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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

TrackR Bravo Review | Key Tracker, Phone Finder

TrackR Bravo - Key Tracker, Phone Finder, Wallet Locator, Dog Finder, Generation 2, Silver
TrackR Bravo is a small accessory that was born especially for the most clueless. This small device is the size of a coin and will help you to avoid losing your most treasured items such as keys, wallet or phone among many others. Thanks to its mobile application we can know at all times where our object is and in case of not finding it we can sound an alarm to denounce its position.
TrackR Bravo - Key Tracker, Phone Finder, Wallet Locator,

The Bravo TrackR arrives in a small blister of plastic and cardboard, a presentation very minimalist but sufficient for the type of product in question. The top of the blister refers to some of the most interesting features of this small device.

TrackR Bravo is a very small and lightweight device, its dimensions barely exceed a two euro coin and thanks to its aluminum body is so light that even weighs much less than that keyring that you have been using for so long. All this makes it the thinnest and most durable tracking device . As we can see, it is powered by a battery that we can replace without any problem once it has been exhausted
TrackR Bravo - Key Tracker, Phone Finder, Wallet Locator, Dog Finder

TrackR Bravo is the easiest way to find lost or misplaced objects . Thanks to its distance indicator we can know at all times if we are moving away from our valuable object. In case we do not find what we are looking for it will be as easy as ringing the little alarm that the TrackR Bravo incorporates to betray its position, how many times we have lost our valuable minutes looking for those keys that do not appear. The monitoring network elements Trackr will help you find anything that you lost. When a TrackR user is within range of the lost object, the user receives a GPS update.
TrackR Bravo - Key Tracker, Phone Finder, Wallet Locator,

If you are clueless with your mobile TrackR Bravo will also be your solution, pressing the small button on the device will make your smartphone ring wherever it is, even if it is silent.

Thanks to the application that is available for Android and iOS you can be permanently connected to your most precious objects and you will be able to know where they are at any time.
Once we install the application we open it and the first thing it will do is ask us to add our device by selecting it from the list. We just need to activate the bluetooth of our smartphone and look for the Bravo TrackR.
TrackR Bravo - Key Tracker, Phone Finder, Wallet Locator,

Once we have added the TrackR Bravo device the next step will be to tell the software the object to which we are going to join it to track it , apart from objects we can also select our pet to know where it is at all times.

Once we have added our object the application will always show us its position on the map , if we lose sight of it we have only to press the indicator of the speaker to sound the TrackR Bravo and that we chive its position. We also observed a proximity indicator .
TrackR Bravo - Key Tracker, Phone Finder, Wallet Locator,

My Rating 4/5

Final words and conclusion
I bought one for my laptop and another as a key chain because I always spend a lot of time looking for my keys every day. These new devices are really fantastic! I have had other follow-up products and they are all so awkward and ugly. These are pretty small that I can put one on my little dog without dragging him on the floor and my keys without feeling the extra bulge in my pocket. TrackR Bravo is a very small but very versatile device that many users can take advantage of . This gadget allows us to track the position of any object we appreciate and even our pet to know where it is at all times. Its use is really simple and no user will have problems in this aspect. Its energy consumption is very low so with a single battery we will have for a whole year, in addition this can be replaced in a very simple way so it will never leave us thrown. Users should customize the settings for their own level of necessary protection, and track battery usage after starting to use their Trackrs to fine tune their usage.

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