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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

14 effects of not getting enough sleep

Sleeping less than six hours a day for one week causes changes in more than 700 genes.

Daily occupations cause many people overlook the time to rest and continue their lifestyle. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that an adult should sleep 7 to 8 hours to maintain optimal physical, emotional and mental state.

A study published in the journal Sleep examined the bedtime  habits of 1,741 men and women and found that those who slept less than six hours had a higher risk of dying after only one night, had lost part of brain tissue .
Based on some studies on this subject, some effects of not getting enough sleep are:

1. Hunger excess and anxiety
Lack of sleep is related to the tendency to eat in larger quantities with a greater number of calories and carbohydrates. Also, you would be more likely to choose 'junk' foods, even when not hungry.

2. More risk of having an accident
According to the National Sleep Foundation in the U.S., less than six hours sleep triples the chance of having a drowsy while driving, accidents take place due to the effects on eye coordination. But so you are not behind the wheel, a night without sleep will make it awkward.

3. Poor physical attractiveness
The study published in the journal Sleep found that participants in the experiment were less attractive and more decayed appearance. Another study by the Medical Karolinska Institute in Stockholm said that people looking tired is considered less accessible. Over time this effect worsens as the skin ages.

4. More likely to have flu
A study by Carnegie Mellon University explains that sleeping less than seven hours posed WHO is associated with a high risk of getting a cold. Therefore, a very strong immune system break.

5. Loss of brain tissue
Spend just one sleepless night can cause loss of brain tissue, as blood levels increase two cerebral molecules, usually by a brain injury.

6. More Emotions
In 2007 study at the University of California and Harvard Medical School used MRI to show that not sleep properly makes emotional brain regions are more active by 60%, this would cause more uncontrolled and inappropriate reactions.

7. Lowest concentration, more memory problems
Being tired affects concentration and, instead, it may become more forgetful. This can hinder the learning and retention of concepts.

8. Increased risk of stroke
Research slepp 2012 states that the risk of stroke increases for adults and the elderly.

9. More odds of obesity
In addition to consuming more calories after not sleeping well for only one night, long term you may suffer from obesity. According to the analysis of Penn State, as the hormones ghrelin and leptin, which regulate appetite, change their levels considerably.

10. Might increase the risk of cancer
A study of 1,240 people who had emphasized that slept less than six hours had twice the risk of colorectal polyps, which can be malignant with time. In addition, other studies related to breast cancer.

11. Diabetes
A study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Diseases found that sleep deprivation is associated with chronic diseases such as type II diabetes and that there is less sensitivity to insulin.

12. Cardiac Diseases
Depriving yourself of sleep could be related to high blood pressure, clogged arteries and heart failure. So says a study by Harvard Health Publications.

13. Decreases sperm count
It can affect fertility. According to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology showed that youth who confessed suffer sleep disturbances, 29% had less concentration of sperm in his semen.

14. The risk of death is increased
A study that analyzed Sleep Magazine habits that a bedtime of 1,741 men and women found that those who slept less than six hours had a higher risk of dying.

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Sunday, 13 July 2014

How to de-stress yourself | how to reduce stress

In the rhythm of the big city, we are constantly exposed to stress . Our body and mind  are not always prepared to deal with the tasks. Sometimes there is a desire to lie down and do nothing, relax mentally and physically to survive irritation or difficult situation at work. However, the ability to stop and take a breath, not to mention travel vacation  or proper rest, not always. How to cope with stress themselves.

Correct mode of the day
First of all, pay attention to your own mode of the day. If you feel constant fatigue  and nervousness, you need to establish a regime. Try to go to bed early , but better - every day at the same time.

Wake up it will be easier if you start the morning with a certain rituals. Suppose instead unpleasant alarm will sound your favorite radio station, and breakfast can be prepared the night before to the morning did not spend time on it and quietly gather to work .

Make it a rule to do some simple sports exercises in the morning immediately after getting up. Charging very invigorating, as well as a douche. If you smoke, try not to smoke  immediately after waking up, and put out his cigarette to the point where you have breakfast.

Aromatherapy bath
Warm bath  with relaxing oils and foams after a hard day will help to organize his thoughts. Douse the lights, light a scented candle, let nothing prevent you to plunge into calm.

To use the premises are light and pleasant aromas - they will fill their holiday apartment memories, nature, ocean and create the right atmosphere for a harmonious evening.

Relaxing with music
If you are in a stressful situation , protect yourself from the heavy, aggressive, tough and depressing music. Best in this period to switch to the melodious music or nature sounds - sounds of the sea, wind or birds. Find this at least a few minutes a day in your work schedule.

Restful sleep
Choose a day for laziness. Do not think that is something you do not have time or miss - the day of rest, prepare in advance. Finish things at work and on the farm and ask your friends and spouse or young person to leave you for some time alone with him. Late stand, cook breakfast  and eat it in front of the TV or reading your favorite magazine, go back to bed or on the couch with a book and just do not do anything for some time. Release your negative thoughts and forget about responsibility at least for a short period of time.

Need to buy yourself a subscription, but occasionally use the pool, dance lessons or yoga - is the right solution if you want to come out of stress. Dancing can help you throw out the negative energy and direct it in the right direction, to the same rhythmic movement to music to help distract from the obsessive thoughts and concerns. Yoga  promotes relaxation, helps to look inside yourself and plunge into meditation. After receiving a few lessons, you will be able to apply the knowledge and at home as needed.

If you had a free time, go to the park, forest, tour the lake or any other body of water. Bring a couple of sandwiches, fruit, book or player, plaid. Located in a beautiful and pleasant place to relax pleasure. Concentrate on the good thoughts, do not bring resentment  and trouble.

Day without gadgets
Unplug the phone , tablet and computer at night. Do not worry about SMS, e-mails and new "likes" during sleep. Unfortunately, it is not always the opportunity to remain without a connection during the day, but if you dropped a day - chop a virtual link with the world and boldly go in real life. Stay alone is avoiding unnecessary and external stimuli.

Circle of friends
Stop to chat or if this is impossible, Minimize communication with unpleasant people you. If you feel jealous, inconvenience, embarrassment, nervousness in dialogue  with various people - keep them away in the distance, once again not provoke themselves to negative emotions.

Positive Thinking
In any stressful situation incomprehensible and always think that sooner or later it will be resolved, we just need to relax and move on. Try not to get discouraged, do not mind going back to the experiences  and grievances. Know that all is well and all your efforts will surely give a positive result.

Shopping for the soul
What more could a woman so please, not as new purchase? Any representative of the fairer sex will get a lot of positive emotions from the acquisition of fashionable dress , in which she looks flawless. Imagine a situation in which you find yourself in a new dress, consider what the occasion you can wear it. Shopping for women has therapeutic properties - most importantly, try to choose for him, when the stores uncrowded.

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Avocado salad with strawberries

Avocado salad with strawberries
Avocado Salad with Strawberries


  • Ground black pepper 5g
  • Salt5g Fresh avocado  200g
  • Fresh strawberries 100g
  • Fresh sweet red pepper 100g
  • Lettuce leaves 100g
  • Fresh lemon juice 50g


  • Remove seeds and the stalk from Peppers, cut into cubes
  • Cut Lettuce into strips.
  • Clean Avocado, cut into half, remove seeds, cut into slices half.
  • Cut Strawberries into 4 pieces
  • Mix lemon juice with salt and pepper
  • Put Avocados, strawberries and sweet pepper into bowl, mix with lemon juce again, Sprinkle salt and pepper.
  • Lay on a dish lettuce, then the prepared mixture and serve immediately.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

why you should eat organic food

Natural, fresh, healthy, chemical free, without intervention and in season. If health enters the mouth, then the organic food is the smartest, preventive and rational choice.
Organic Food

A while ago we heard the word "organic." We noticed that more than one product in the supermarket placed on the label, and social networks soon inundated with followers of this diet. So what's behind all this boom ? Is it just a fad or, on the contrary, we find the most effective way to make the most of the nutrients from food?

Organic foods are those who produce without fertilizers, pesticides, hormones or chemicals generally used. Nor in soil where they were grown. With these standards or modes healthier and natural food are guaranteed. The great benefit is that they are absolutely free of residues harmful to health. Eating organic is a sure good for health.


There is a popular joke that goes: "Is there anything worse than find a worm to bite an apple? Yes, there, bobbing for apples and not finding ... "Eye, it is a metaphor to explain that insects or trace of them in fruits and vegetables is not the end of the world. Instead, they are living proof that what we're bringing to the mouth is 100% pure.

Many people today debate whether organic food is more nutritious than conventional. Given this approach Aesthetic and Health dares to say that they are. Researchers at Washington State University found that strawberries grown without pesticides produce certain types of phytochemicals that help self-control pests. According to a new study, these chemicals increase the nutritional value of strawberries. What's more, these same substances are responsible for the aroma and color-causing organic foods taste better and better aroma.

The nutritional value of organic food has not been altered with chemicals or genetic interventions. Giselle Orentas, known in social media as @ LaVidaOrganica, with over 18 thousand followers on Instagram, explains: "Today deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body is due in part to genetically modified foods."


Beyond the benefits to the body, organic foods provide a host of benefits to the environment. This type of farming prevents contamination of air, water and land. Also promotes conservation and water saving; respects the natural balance of the ecosystem; reduces the impact on the environment and impels biodiversity of species and crops, among others.

Eating organic does not only turn our ecological interest but also the primitive. Ie the type of food that our ancestors knew. This way of doing agriculture returns tremendous value to the rural population. Colma dignity and respect man field. Drives the economy of small farms, farmers and families living in this business.

Moreover, not only the health of consumers, but also the farmer, who must constantly exposed to the contact of chemicals, which are extremely harmful to your health is protected. Animals also benefit from less artificial places where they can live and grow up with dignity.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Screen Vedio Recorder :Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio: Record the screen
Create Powerful Videos

"Camtasia Studio" is the bedrock in terms of screen-shots. First introduced in the fall of 1999, the software from TechSmith takes on the activities on screens in the world for over a decade. Thus, little can be videos create, for example for screen presentations, as instructions or as a support for the customer.

This can include the software

With "Camtasia Studio" you can record your screen and create videos that illustrate a product, an idea or a process flow graphically.

The software can record video, edit it and improve and ultimately publish. The videos can be as MP4, Flash (SWF, FLV), M4V, AVI, Silverlight-compatible WMV, QuickTime to export (MOV), RealMedia (RM), animated GIF, or as a single audio file (MP3).

Installation and Configuration Tips

"Camtasia Studio" is offered as an installation file in the MSI format. This is the version offered here is a trial version of "Camtasia Studio", which is 30 days fully functional.

The "Camtasia Studio" Add-in for PowerPoint requires PowerPoint 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 or 2010, productions in the Apple iPod format requires Apple QuickTime 7.2 or higher. TechSmith also recommends a Windows-compatible sound card, microphone and speakers, as well as a USB web camera for video capture. Digital video (DV) cameras are not supported.

This means the net world-editing on Camtasia Studio

"Camtasia Studio" is our choice when it comes to small software instructions in our software products. The software is easy to use and a video as an installation guide is worth a thousand words. Note should however, that the software is not suitable for abzufilmen high resolution 3D games.


To use "Camtasia Studio" is a Windows system (XP / Vista / 7/8) with DirectX 9 or higher required. The manufacturer recommends a process location with 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo or equivalent and at least 500 megabytes of RAM (better: two gigabytes). In addition, 115 megabytes of disk space required for installation.