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Monday, 29 April 2013


What are the keys to living well his asthma every day? Lifestyle, development of the living, physical activity, compliance with the prescribed treatment ...
Read all our tips for living with asthma and reduce your exposure to allergens .

How to avoid an asthma attack?

Treat asthma, it is essential, but to prevent crises is even better. This is why asthmatics have, in addition to a crisis treatment, a thorough treatment to reduce the number of seizures. This is to systematically take every day, even in the absence of symptoms.

Meanwhile, it is possible to act on a number of factors to avoid crises

  • Identify the factors triggering crises to better manage or avoid them. Thus the mite allergy will have to hunt dust, ventilate their homes, choose a suitable bedding, etc.. The allergic to pollen should especially avoid outings outside during peak pollen. The respiratory irritants such as tobacco and other toxic substances should be banned. 
  • Take a preventive treatment in certain high-risk situations , such as a rapid-acting bronchodilator and a short time before exercise. 
  • Identify early signs of the crisis and treat as soon as possible: so always carry around a crisis treatment.
  • Assess respiratory status in case of worsening symptoms and contact your doctor if necessary.
12 tips to organize its environment 

  • No smoking indoors or living spaces. 
  • Ventilate all rooms (outside pollution peaks), at least 20 minutes per day, ideally morning and evening. 
  • Fight against moisture. 
  • Fight against the dust with a damp cloth and vacuum (HEPA filter: High Efficiency Particulate Air on). 
  • Avoid carpets, curtains, fabric sofas, wall hangings ... 
  • Do not use aerosol products. 
  • If you are allergic to dust mites, use integrals and validated covers. 
  • No bed of down or feathers. 
  • Cleaning every three months of vents. 
  • Have your boiler every year. 
  • No pets in the house. 
  • If buying new furniture, go outside and aerate if chipboard because they emit VOCs, volatile organic compounds irritants, like glues, varnishes, cleaning products ...
Sport, beneficial for asthmatics? 
Promoting the development of respiratory capacity, sport has a direct impact on the development of asthma. So all asthmatics will benefit from the practice of physical activity .

However, some precautions must be observed: 

  • Adapt its activity to its respiratory capabilities. For example, if breathing is difficult, choose walking or activities of daily living such as gardening. 
  • Adapt its activity to allergies: indoor sports for people with allergies to pollens, outdoors for those allergic to dust mites. 
  • Avoid efforts during pollution, pollen peaks, inclement weather. 
  • Always follow a warm-up phase and a graceful shutdown. 
  • Against exercise-induced asthma, a bronchodilator inhaler 10 to 15 minutes before exercise. 
  • Finally, inspired by the nose, so that outside air is heated as it passes into the nasal passages.
  • avoid swimming pools treated with chlorine.


Do not throw your money on the miracle products promising fast weight loss with a appetite suppressant. In result, you also put your health at risk. Watch more on your plate and choose foods that naturally have appetite suppressant properties.

Water first natural appetite suppressant! 

When you drink a glass of water or other unsweetened beverages,which induces a decrease in hunger . This appetite suppressant is therefore obtained by a mechanism of filling the stomach. But be careful, liquids pass quickly through the stomach, where a appetite suppressant effect of short duration. meanwhile, combine drink with the fibers(eg. Soups) are well known for their appetite suppressant.

The vegetables

Also rich in fiber, vegetables calm hunger pangs. Note that consumption also requires a significant effort to chew. Or chewing precisely contributes to condition of fullness signals.

Fruits rich in pectin

Pectins are fibers which, in the stomach, forming a kind of gel increasing satiety. Some fruits provide greater satiety than others. This is for example the case of the apple. Note that as vegetables, fruits require an effort of chewing which further strengthens their satiogène power.

Foods rich in protein

The protein-rich foods, especially white meat (chicken breast, white turkey , veal cutlet, ham) and some fish (tuna, salmon), have an effect appetite suppressant interesting. The hard-boiled egg, also rich in protein, provides an immediate feeling of fullness and also long lasting.

Cereals rich in complex carbohydrates

Pasta, rice, wheat , are grains rich in carbohydrates that satiate quickly and sustainably. Provided, of course, to emphasize the full versions of these grains (if possible organic to avoid pesticides), the appetite suppressant effect will be enhanced due to a higher fiber intake. Consume often in small portions while remaining reasonable about adding fat or sauces.

Monday, 15 April 2013


A natural substance found in green coffee beans can help control blood sugar levels and thus fight against excess weight.

A year ago, at the Annual Meeting of the American Chemical Society, researchers had presented a study showing that green coffee could lose weight. This study showed that in two groups of overweight people who followed a diet, those taking capsules of green coffee in addition to their diet lost 10% more weight.

This year, during the annual conference, Dr. Joe Vinson of the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania, presented the result of this study and showed that the green coffee beans also help control blood sugar in people with state pre-diabetes or suffering from type 2 diabetes .

We can not count the number of scientific studies that indicate a link between the consumption of coffee, tea, decaf and the development of diabetes. Thus, according to one study, each new cup of coffee drunk during the day result in a decrease of 7% risk of developing diabetes .

But now, researchers are pushing these studies a step further and look to the components of these beverages, with the aim to develop new anti-diabetes drug.

Thus they focused on green coffee. A substance present in grains, chlorogenic acid, help to improve the control of blood sugar and prevent diabetes. "Our study shows a decrease in the risk of diabetes by 50% for people who consume 7 cups of coffee per day compared to those who consume only two cups," he said. Even if it is present in apples, prunes and artichokes, this is essentially the cafe found chlorogenic acid: it is between 5 and 10% by weight of green coffee beans and a liter coffee filter 500 to provide 800 mg of chlorogenic acid.