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Monday, 11 March 2013

Vegetable juice: a controversial trend Detox

Food crises, pesticides constantly implicated as causes of serious diseases, detoxification is listed as a major trend in the current context.

The detox a fad?

Consequently, detox diets invade the pages of magazines and blogs of all kinds. The latest, the diet of fruit juices and vegetables, is a hit in the United States and among Hollywood stars, addicted to this type of novelty.

The concept of detox is however not new. It appears with the theory of hygienism the late nineteenth century. The accumulation of toxins in the body is the cause of many diseases. Detoxify the body would then regain form, health and well-being. Nowadays, some even look to achieve some form of purity through detoxification. What a program!

How does one cure fresh juice?

The principle of treatment of fruit juices and vegetables is simple. This is to drink throughout the day freshly squeezed juices, and for a period more or less long (a few days to several weeks). I n practice, things get complicated since we must acquire a juicer (not a centrifuge) to extract the juice. Ten pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic, are necessary to one day cure.

Carrot, apple, rhubarb, wheat grass ...

Cures juice fresh fruits and vegetables also follow the principle of raw food or "raw food." According to the basics of raw food, eat organic vegetables, raw or lightly cooked, would be extremely beneficial for health.

In France, Detox delight is the only company to offer this type of detox treatments. Cure their juice called "juice delight" includes five fruit juices and vegetables per day plus a vegetable flavored milk for protein intake.

All these preparations are made without preservatives on the same day using a juicer cold and are delivered at home or in the workplace. The plants used are raw and the extraction method preserves the content of enzymes and nutrients.

Cure detox, or benefited health risks?

Naturopaths pl├ębiscitent cures detox and often recommend to every change of season, to eliminate the accumulated toxins and feel fitter. The ideal time for this type of treatment is five days.

The medical profession has a very different opinion on the matter because the body detoxifies well only through, inter alia, liver and kidneys. Undertake a detox cure whatever seems unnecessary. Same skepticism on the part of nutritionists who warn against the potentially dangerous side effects of this type of liquid diet. They can cause many deficiencies.

The cons-indications for treatment of fresh juice

The detox treatment is not recommended for diabetics, immunosuppressed cardiac patients, people with a low BMI, but also to all those in poor general health. People taking medication should consult with their physician before beginning this type of cures. Some fruit juices, including the grapefruit disrupt the absorption of many drugs.

The great success of this type of detox treatments and causes extreme deviations can lead to behavior suitable for controversy.

Remember that no scientific expertise has demonstrated the benefits of detox treatments based juices and vegetables. Doing good by eating healthy, while keeping a critical sense, may be a key to access some form of welfare.

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