the pocket world for a long time. Only six years later this company was appointed royal royal supplier for good reason. No wonder when we look at what wonderful handbags are here. For example, these Prada bags .

Louis Vuitton: 
Already the sound of the name arouses desire. The success story of the French craftsman and entrepreneur Louis Vuitton began in 1854 when he decided to make exclusive luggage and travel luggage and sell it to well-to-do travelers. The experience of more than 150 years has created one of the most beautiful and high-quality handbag brands in the world. Here you will find some of the most beautiful Louis Vuitton handbags  .

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