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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Why tea bags is harmful to health

Cheap teas contain too much fluoride.

Tea Bags

Cheap tea bag was not only tasteless, but also harmful to health. Experts at the University of Derby overall quality of tea in various forms of packaging and said that the most harmful tea is in disposable bags. The fact is that cheap teas contain too much fluoride, and unscrupulous manufacturers do not print this on the packaging.

Thus, a person does not even know that along with the tea, it consumes high amounts of fluoride. In the samples tested by scientists, the fluorine content above normal in a few times.

Consumption of large quantities of fluorine fraught with serious problems for the body. Most suffer from an overabundance of fluorine teeth and bones. The first sign of excess fluoride in the body are dark spots on the teeth.

Therefore, scientists insist that it is necessary to oblige manufacturers to indicate the amount of fluoride in tea. Thus, the calculation for each teabag. And for those who do not like to take risks, have to buy the more expensive unpacked tea.

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