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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Samsung new Galaxy S4

Samsung came quiet. The new Galaxy S4 is a beautiful piece of hardware, there's no doubt about it. But the heart of the device, of course, is in the software. And TouchWiz brings experience that no other Android device can bring.

The peculiarities of the Galaxy S4 become very competitive in the market of smatphones. The device has the same dimensions as the Galaxy S3, but is a bit thinner.

The phone is very portable and easy to hold in hand. Its edges are a little more square than the S3 and also has the effect tuned equal to the predecessor. It is made of high quality plastic, although it is the same that you find in other Samsung devices. More than anything else, it seems that design came to compete with the LG Optimus Pro G

The Super AMOLED display 1080p HD is very bright for AMOLED and pixel density is incredibly high with 441 ppi and you certainly could not see any fault in this screen.

It is not seen any really impressive hardware like the camera of the Nokia Lumia 920 low-light or unibody metal One of HTC's. Instead, Samsung seems to arouse passions by adding several features to the Android 4.2.2 software, while maintaining compatibility with other devices.

Note + Camera + TV = Galaxy S4

Samsung has made it clear that the new button is inspired by the Galaxy Camera (would be nice if they also had imported the camera's shutter speed and aperture ring). New modes include a picture that registers nine seconds of audio along with your picture, one that erases photobombers (seriously!) and another called "cinemagraph"-like animated gifs, where part of the image is moving and the other not. They are all easy to use!

Now you can also use the front and rear cameras together, creating images combined. Ditto for the video. I just have found a nice feature for dual-camera: when I'm in business, I do daily videos to send to my daughter and this feature allows me to film my face and everything around me at the same time.

However, I am disappointed about one aspect of the camera. His performance in dim light will not be the same as Nokia and HTC. I'll test this, of course, but I'm tired of this continuous increase of resolutions to get a really good picture.

The TV remote is S4 Galaxy line of Samsung tablet. The application WatchOn combines real-time listings of programs along with information streaming from Netflix, Blockbuster and Samsung Store.

What about the ability to "float" your finger on an email message and see a preview? This function came from the Galaxy Note and my control was the favorite of many that Samsung played here.

The culmination of all this is the new Samsung Hub, and the name comes from Samsung Tvs. This is an ambitious attempt by Samsung to become the Amazon and supplant Google. Obvious that Samsung will deny it, but why would you throw your store music, videos, books and apps for Android?

I really like how Samsung has extended one of my favorite resources'' invisible'' to the Galaxy S3, the "Let's Talk" which costs $ 99.99, that the ability to customize the audio to their range of hearing. It applies to video and music now, not just phone calls. Another interesting thing related videos, and when the screen changes color according to the content type. This is really cool.

Samsung is also struggling in the area of ​​health'' wireless'', with an application that involves together a pedometer, environmental sensors and diet. The app is bright and clean, and most important, is preloaded.

However, all these embedded software has a cost. In the 16GB model, there was only 9.62GB of storage available to the user. At least there is an SD card slot.

What I think

I spent about half an hour with the Galaxy S4 and gave notice that Samsung does not need to provide anything surprising in a matter of hardware to sell millions of these smartphones. With their influence and massive marketing dynamics, the S4 hardware only needs to be good enough, and it is. Many people will appreciate the removable battery and MicroSD card slot. The screen is sharp and clear. The hardware is good enough and is becoming a commodity. Improvements from Samsung with Android is that it will make a difference here, take this trick dual camera as an example.

Like I said, my son would like to see videos made that way. I use the email preview hovering a hundred times a day. The integration of language translation in e-mail will help anyone who travels a lot.

The Samsung Hub makes me wary. We do not need another app store. Obviously this is just a game to snatch revenue from Google stores with no real consumer benefit. At which point the competition will cause confusion in healthy choice?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 embraces and extends many of the current trends in cell phones. Samsung changes the Android tirelessly to add a lot of small conveniences. This will be a great smatphone deserving of Samsung success.

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