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Saturday, 28 December 2013

A fire killed 23 people aboard a train

A fire has killed at least 23 people Saturday aboard a train traveling in western India, authorities reported.
The train runs between Bangalore and Nanded in Maharashtra.
"The fire is now under control, but there are victims (...) The authorities are on board," said the president of India's railways, told Reuters. The cause of the accident is unknown.
According to a spokesman for the rail company, CS Gupta, 67 passengers were on the train when the fire broke out Saturday morning.
The train, which was traveling in the state of Andhra Pradesh, was immobilized and firefighters and medical personnel have recovered at least 23 bodies, including two children, officials said. The other passengers were able to exit the train.
Gupta added that most of the deceased died in wagons, which are filled with thick black smoke.

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