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Tuesday, 19 February 2013


"Drink two glasses of alcohol per day is enough to increase the risk of developing cancer. Even if it is a moderate consumption may seem, even reasonable, it is enough to increase the risk of suffering a cancer, particularly of developing breast cancer". These are the findings of a study conducted by doctors at the Medical School in Boston and has been published in the American journal of public health.

Classified as a carcinogen by the WHO since 1988, alcohol is often considered responsible for cancers of the mouth, throat and liver. This is essentially true for men. In women, however, alcohol consumption, even moderate, is associated with an increase in the number of breast cancers.

To better understand the damage caused by alcohol on health, Professor Mark Bellis, from Liverpool University, has calculated how many people died of alcohol-related disease in the United Kingdom. According to its latest statistics, alcohol is responsible for 9,000 deaths from cancer each year, with 1,500 deaths from breast cancer. "There is no level of consumption below which we could feel safe in terms of cancer risk. And the message on alcohol advertising should not be "in moderation" but a warning about the risks, including drinking less than two drinks per day. "Insists the doctor.

At the National Cancer Institute (Inca) as it is aware of the need to shed light on the role of alcohol in the development of the disease, which is the leading cause of death in France. Remember that every day 1,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed and 500 patients die. In a survey conducted in June 98% of respondents knew about the cancer that smoking favors the disease, but only 52% were aware that alcohol is also a risk factor. In contrast, 29% of respondents thought that wearing a tight bra promoted breast cancer!

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