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Tuesday, 5 February 2013


For semen quality it is recommended not to watch TV but do sport!

The information seems obvious. It is better to do than watching sports on TV. But this simple advice healthy lifestyle, enables men to produce fertile sperm and quality. In fact, according to a study by the School of Public Health Harvard, crazy remote control would be less fertile than men who practice jogging or tennis.

FERTILITY: TV AFFECTS THE QUALITY OF SPERMstudy shows that sperm from men over 20 hours per week watching television has a sperm concentration of 44% less than those who watch very little time. In contrast, the sperm of men who engage in physical activity at least 15 hours per week contains 73% more sperm than those who are less than 5 hours of sport a week.

Good news however, in the survey conducted by the school Harvard, even the small screen addicts were above the threshold set at 15 million fertility of sperm by WHO.

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