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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Have you ever imagined a pick-up scooter?

The concept scooter is well implemented, is a vehicle wheel, agile, ideal for city and spared. And if we add to this concept load capacity and an electric powertrain leaves a Kubo Cargo Scooter!

Think beyond conventions to be able to innovate is one of the characteristics of human beings, although these days many find that nothing is invented, just reinvented. The guys from Lit Motor did a little of both. According to them, if inpiraram on the design of Apple and Vespa, consider an electric powertrain with zero emissions and developed a scooter. But, if you were not here, effectively creating a different concept inspired by the versatility of pick-ups and so was born the "scooter charge" of her name Cargo Scooter Kubo. Seeing the movie of Lit Motors, we realize the concept, the union of ideas and the ability to create deserves to be appreciated, but contained this project does not go much beyond this prototype for lack of funds for their development and transition to production. However the idea and aesthetics, like it or not like it, deserves mention because it is another example of a group of people who dedicated themselves to "make it happen" an innovative idea. Or at least tried to ..

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