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Monday, 4 March 2013

The Windows 8 reached 2.8% share of the desktop operating

The latest statistics show that Windows eight continue to steadily gain share in the pie of operating systems, while Windows stabilize the 7th .

The latest figures from Net Applications relating to the February show how Windows 8 reached 2.79% (from 2.36%) of the installed base of computers worldwide.

Windows 7 is increased by 0.07% in their share which is at 44.55% , after the previous month had lost 0.63%, which occurred for the first time since their launch.

The Windows 8 might not have the penetration that would like the Microsoft, especially after the period offer , valid until the end of January, which, however, apparently responsible for the decline of Windows 7 that occurred in January.

The percentage of computers running Windows, located in 91.62% of the Mac OS to be at 7.17% and Linux at 1.21%

The information was derived from Net Applications visits 160 million unique users worldwide in 40.000 websites.


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