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Sunday, 13 July 2014

How to de-stress yourself | how to reduce stress

In the rhythm of the big city, we are constantly exposed to stress . Our body and mind  are not always prepared to deal with the tasks. Sometimes there is a desire to lie down and do nothing, relax mentally and physically to survive irritation or difficult situation at work. However, the ability to stop and take a breath, not to mention travel vacation  or proper rest, not always. How to cope with stress themselves.

Correct mode of the day
First of all, pay attention to your own mode of the day. If you feel constant fatigue  and nervousness, you need to establish a regime. Try to go to bed early , but better - every day at the same time.

Wake up it will be easier if you start the morning with a certain rituals. Suppose instead unpleasant alarm will sound your favorite radio station, and breakfast can be prepared the night before to the morning did not spend time on it and quietly gather to work .

Make it a rule to do some simple sports exercises in the morning immediately after getting up. Charging very invigorating, as well as a douche. If you smoke, try not to smoke  immediately after waking up, and put out his cigarette to the point where you have breakfast.

Aromatherapy bath
Warm bath  with relaxing oils and foams after a hard day will help to organize his thoughts. Douse the lights, light a scented candle, let nothing prevent you to plunge into calm.

To use the premises are light and pleasant aromas - they will fill their holiday apartment memories, nature, ocean and create the right atmosphere for a harmonious evening.

Relaxing with music
If you are in a stressful situation , protect yourself from the heavy, aggressive, tough and depressing music. Best in this period to switch to the melodious music or nature sounds - sounds of the sea, wind or birds. Find this at least a few minutes a day in your work schedule.

Restful sleep
Choose a day for laziness. Do not think that is something you do not have time or miss - the day of rest, prepare in advance. Finish things at work and on the farm and ask your friends and spouse or young person to leave you for some time alone with him. Late stand, cook breakfast  and eat it in front of the TV or reading your favorite magazine, go back to bed or on the couch with a book and just do not do anything for some time. Release your negative thoughts and forget about responsibility at least for a short period of time.

Need to buy yourself a subscription, but occasionally use the pool, dance lessons or yoga - is the right solution if you want to come out of stress. Dancing can help you throw out the negative energy and direct it in the right direction, to the same rhythmic movement to music to help distract from the obsessive thoughts and concerns. Yoga  promotes relaxation, helps to look inside yourself and plunge into meditation. After receiving a few lessons, you will be able to apply the knowledge and at home as needed.

If you had a free time, go to the park, forest, tour the lake or any other body of water. Bring a couple of sandwiches, fruit, book or player, plaid. Located in a beautiful and pleasant place to relax pleasure. Concentrate on the good thoughts, do not bring resentment  and trouble.

Day without gadgets
Unplug the phone , tablet and computer at night. Do not worry about SMS, e-mails and new "likes" during sleep. Unfortunately, it is not always the opportunity to remain without a connection during the day, but if you dropped a day - chop a virtual link with the world and boldly go in real life. Stay alone is avoiding unnecessary and external stimuli.

Circle of friends
Stop to chat or if this is impossible, Minimize communication with unpleasant people you. If you feel jealous, inconvenience, embarrassment, nervousness in dialogue  with various people - keep them away in the distance, once again not provoke themselves to negative emotions.

Positive Thinking
In any stressful situation incomprehensible and always think that sooner or later it will be resolved, we just need to relax and move on. Try not to get discouraged, do not mind going back to the experiences  and grievances. Know that all is well and all your efforts will surely give a positive result.

Shopping for the soul
What more could a woman so please, not as new purchase? Any representative of the fairer sex will get a lot of positive emotions from the acquisition of fashionable dress , in which she looks flawless. Imagine a situation in which you find yourself in a new dress, consider what the occasion you can wear it. Shopping for women has therapeutic properties - most importantly, try to choose for him, when the stores uncrowded.

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