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Monday, 15 April 2013


A natural substance found in green coffee beans can help control blood sugar levels and thus fight against excess weight.

A year ago, at the Annual Meeting of the American Chemical Society, researchers had presented a study showing that green coffee could lose weight. This study showed that in two groups of overweight people who followed a diet, those taking capsules of green coffee in addition to their diet lost 10% more weight.

This year, during the annual conference, Dr. Joe Vinson of the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania, presented the result of this study and showed that the green coffee beans also help control blood sugar in people with state pre-diabetes or suffering from type 2 diabetes .

We can not count the number of scientific studies that indicate a link between the consumption of coffee, tea, decaf and the development of diabetes. Thus, according to one study, each new cup of coffee drunk during the day result in a decrease of 7% risk of developing diabetes .

But now, researchers are pushing these studies a step further and look to the components of these beverages, with the aim to develop new anti-diabetes drug.

Thus they focused on green coffee. A substance present in grains, chlorogenic acid, help to improve the control of blood sugar and prevent diabetes. "Our study shows a decrease in the risk of diabetes by 50% for people who consume 7 cups of coffee per day compared to those who consume only two cups," he said. Even if it is present in apples, prunes and artichokes, this is essentially the cafe found chlorogenic acid: it is between 5 and 10% by weight of green coffee beans and a liter coffee filter 500 to provide 800 mg of chlorogenic acid.

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