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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Facebook is testing a prepaid card in the United States

The network social Facebook launched at the end of January, a new prepaid card.For the moment only available in the United States, this card - physical and reusable - allows the recipient to spend his credits in several brands.

The announcement of Facebook, which claims more than one billion users, fell at the same time as the presentation of its financial results. The social network displays a strong growth in sales, which jumped 37% over the whole year, to $ 5.1 billion (3.8 billion euros), and 40% last quarter, to $ 1.6 billion (1.2 billion euros). Net profit for its part collapsed, only 53 million ($ 39 million) for the year, against $ 1 billion (742 million euros) in 2011. The group cites in particular the costs of share-based compensation paid to its executives after its entry into Exchange .
The bulk of the revenue comes from the social network advertising. In the last quarter, advertising revenues accounted for $ 1.33 billion and (986 million euros).Facebook, which has long struggled to monetize its audience, including mobile, is also looking for additional sources of revenue, including by trying to electronic commerce. 

At the end of September, the social network has unveiled a service selling gifts to its users, which claimed up to several hundred dollars.
In the past, the social network has also attempted to impose its currency "virtual", the "Facebook credits" in many services , be it video games or even video on demand.
In 2011, the social network was also launched in a service group buying - on the model of Groupon , the service that allows you to get discounts on products after a number of buyers have expressed interested - which has not been successful.

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