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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Qi Gong is good for what?

qi gong for beginners

Based on the principles of Chinese medicine, qi gong (or "energy mastery") preserves health by reuniting body, breath and spirit. To feel better in his head and in his body.


Stress, overwork, difficulty concentrating, lack of self-confidence , trouble sleeping ... The qi gong helps to step back in relation to his emotions, to find appeasement. It includes the rebalancing of the energies yin (feminine, cold) and yang (mascu-

Linen, hot), exercises of rooting (position of the tree ...), automations, visualizations ... The Chinese place consciousness in the "dan tian", the center of energy under belly button. It is linked to our "second brain", the nervous system of the intestine, which plays an important role in the regulation of neuromediators (dopamine, serotonin ...) acting on the mood. After a session, you feel less fatigue, you find vitality and joie de vivre.


In Chinese energy, the eyes are connected to the liver. Through the opening and regularization of this organ, the massages of the eyes and visualizations, the meridian of the liver is stimulated. The eyes become weaker and the vision becomes stronger.


"We have too much to digest, in the literal sense (food) as well as in the figurative sense (information, emotions)," says Dominique Casaÿs. Digestive concerns are often related to fatigue in the stomach, spleen and liver, which eventually block the diaphragm. By circulating static energy, the belly relaxes and transit improves.


Work on rooting in the ground, verticality between earth and sky, relaxation of the pelvis and shoulders, opening of the chest and plexus ... The qi gong helps to be more aware of its posture. It loosens the joints and strengthens the muscles. This reduces back and joint pain, improves balance and reduces the risk of falls in the elderly .


Several Chinese studies have shown that a regular practice helps to regulate hypertension and anxiety manifested in the chest. " Relaxation due to postures and slow, deep breathing stimulates the parasympathetic system, dilates the blood vessels and calms the play," says Dr. Bernard Lamy. Of course, it is not about stopping his antihypertensive treatment, but qi gong is a good complement.


Some exercises specifically aimed at women aim to mobilize the pelvis and its organs and regulate the endocrine (hormonal) system. "The blood and energy that stagnate in the pelvis circulate again, which gives more fluidity. In the event of hot flushes , the excess yang and lack of yin are corrected by adapted exercises, often combined with herbal medicine, "says Dominique Casaÿs.


"People who regularly practice have fewer colds , respiratory infections, allergies ," says Dr. Lamy. Their bodies adapt better to destabilizing situations and inflammation. This may be the case in patients with chronic autoimmune diseases. At the CHU in Limoges, a 6-month pilot study of 40 patients with lupus is under way to show how qi gong can improve their biological parameters and quality of life.


Some midwives offer courses for pregnant women , based on breathing, postures that facilitate work and childbirth, and relaxation. "It allowed me to be more attentive to my body and to my baby, and to relieve the anguish of childbirth,  " says Sophie.


According to Chinese medicine, cancer is the manifestation of an energy imbalance to external causes (toxins, environment ...) and internal (overwork, rumination). Qi gong can help prevent these disorders. And better to bear the effects of treatments. The League Against Cancer offers qi gong classes to people who undergo chemo or radiotherapy . The benefits: less side effects (fatigue, joint pain, dry mouth, digestive disorders ), more vitality, breathing capacity. And morale up!

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