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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Physical activity reduces the risk of developing dementia

Regular physical activity, not smoking, low body weight, a healthy diet and a modest alcohol consumption are key to a healthy life, confirms a large study by British researchers.

Participants who met four of the five criteria reduced by 60% their risk of developing dementia or cognitive decline - physical activity is the most influential factor - and 70% their risk of suffering from diabetes, disease heart and stroke, compared with those who did no respected.

The lead author of the study, Professor Peter Elmwood Faculty of Medicine, Cardiff University, said that the adoption of a healthy lifestyle is much more beneficial than any drug or any preventive intervention.

If men were encouraged to adopt one of these behaviors at the beginning of the study there was 35, he added, then we would have seen a 13% reduction in cases of dementia, 12% of diabetes, 6% of cases of disease and 5% of deaths in the 35 years that followed, he has added.

The Caerphilly cohort study examined the habits of 2235 men aged 45-59 years and led to the publication of more than 400 studies in scientific journals.

It was an opportunity to study the link between lifestyle, chronic diseases and cognitive decline over a period of 35 years, as well as the impact of the adoption of healthy behaviors.

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