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Thursday, 10 July 2014

why you should eat organic food

Natural, fresh, healthy, chemical free, without intervention and in season. If health enters the mouth, then the organic food is the smartest, preventive and rational choice.
Organic Food

A while ago we heard the word "organic." We noticed that more than one product in the supermarket placed on the label, and social networks soon inundated with followers of this diet. So what's behind all this boom ? Is it just a fad or, on the contrary, we find the most effective way to make the most of the nutrients from food?

Organic foods are those who produce without fertilizers, pesticides, hormones or chemicals generally used. Nor in soil where they were grown. With these standards or modes healthier and natural food are guaranteed. The great benefit is that they are absolutely free of residues harmful to health. Eating organic is a sure good for health.


There is a popular joke that goes: "Is there anything worse than find a worm to bite an apple? Yes, there, bobbing for apples and not finding ... "Eye, it is a metaphor to explain that insects or trace of them in fruits and vegetables is not the end of the world. Instead, they are living proof that what we're bringing to the mouth is 100% pure.

Many people today debate whether organic food is more nutritious than conventional. Given this approach Aesthetic and Health dares to say that they are. Researchers at Washington State University found that strawberries grown without pesticides produce certain types of phytochemicals that help self-control pests. According to a new study, these chemicals increase the nutritional value of strawberries. What's more, these same substances are responsible for the aroma and color-causing organic foods taste better and better aroma.

The nutritional value of organic food has not been altered with chemicals or genetic interventions. Giselle Orentas, known in social media as @ LaVidaOrganica, with over 18 thousand followers on Instagram, explains: "Today deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body is due in part to genetically modified foods."


Beyond the benefits to the body, organic foods provide a host of benefits to the environment. This type of farming prevents contamination of air, water and land. Also promotes conservation and water saving; respects the natural balance of the ecosystem; reduces the impact on the environment and impels biodiversity of species and crops, among others.

Eating organic does not only turn our ecological interest but also the primitive. Ie the type of food that our ancestors knew. This way of doing agriculture returns tremendous value to the rural population. Colma dignity and respect man field. Drives the economy of small farms, farmers and families living in this business.

Moreover, not only the health of consumers, but also the farmer, who must constantly exposed to the contact of chemicals, which are extremely harmful to your health is protected. Animals also benefit from less artificial places where they can live and grow up with dignity.

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