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Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Set your budget and stick to it Many people spend more than they would like for Christmas. Before you rush in stores, make a list of items you need, it will be easier to resist compulsive shopping. Set a maximum amount for your shopping and stick stubbornly there. And prefer cash to credit cards.

Gifts for cheap
Why not give books or CDs used often sold at ridiculous prices where they specialize in this type of merchandise. Looking for a game? Choose the travel size. It is always less expensive than the classic and gives much pleasure. Also remember to give gifts that you have made ​​yourself. You are good with your hands? You could make a scarf or mittens. This is the mess your forte? Gourmets will be delighted to receive a gourmet gift (your biscuits, jams, pickles). Your time may also be a very appreciated gift. Treat friends to keep their children, help them paint their apartment, etc..

One gift
Another solution: limit the number of gifts that everyone should give. At the same time, fix a maximum and insist that nobody beyond. Or do not offer gifts to children, and a single.

Give gifts to your New Year's Day
When Boxing Day , traders looking to sell their goods. Moreover, the Boxing Day tends increasingly to be spread over a week. You can find great discounts on winter clothing, electronics, sporting goods, boots, scarves and hats. On some items, discounts can reach up to 50%, sometimes more. To avoid buying items at full price, more and more people are waiting for the New Year to offer their gifts. Join them.

Go shopping on the web
To avoid the rush, you can migrate to the Web, where the Boxing Day begins on December 24 in the evening. Another idea: wait balances month January as traders seek to sell their inventories and stores are almost deserted. On the Internet, make sure the merchant's website is secure by checking whether the acronym or the lock key is displayed on the screen and the address on the order form begins with "https." Check out our 10 tips for online shopping , to buy safely.

Refuse unnecessary guarantees
If you buy, for example, an electronic device, the merchant will probably try to sell you an extended warranty. It is expensive and often unnecessary. When the manufacturer's warranty expires, your property will be covered by the statutory warranty (any property to be used for the purpose for which it is intended for a reasonable period, taking into account the price and conditions of use).

A festive atmosphere at low prices
Buy your Christmas tree at the last minute: traders seeking to sell off. You can also simply provide branches of fir or pine that you will have at strategic locations. You love Christmas carols? Looking in stores used discs, you can find classics at affordable prices.

Beauty treatments for almost nothing
Need a haircut? Beauty treatments? To save money, please students. Several schools of hairdressing and beauty offer this possibility. Students are supervised by teachers. To find the school nearest you, do an Internet search using keywords "Hairdressing Schools".

Rejuvenate your wardrobe at low prices
Looking for a stylish outfit? Take a trip in thrift stores, church bazaars and warehouse stores. They are full of treasures. You may also visit one of your favorite shops. In mid-December, many soldent clothing. One trick: give luster to one of your dresses with accessories (scarf, bolero or pin).

Keep your bills
Keep your bills and check the refund policy of the merchant, since nothing obliges the trader to return or exchange your items. Why not ask a priceless invoice for gift? Thus, if the item does not fit, it will be easy to replace.

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