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Monday, 29 April 2013


Do not throw your money on the miracle products promising fast weight loss with a appetite suppressant. In result, you also put your health at risk. Watch more on your plate and choose foods that naturally have appetite suppressant properties.

Water first natural appetite suppressant! 

When you drink a glass of water or other unsweetened beverages,which induces a decrease in hunger . This appetite suppressant is therefore obtained by a mechanism of filling the stomach. But be careful, liquids pass quickly through the stomach, where a appetite suppressant effect of short duration. meanwhile, combine drink with the fibers(eg. Soups) are well known for their appetite suppressant.

The vegetables

Also rich in fiber, vegetables calm hunger pangs. Note that consumption also requires a significant effort to chew. Or chewing precisely contributes to condition of fullness signals.

Fruits rich in pectin

Pectins are fibers which, in the stomach, forming a kind of gel increasing satiety. Some fruits provide greater satiety than others. This is for example the case of the apple. Note that as vegetables, fruits require an effort of chewing which further strengthens their satiogène power.

Foods rich in protein

The protein-rich foods, especially white meat (chicken breast, white turkey , veal cutlet, ham) and some fish (tuna, salmon), have an effect appetite suppressant interesting. The hard-boiled egg, also rich in protein, provides an immediate feeling of fullness and also long lasting.

Cereals rich in complex carbohydrates

Pasta, rice, wheat , are grains rich in carbohydrates that satiate quickly and sustainably. Provided, of course, to emphasize the full versions of these grains (if possible organic to avoid pesticides), the appetite suppressant effect will be enhanced due to a higher fiber intake. Consume often in small portions while remaining reasonable about adding fat or sauces.

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