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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Good resolutions to be adopted to maintain health and well-being in 2014

It is always good to take care of yourself ! Feeling good about yourself is a feeling that delights us and motivates us throughout our lives. Nevertheless, maintaining body can become a relatively difficult task, but with the right methods and tricks to do this, everyone is able to feel that sense of satisfaction that comes over us when we take care of our health and well-being under the best conditions. Here are some tips that will help you take control of your daily activities.

Playing sports
Everyone knows, sport contributes significantly to the optimization of the metabolism of our body. Passive body is fragile and deteriorates faster than active body. We must therefore think to practice sports regularly. To be fit, you are not forced to spend hours in a gym room. This will tire you unnecessarily! Better to start with minimal but effective efforts and long-term, instead of forcing on spontaneous but strenuous activities. Move daily running for half an hour in the morning or else you can also practice walking from work or from your shopping. Do things that you like, but do not use excessive force on your body.

Eat more organic foods
Being overweight is probably one of the most explanatory statements body that hinders the well-being and health. It is often the consumer, often in large quantities, chemical and fatty foods, but it can be avoided by eating as regularly as possible, of organic food such as vegetables, fruits, grains, meat or fish ...

Reduce salt intake
It is likely that very little is known, but the abundant consumption of salt is not good for health. Salt is one of the main factors that promote hypertension . Reduce consumption, so you can anticipate the potential risks of diseases related to it.

Consume less alcohol
If your doctor recommends you to consume a small amount of alcohol per day, think never exceed the prescribed dose, the risk of confronting you with a multitude of adverse effects such as liver damage, increased blood pressure, or cancer risks. So be very careful, especially in the evenings watered.
Taking care of your body is not a difficult task when you set a specific goal and when you are motivated to achieve by all means. To be fit, you just have to be optimistic, confident, persevering and sacrifice a few quirks.

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