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Monday, 30 December 2013

AT CES 2014, LG will teach "smart" refrigerators and vacuum cleaners to chat with the owner

LG Electronics(LG) company continues to surprise developments, laid up to CES 2014, and officially announced at the show in Las Vegas novelties are "smart" gadgets and technology fit into the popular conception of "Internet of Things". For example, the expected presentation of the next generation of home appliances with support for firm service HomeChat and famous mobile messenger LINE, which will allow owners to communicate with refrigerators and vacuum cleaners with LG’s HomeChat™ service.
LG HomeChat

In other words, users can not simply give a command such as "on" or "turn off", but in the literal sense of the word to communicate with consumer electronics through ordinary human words and expressions. For example, it is enough to say "I'm going on vacation," and your "smart" refrigerator goes into power-saving mode, the robot vacuum cleaner will get the job on a regular vacuuming. In turn, these appliances will alert you that is in the freezer, and will show the history of cleansing.

In addition, the system announced NFC-tags and "smart" diagnostic for future series of smart devices LG, which will help owners avoid unnecessary visits to the repair shop. Thus, the future we imagined for fantastic films and novels, when users interact with things, it turns out, very close.

Source: LG

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