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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Urgent security updates for Adobe Reader and Acrobat

The Adobe , issued a press security updates, for Adobe Reader and Acrobat , addressing two very important security flaws , who discovered the products of one week ago.

According to the company, these problems could cause a crash and allow an attacker to take control of the affected system.

Especially for those who use PC, it is recommended that immediate update , since the aim of the attacks is to trick users Windows , making them open a malicious PDF file that is attached to email . Users of Macintosh and Linux should naturally also go to upgrade.

Those with Windows or OS X operating for Macintosh, can use the opportunity to upgrade by clicking "Help" and "Check for Updates".

For those who prefer to download the updates from Adobe's site can follow the below Links: Windows , Mac , Linux

Hacker acquired user information from Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest

The company customer support Zendesk , revealed this week that their systems breached by hacker and was leaking personal information of users of Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest .

The Zendesk said the problem corrected , but believes that the hacker managed to steal email addresses and matters of messages of support from correspondence sent.

The Tumblr, Twitter and Pinterest seems to be the three customers that the Zendesk affected by this attack. In emails to their users, warn that personal information in email support may have been violated, recommending them to be careful in any suspicious email you receive.

More details can be found here .

Presenting groundbreaking Nikon D5200

A new D-SLR with DX format presented by Nikon. The D5200 is a mid-range camera with a resolution of 24,1 megapixel, addressed to creative photographers who increasingly demand greater freedom of expression and greater room for experimentation.

The stunning quality photos and video, combined with flexible display vari-angle LCD and the numerous possibilities of manual settings allow users to show off their creativity to the fullest.

Impressive image quality
Being the third camera in the series, after the D5000 and D5100, the Nikon D5200 makes a huge leap in image quality. Apart from the CMOS sensor DX format and analyze 24 megapixel for highly detailed images, the new image processor EXPEED 3 ensures high-speed maneuvers, and even, rich color reproduction and enhanced recording video.

The high sensitivity ISO (100-6400, expandable to 25600) ensures great shots in the dark or in environments with low lighting, and clear images of fast moving subjects.

The Nikon D5200 incorporates a system AF, the sensor and scene recognition as the series Nikon D7000, offering information on this camera a new level of performance and highly improved image quality. The pinpoint accuracy of the system AF 39 points and nine cross sensors (cross-type) offer stunningly sharp images with accurate focus on the subject you choose.

Meanwhile, the sensor RGB 2.016 pixel ensures accurate data on the Scene Recognition System camera that optimizes exposure, autofocus and white balance immediately before the shutter is released.

Creative pictures from any angle
The flexible screen LCD vari-angle 7.5 cm (3 inches) of the Nikon D5200 offers ultimate freedom and flexibility for beautiful photos and video shots from any position. You can fold, to tilt or rotate the swivel screen to express your creativity in every angle. In addition, the Nikon D5200 is a light camera, very cleverly designed, with clear menus and excellent ergonomics for handling pleasant and enjoyable shooting.

Wireless for sharing your creations
The wireless transfer of images from camera to smart devices Apple or Android is possible thanks to the optional wireless adapter for connection with compatible mobile devices WU-1a. This means that you can share your favorite photos with friends using social networks and e mail and receive immediate feedback. You can even operate the camera remotely from your smart device to capture beautiful images without upsets your subjects.

Video HD Offerings
Make it easy to switch between shooting and video Full HD recording with up 60i/50i with the push of a button. The ability to follow a moving subject in three dimensions, with continuous AF mode (AF-F) ensures focusing of moving subjects throughout the duration of the download. Furthermore, the ability to edit the video with the function that has the same camera in conjunction with the built-in stereo microphone helps you create video for which you will feel proud.

Inspired effects and scene modes
Become more creative by the operation of seven special effects Nikon D5200. Selective Color, Miniature Effect, high and low brightness, silhouette, color sketch and evening reception are effects that can be used in real time to images and video through live view, so you can see the end result of your creation before shooting.

In addition, the HDR (high dynamic range) that has the camera and D-lighting capture detailed images of high-contrast scenes, increasing their creative choices. You can also click through 16 different scene modes, which optimize camera settings such as shutter speed, ISO sensitivity and aperture, depending on the circumstances of your shot. Excellent opportunities are offered for fast downloads and for those still learning the secrets of shooting with D-SLR cameras.

Sony A58 DSLR Camera

The A58 is the new introductory model to the Sony dSLR cameras

The new introductory dSLR camera A58 announced Sony , with new sensor Exmor APS HD CMOS technology and Translucent Mirror for fast download with fast and accurate auto focus . The A58 replaces the introductory A37 to the line up of Sony, and has features that you would expect to have a much more expensive machine dSLR
In the heart of the A58 is a brand new sensor Exmor APS HD CMOS with ultra-high resolution 20.1 M egapixel . Moreover, the improved image processor BIONZ provides highly detailed images with low noise digital and video Full HD , as well as very high sensitivity range ISO 100 to 16000 .

Are available 35 interchangeable lens A -Mount (including two teleconverters) for sharp images in virtually any lighting condition, from low light indoors until atmospheric scenes in Twilight.

Even when you're shooting with the camera in hand, thanks to its SteadyShot INSIDE , the photos will be clean and stable, even at slower shutter speeds or higher zoom settings.

In contrast to conventional cameras DSLR, machines SLT from Sony, using technology semipermeable mirror , which directs the light to the sensor main image and a separate sensor autofocus. This means that objects of photography you maintain a strong focus then as you compose scenes with screen LCD with tilt angle or a high resolution and contrast viewfinder OLED Tru-Finder .

Operation Tele -zoom Continuous Advance Priority SA closer this defining moment, thanks to high-speed burst of clean images at 8 frames per second . The high-efficiency 15-point AF now has operation Lock-on Autofocus , which provides faster and more accurate monitoring of the object.

The technology Portrait Auto Framing , which existed in previous models, it has now grown to more handy Auto Object Framing and helps you get more beautiful and professional results without effort. The A58 defines what a scene - one man, two, even moving objects or very intense close-ups - monitor frame and cut the download to create powerful and professionally framed compositions. Thanks to Pixel Super Resolution of Sony, the cut images retain the same resolution as the original report.

Framing, focus and exposure of scenes captured are easy on the new viewfinder OLED Tru-Finder, which shows the results of the accuracy settings of the camera in real time .

The camera A58 is the first camera with interchangeable lenses A-mount, from Sony, which offers support to new technology TRILUMINOS Colour . Enjoy the videos and photos on any TV BRAVIA TV , with the support of technology "TRILUMINOS Display", and pleasantly surprised by an impressively wide palette very vivid and realistic colors.

The A58 will be available from next April.

Image Sensor
Active pixel
20,1 megapixel (approx.)
Sensitivity range
ISO 100 - 16000 (25600 in Multi Frame NR)
Automatic Focus (AF)
Live preview AF Phase detection 15 points with 3 cross sensors with AF tracking function in Tele-zoom Continuous Advance Priority AE
Operation Continuous burst shooting (max.)
5 fps (8 fps mode in Tele-zoom Continuous Advance Priority AE)
Recording movies
System Quick AF Full HD Movie (AVCHD 1920 × 1080, 50i/25p)
Electronic viewfinder
Viewfinder OLED Tru-Finder with 100% field coverage
LCD Screen
460k-dot 6,7 cm (2,7-type) with adjustable angle
Functions composition image
Auto HDR, Hand-held Twilight, Sweep Panorama, Anti Motion Blur, Multi Frame Noise Reduction
Image Stabilization
SteadyShot INSIDE
Built-in flash
GN 10
HDMI, Multi Interface Shoe, Multi Terminal, Card slot Memory Stick Duo / SD
Picture Effect
11 types, 15 variations
128,6 x 95,5 x 77,7 mm. (Approximate)
Weight (body only)
492 gr. (Approximate)
Duration downloads
Using viewfinder Tru-Finder: 690 downloads
Using screen LCD: 700 downloads

Sony A58 back View

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Global sales of tablets jumped to 78%

Total 128.3 million units were sold, against only 72 million in 2011.

IDC notes that the increase in sales has gone with a decline in average selling prices by 15% to $ 461.

This is the computer group Apple created the tablet market in 2010 with its first iPad, which continues to dominate the market but suffered increasing competition from devices smaller and less expensive such as Amazon Kindle Fire . Apple itself had also decided last year to launch a "mini iPad" cheaper.

Despite their strong growth, tablets still represent a small proportion (10.7%) of the market for devices connected to the Internet, where the lion's share of smart phones (60.1%), according to IDC.

Adding computers and laptops, the market recorded a total last year growth of 29.1% to 1.2 billion units sold.

Serial bomb blasts rock Hyderabad

Two bombs planted on bicycles exploded Thursday in a crowded market in the city of Hyderabad, in southern India, killing at least eleven people dead and 80 wounded, said the Chief Minister, Kiran kumar reddy.

According to TV channels, all the major cities of the Indian Union were placed on alert.

Hyderabad is an important center for information technology in India, behind Bangalore. Giants Microsoft and Google are particularly located.

"I spoke to the Prime Minister has indicated that the two explosions occurred within 150 meters," said Sushil Kumar Shinde to journalistes.Head of government, Manohan Singh, spoke on his side "attack odious. " "I urge the public to remain calm and maintain peace", "he said on his Twitter account.

Witnesses told Reuters they heard at least two explosions just after dusk.

The blasts come less than two weeks after the execution by hanging of a national Kashmir for an attack against the Indian Parliament in 2001 that federal sparked violent clashes

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Cold: Vitamin C Useful in prevention for Childern

Athletes but also the children would benefit from taking the vitamin C supplementation in order to avoid colds and recover faster after taking cold. In any case it says a study by scientists at the University of Helsinki, Finland.

Also effective in children

These were given to a group of 11,000 volunteers a regular dose of vitamins C and then studied their resistance to viruses in winter. Among the participants, there were children, runners, soldiers or even making the teenagers swimming in competition

The researchers found that among people who work outdoors or who regularly practice a sport, taking vitamin C was shown to halve the risk of having a cold and otherwise, to heal faster. By cons no effect was noted in people who have no physical activity

Children also seem more susceptible to this supplementation. The results of the study, children who took a regular dose of one gram of vitamin C given the average length of their cold reduced by 18%. Harri Hemild and Elizabeth Chalker, the authors of the study conclude: "the failure of vitamin C supplementation to reduce the incidence of colds in the general population indicates that the habit of taking vitamin C is not justified but it may be helpful for people experiencing brief periods of intense physical activity. "


"Drink two glasses of alcohol per day is enough to increase the risk of developing cancer. Even if it is a moderate consumption may seem, even reasonable, it is enough to increase the risk of suffering a cancer, particularly of developing breast cancer". These are the findings of a study conducted by doctors at the Medical School in Boston and has been published in the American journal of public health.

Classified as a carcinogen by the WHO since 1988, alcohol is often considered responsible for cancers of the mouth, throat and liver. This is essentially true for men. In women, however, alcohol consumption, even moderate, is associated with an increase in the number of breast cancers.

To better understand the damage caused by alcohol on health, Professor Mark Bellis, from Liverpool University, has calculated how many people died of alcohol-related disease in the United Kingdom. According to its latest statistics, alcohol is responsible for 9,000 deaths from cancer each year, with 1,500 deaths from breast cancer. "There is no level of consumption below which we could feel safe in terms of cancer risk. And the message on alcohol advertising should not be "in moderation" but a warning about the risks, including drinking less than two drinks per day. "Insists the doctor.

At the National Cancer Institute (Inca) as it is aware of the need to shed light on the role of alcohol in the development of the disease, which is the leading cause of death in France. Remember that every day 1,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed and 500 patients die. In a survey conducted in June 98% of respondents knew about the cancer that smoking favors the disease, but only 52% were aware that alcohol is also a risk factor. In contrast, 29% of respondents thought that wearing a tight bra promoted breast cancer!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Unexplained weight loss reasons in women

Sometimes weight loss is completely unintentional. Although some in a dream, it is not necessarily a good thing, and without sounding the alarm, it is better to pay attention . There are certain symptoms which we pay scant attention. Losing weight is usually in part. Since it is rarely resented by women, it is not seen as a symptom and weight loss is not taken very seriously. Yet, when unexplained and involuntary, it may be indicative of some diseases.

A problem with the thyroid, for example, can cause significant weight loss. Hyperthyroidism - when our thyroid gland produces too much hormone - resulting in rapid weight loss and brutal without reducing appetite. This is also one of the first visible signs of the disease!

The mind affecting the functioning of our body, weight loss can also be the result of a psychological problem (depression) , or, more importantly, neurological . Less severe disease may also result in a significant weight loss, this is particularly the case for digestive infections which cause loss of appetite.

It is therefore very important to take seriously an unexplained weight loss. equilibrium weight is one of the key indicators of good health. As a precaution, if you are not on a diet, you have no limitations to your diet and you notice a significant weight loss, be watchful: your body informs you that struggle. Therefore, do not hesitate to consult your doctor, he will be able to tell you whether or not there is cause for concern and follow a specific treatment.

Spring salad with rice

Spring salad with rice

75 g of rice full

1 handful of green peas steamed

1 handful of chopped arugula

1 handful of shoots of spinach



1 tbsp soy Sauce

1 tbsp olive oil

1 puree of avocado

RECIPE Salad Spring rice

Boil 30 minutes 75 g of rice. Drain.
Combine with 1 handful of peas steam + 1 handful of chopped arugula + 1 handful of spinach. Season with a little pepper gomasio + + + 1 tbsp soy. to olive oil.
Serve with mashed avocado.

Liver cancer: a modified virus extends patients' lives

the modified virus helped extend the life of sick patients. Pexa-Vec, a genetically engineered virus, was developed to target cancer cells and destroy them. A recent American study shows positive effects on thirty patients with liver cancer.
This is a new hope for all cancer patients: a virus developed by the American company Jennerex would extend the life of patients with liver cancer terminal. This is revealed by the study recently published in the British journal Nature Medicine, which describes the clinical trial for four weeks on thirty patients. The life of these has been extended by several months.
After handling the HIV virus, the virus Pexa-Vec (or JX-594) represents a breakthrough in the search for the fight against cancer. One of the study's authors, David Kirn, told AFP: "This is the first time in the history of medicine as we have shown that a genetically engineered virus could improve survival of cancer patients. "
Promising results Of the thirty patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC or primary liver cancer), sixteen were given high doses of the virus, while fourteen were administered lower doses of Pexa-Vec. The researchers then found that the former have survived to 14.1 months on average, while the latter survived 6.7 months.
These results demonstrate that "the treatment Pexa-Vec two doses resulted in a reduction of tumor size," said Jennerex in a statement. In addition to destroying tumors, manipulated virus would strengthen the patient's immune system, which would slow further progression of the disease.
The Pexa-Vec could cure other cancers However, some patients experienced side effects "of short duration, transient and manageable," similar to the symptoms of the flu, scientists said. One patient suffered from such severe nausea and vomiting. The Pexa-Vec was developed from vaccinia virus, initially used as a vaccine against smallpox. The virus is administered either intravenously or directly into the tumor.
Moreover, apart from liver cancer, the Pexa-Vec could be effective against other cancers, as shown by the initial results of tests on 200 people. But according Jennerex, a new study should be conducted on 120 people to confirm this new treatment.
The French company Transgene Mérieux Group, has signed a partnership agreement with Jennerex in 2013 on the development and commercialization, including the European territory of Pexa-Vec.

Monday, 11 February 2013

The United States, targets of cyber attack

The United States is the target of a major cyber attack endangering its economic competitiveness, says a report by the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) released last night by the "Washington Post".
The report, classified secret and from various U.S. intelligence agencies, says, first, China, the newspaper said, citing officials who requested anonymity. "This is the most aggressive country that seeks to penetrate the computer systems of U.S. companies and institutions in order to have access to data to acquire an advance in the economic field," according to sources.

According to the NIE document, companies related to energy, finance, aerospace, automotive, are the most frequently targeted by cyber attacks. The damage caused by these attacks are estimated at tens of billions of dollars, by external experts, the paper said.

The National Intelligence Estimate cites three other countries, the origin of cyberattacks against the United States U.S.: Russia, "Israel" and France. Faced with this situation, the administration of President Barack Obama is trying to counter the attacks of these countries, including by filing formal complaints, expelling the diplomatic staff, restricting the issuance of visas and making claims, with the General Organization (ILO) says "Post".

Holland, India to finalize major contracts

French President François Hollande, will visit India on Thursday, February 14th, for a state visit 48 hours, strong economic and commercial content.
According to the magazine "Expansion", Paris hopes to finalize soon a series of major contracts with New Delhi on the "Rafale", a nuclear or transport. Not less than sixty CEOs and business leaders will accompany the head of the French state, including those from Dassault, Thales, Areva, Veolia, Lafarge, LVMH, Sanofi, EADS or Arianespace, but also the President SNCF or the CEO of CEA. Five ministers whose portfolios reflect the priorities of the visit will, also, travel: namely, those of the Foreign Affairs, Defence, Foreign Trade, Higher Education, but also of Transport.

Pope resigns, never seen in 600 years

Pope Benedict XVI announced Monday his resignation from the February 28, citing his age, in a speech delivered in Latin at a consistory at the Vatican announced the spokesman Holy See. "The Pope announced that he would forgo his ministry at 20H00 (19H00 GMT) on 28 February. Initiate, then the period of" vacancy, "said Father Federico Lombardi, in an advertisement, unprecedented in the modern history of the Catholic Church, and it is the first time in 600 years that the Pope resign.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Tips to speed metabolism

To most people would like to be more fit. A better body means you will not be frankly round. Many factors play a role in how a person looks and how it is shaped. One factor is exercise. Another is diet.You've already heard it all before, and while it is true that you need to have a general plan of exercise and dietary goals, there are things you can do right now to ensure that these goals are a little easier to reach.
Certainly nothing will replace a sensible diet and a good exercise routine. There is no magic formula that you can use that suddenly what (the) become (s) supermodel, but I hope you can benefit from the tips and tricks that I'm about to share with you.

The Key to Your Metabolism

The key for you to show off a body fit and healthy is in your metabolism and how your body is clean inside. The metabolism is a biochemical process that determines how quickly converts calories into energy.

You use energy and burn fat when you do physical activity and digests food, but also continues to burn fat even when at rest. The rate at which you burn fat at rest is called basal metabolic rate (BMR are its acronym in English). In fact there are ways to speed it up for you to burn fat faster when not making much effort.

Every coin has two sides, and the opposite face of accelerating your metabolism is what decelerates. You may be doing things that lethargic metabolism and allow your body to store excess fat without noticing. Some of the things that make your metabolism slow are:

* Evil Eats - Let sodas and muffins! Splurging Okay, just make sure they are organic foods, healthy, natural. Avoid highly processed and fatty foods.

*Not getting enough sleep - If your body is exhausted then the efficiency with which burns calories goes down the toilet. A well rested body is more efficient.

*Being stressed - Stress causes high levels of a hormone called cortisol in your body, which causes abdominal fat. Relax and ... Get rid of those extra kilos!

*Dieting - Believe it or not, follow a strict diet can slow your metabolism. Avoid fad diets and those that are too low in calories. Low calorie diets cause your body to suffer starvation level, with which their metabolism becomes very slow to try to prevent you from burning too many calories, then eat again when your body stores calories as fat. Fad diets may work to cost term, but the real way to a healthier body is improving all long-term habits.

*A Toxic Body - The accumulation of toxins in the body slows your metabolism because your body has to work extra hard to eliminate these toxins daily. I suggest you do a colon cleanse , a liver cleanse and gallbladder or cleaning harmful organisms to boost your metabolism naturally.

There are factors that affect your metabolism that are beyond your control. The metabolism slows naturally as you age, especially this happens to women.

Some people suffer from an underactive thyroid, adrenal glands or an unfortunate dysfunctional family genetics that causes weight gain, but still there are ways to speed up your metabolism, but you have a terrible diet and are genetically predisposed to carry more weight whatever they wanted.

Tips for exercise to speed up your metabolism

1. Exercise! Whether you cycling, anything, walk or jog, but move. A regular exercise routine is the best thing, but remember to make small changes from time to time so that your body does not reach the point where you stop improving. Ten minutes from your busy day does not seem much when first started exercising, but if you make a routine of 10 minutes, six days a week, will be an hour of exercise last week! As you and your family to get used to your routine will be easier to increase 10 minutes to 12, 15 to 20 minutes per day. I recommend you jump on a trampoline. It's easy, safe and very effective.

2. Make and Take Shape Muscle! If you work for muscle mass weight then ensures that burn more calories doing cardio alone. Why? Because muscle burns calories even when you rest, raises your BMR to help you burn fat!

3.Right Timing. When you train on and off, for example, if jogging 12 minutes total, but every two minutes increases speed running so fast for 1 minute, your body will work more, then you have a more intense routine.

4.Get up! Get up from your desk and walk around the office, up and down the stairs a few times, park further away or play with the dog. If you use these little sprouts of energy during the day and your metabolism will burn more calories fast.

Foods that speed up your metabolism

I've given you some tips and some tricks to help boost your metabolism without even mentioning what is easier than you can do-eat!

When you wake up in the morning your body has hunger because you've been fasting, but when breakfast boosts your metabolism so that you burn calories starts soon, therefore more total calories consumed during the day. What you eat and how often you eat has a big impact on your metabolic rate.

Here are some dietary habits and lifestyle can boost your metabolism. You can also see the diet plan I suggest here.

*Start your day early with a smart breakfast includes fresh fruit only.

*Eat often because it will boost your metabolism all day, and when it does many small meals during the day tend to eat less at a time, which makes your digestive system and make less effort to work more efficiently.

*Eat spicy foods, if sufficiently enchilosas full boost their metabolism and make you sweat!

*Eat healthy snacks that contain lean protein such as nuts, seeds or hemp milk. The protein has many amino acids so your body has to work harder to break down these foods, which means you burn more calories while digesting.

*Chew your food 25 times before swallowing. This will save the energy your body stores and speed up your metabolism.

*Eat foods that speed up your metabolism.

List of Foods to Boost Your Metabolism

Nut Milk
Seed milk
Nuts and Seeds
Green Beans

*Drink water all day. It is difficult to drink too.

*Clean your body! I recommend that you first do this! Know the cleaning methods that might benefit you.

*Some weight loss supplements will give you the benefits that come proven ingredients to fight fat and suppress appetite. Such supplements can support while you lose weight, but should not be the only method.

No matter what you do to boost your metabolism, remember, it's never too late to start!

Eight things you should know about cancer

The "guardian of the genome." There is a protein called p53 that while in their "normal" repairs damaged DNA in cells, why is nicknamed the "guardian of the genome" - when mutated leaves operate and allows cancer proliferate uncontrollably. Scientists look for chemical compounds that activate this protein to adequately curb cancer. For example, just check that one of its mechanisms of action is to detect metabolic stress and make aging (senescence) damaged cells to prevent proliferate and form tumors.

Sugar Spanish researchers at the University Rey Juan Carlos have shown excess sugars in the diet increases the activity of a protein called b-catenin, closely related to tumor progression. This explains why the epidemiological data show that the frequency of certain types of cancer can be doubled in populations with high levels of blood sugar, such as obese or diabetic.

Infectious. Infectious agents such as viruses, bacteria and parasites are the cause of two million cases of cancer worldwide, according to an international study published in The Lancet Oncology . Put another way, 16% of cancer cases worldwide in 2008 were due to an infection that could have been prevented or treated. The primary infection-related cancers are associated with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori and papilloma virus, hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

Ten instead of one. thing we now call breast cancer should be considered as ten different diseases , as evidenced by a revolutionary British and Canadian study published by the journal Nature. The new classification, based on the genetic fingerprint of tumors, could improve treatment by allowing tailor drugs to each case, increasing survival rates.

caloric restriction. A steady decline over time in food intake resulting in an increase in the length of telomeres of chromosomes ends in adult mice, which exerts a protective effect on DNA and genetic material. These beneficial effects on youth of chromosomes result in a lower incidence of cancer, among other diseases associated with aging.

Cancer and electricity. Scientists at Tufts University have identified a bioelectrical signal which can identify which cells are at risk of becoming tumors. But not only help predict: bioelectric signals are an important control mechanism to regulate how they grow and multiply cells. So much so that scientists have shown that it may reduce the incidence of cancer cells by manipulating the cell membrane voltage. Or use these signals to damaged organs are repaired.

Fritos. Eating at least once a week chips, breaded chicken or fish and other foods fried in plenty of oil is associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer, as well as predisposing to a more aggressive course of the disease, according to researchers recently demonstrated Research Center Fred Hutchinson Cancer U.S.

Accomplices To invade organs, cancer cells often need accomplices. For example, a team of researchers from the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) recently discovered that the ability of colon cancer metastasis to falls in healthy cells surrounding the tumor, called the stroma. In an article disclosed in Cancer Cell, scientists also show that removing the signal of TGF-beta in the stroma may block the induction of metastasis.

Three syndromes caused by videogames

Wiiitis. The term was coined by the Spanish Julio Bonis, Research Group in Biomedical Informatics in Barcelona, ​​in a letter to the journal New England Journal of Medicine in 2007. This is a type of tendonitis , similar to that caused by sports injuries, suffered by those who play virtually tennis, golf, bowling and other sports with the Wii console from Nintendo. The risk of injury is increased in these cases because, as a real sport like tennis dissipates the energy to strike the ball, with the command of the Wii hit the air, and the energy builds up in the joint and tendons. Furthermore, it is inadvisable to use the Wii without a physical warm.

Hidradenitis the PlayStation palmar. described skin disease in 2009 in the journal British Journal of Dermatology by Professor Vincent Piguet, University Hospital of Geneva (Switzerland). The main symptoms are painful irritation and red bumps on the palms of the hands . Specialists suspect appears maintain controlled by firmly game for many hours, which adds to excessive sweating due to the tension of the game. Cured with a few days of "withdrawal."

Computer Vision Syndrome. headache, eyestrain, double vision , difficulty focusing, dry or red eyes, photophobia (intolerance to light) ... are the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome, recently described by the American Association of Ophthalmology and quite common among those who spend hours playing in front of the screen. One of the possible explanations is the deficit in the blink , because if one person talks while flashes about 22 times per minute, compared to the computer screen alone makes it seven times, increasing eye irritation.

Five things to do for good morning

According to a study from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (USA), if you sleep poorly or less than 8 hours and you just get up to go to school or work, is a good idea to expose yourself to light "blue" , as it contributes to meet the challenges of the day and cope better with stress . According to the researchers, the effect is that the blue light accelerates the cortisol awakening response (CAP, for its acronym in English), which prepares us to deal with any contingency and take activity. Thus we pay more, we get depressed less and suffer fewer car accidents , according to the authors concluded in the journal International Journal of Endocrinology .
Burns fat
We burn 20% more fat if you do exercise in the morning with empty stomach if we wait for after breakfast, according to a Northumbria University study published last week in the journal British Journal of Nutrition . Researchers say that, after a night of rest and fasting, the energy we consume comes from playing sports fat . Vaccinated
 If you have to get a vaccine, for example influenza, better do it in the morning. According to a study published in the journal Psychophysiology , at this time the body responds by producing more antibodies. This occurs mostly in adult men whose immune system responds twice as effective at this hour that afternoon. Listen to soothing music
According to a study presented at the meeting of the American Society of Hypertension, classical or Celtic music every morning for 30 minutes reduces blood pressure and maintained at healthy levels during the day. Eat protein
If you include protein at breakfast (eggs, sausage, tuna ...) feel more satisfied throughout the day and your brain produces less signal "pull" toward food and better appetite control, as demonstrated by a study from the University of Missouri (USA) based on magnetic resonance neuroimaging obtained. Moreover, as shown Judith Wurtman, a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the brain provided by protein tyrosine , an amino acid that increases the production of neurotransmitters that keep the mind alert and concentration , such as norepinephrine.

Vitamin D and omega-3 Alzheimer's

The vitamin D and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), Type -3 omega enhance the ability of the immune system to clear amyloid plaques that are deposited in the brain of patients with Alzheimer , the latter study reveals a computer Researchers at the University of California (USA). In his work, published in the journal Journal of Alzheimer's Disease , scientists have identified genes and signaling networks regulated by these elements, which in turn control the process eliminating inflammation and β-amyloid , the main component of senile plaques that accumulate in persons with the disease. To this end, scientists isolated macrophage of a series of blood samples taken from a group of persons suffering from Alzheimer's . The macrophages are one type of immune system cells that address 'clean' the waste products in the brain and elsewhere in the body. These cells were incubated with β-amyloid plaque-forming compound . The next day was added active forms of vitamin D3 so as DHA, and analyzed their effect on the swelling and the absorption of β-amyloid. Results indicated that both compounds improved the ability of macrophages to engulf `'to the β -amyloid, and also inhibited cell death which usually causes this element. On the other hand, each molecule using different receptors and signaling pathways to accomplish this task. Nevertheless, there are still many steps to take in research. Previous studies have identified two distinct groups of patients with the disease. His inflammatory macrophages express different genes, and thus the effect of vitamin D and omega-3 on these people could be different depending on the group affected. "It is necessary to carefully balance supplementation with vitamin D3 and omega-3 depending on the patient," says Milan Fiala, a researcher. "But this is a first step in understanding how and in which patients these nutritional substances may work better."

Japanese made robot cleaner for ... displays for smartphones and tablets

The Japanese have long had a soft spot for the robotic technique, so that their unconventional ideas in this regard were hardly a surprise to anyone. Another illustration of this is the recent proposal by the Japanese company Takara Tomy, called AutoMee-S . In this case for mini-robot that just a few minutes you can clean without any trace fingerprints, dust and dirt on the screen of a smartphone or tablet, saving its owner quarrel looking microfiber towels and struggling with this thankless task .

Unusual manifestation of robotic cleaners is round propelled widget diameter 7 cm, which is powered by a standard AA battery. To use the device, the smartphone / tablet should be placed on a flat surface and AutoMee-S to put on it. Walking along the surface of a smartphone or tablet gadget completely self cleaning surface, by using the special paper, while the built-in computer system monitors the robot movement and careful not to go beyond the edges of the cleaned equipment.

According to official data, new cleaner robot displays for smartphones and tablets will begin in Japan next month for about $ 16.80. If you happen to have their way to the Land of the Rising Sun and you can invest a small amount in this AutoMee-S, it is still good to keep in mind that the manufacturer (which is actually a specialist in the development and marketing of toys and products for children) assumes no responsibility for any damage that their robot can cause a smartphone or tablet. 

Saturday, 9 February 2013

In 2014, may appear and Microsoft Office for Linux?

Since Microsoft provides versions of Office for Linux-based Android OS release of Microsoft Office for Linux seems perfectly logical next step.

After major announcements Office a few days ago and the fact that consumers have yet to get used to the new production packages from Microsoft, probably few people think of what the future of the company's Office product. This, of course, does not apply to redmantskata corporation which already plans to develop further. And the interesting thing is that Microsoft has seen an opportunity to launch its office suite in a version for Linux, according to a online resource Phoronix

In the published information states that during the conferences FOSDEM , a Microsoft representative said that the company is "ambivalent view" about the idea of a Microsoft Office suite for Linux OS. According to preliminary data from the event then, the appearance of this version of the office suite can be expected next in 2014

Unfortunately, so far other details on this are not reported, but the fact that Microsoft Office has at least two very viable and completely free open source alternatives will indeed be interesting to see how the corporation intends to compete. On the other hand, since Microsoft provides versions of Office for iOS and Android , and the last is based on Linux, then release of Microsoft Office for Linux seems perfectly logical next step.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Japanese soup with tomatoes and tofu

Dashi broth is the base of this soup and many other Japanese dishes. It is found in powder form in most supermarkets or in Asian shops. If you prefer, replace it with a cube of chicken broth.

30 ml dashi powder or a cube of chicken broth
10 ml rice vinegar
60 ml of white miso paste
15 ml grated fresh ginger
4 Roma tomatoes, seeded and diced
250 ml of baby spinach leaves
15 ml sauce low sodium soy
750 ml of firm tofu, diced

Put the dashi into a large bowl or container to measure and add 1 liter of boiling water. Dissolve the dashi and stir and pour into a saucepan. Add wine vinegar, miso paste and ginger. Bring to a boil and reduce heat to simmer gently. Add the diced tomatoes and simmer another 10 minutes. Add the spinach, soy sauce and cook for a minute until the leaves begin to wilt. Divide the tofu also four bowls and cover with broth.

Makes 4 servings.
Per serving: 116 calories, 10 g protein, 4 g fat 1 g saturated fat, 11 g carbohydrates, 2 g fiber, 0 mg cholesterol, 820 mg sodium.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013



Pomegranate, already known for its health benefits and anti-aging, would be an excellent ally thin! This fruit help less hungry but also to better appreciate the meal.

The more difficult when you want to lose weight is to regulate appetite. Difficult to reduce the proportions, eat light without the famous peckish between meals ... British researchers may have come to find the solution: the grenade ! This fruit native to Asia would conceal thinness unsuspected virtues.
A greater sense of satiety
The study by Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh focused on 29 volunteers. Half of them took a tablet containing extract skin, flesh and seeds of a pomegranate every day for three weeks. The other half of the participants took a placebo. After three weeks, each volunteer drank a glass of pomegranate juice before sitting down to enjoy a plate of pasta with tomato sauce. Before eating, and at intervals of 15 minutes for two hours, participants recorded their feelings of hunger and satisfaction in a questionnaire widely used in scientific studies to measure the feelings and states of mind.

The people who took pomegranate extracts reported feeling less hungry (- 12% compared to others), have less desire to eat (- 21%), have a greater sense of satiety (16%) and are generally more satisfied with their meals (15%). They also ate an average of 22% less than the others and found their food tastier.

An ally in the fight against obesity?
Scientists estimate that the regular consumption of pomegranate extract may reduce the feeling of hunger, while increasing the feeling of satiety .
Dr. Emad Al-Dujaili, who led the research, is delighted: "These results indicate that consumption of pomegranate extract can help to help reduce risk factors for overweight and obesity. "

British researchers are now planning to conduct a broader and deeper to determine the reasons for satiety. Their assumption is that these are the polyphenols contained in pomegranate number generating that sensation.Les results of this study will be presented soon at the International Congress of Nutrition Conference in Spain.

 Good news for all those who want to lose weight. But even a small investment to predict as we know, the grenade still expensive food!

Liver cancer: lose weight to reduce the risk

Liver cancer is a serious complication of cirrhosis.

"Treat the cause of cirrhosis before the latter expresses is essential, says Dr. Serfaty (Saint-Antoine Hospital, Paris). The risk of liver cancer " is 3 to 4% per year in patients with cirrhosis and overweight plays an aggravating role, especially abdominal fat. This is explained by the fact that fat tissue produces growth factors play a significant role in the growth of tumor cells "Insists Professor Hillon (CHU Dijon).

This risk is even greater than it is a man, that we have passed the 40 years that we have inherited a particular genetic mutation (called the PNPLA3 polymorphism, found in 2-3% of the general population) due to this mutation, the enzyme that breaks down fats in the liver plays less role, where their accumulation at this level. The risk of cancer of the liver is then multiplied by two. "Diabetics who are obese and this polymorphism are at the forefront. Only positive point: they may have less risk of vascular complications, probably because bad fats, which are stored in their liver, do not settle on their vessels, "says Dr. Hillon.

Mediterranean diet
If overweight increases the risk of gastrointestinal cancer in general, on the contrary, weight loss followed with a Mediterranean diet and practicing regular exercise (at least three hours per week) reduces this excess risk . These dietary measures are most useful there are few treatments now capable of preventing the passage of cirrhosis and liver cancer. "Metformin seems well reduce the risk of liver cancer, but this oral antidiabetic may be required in cases of diabetes and is cons-indicated in patients with cirrhosis and liver failure, which greatly limits the interest. About the possible protective effect of statins, it is still a hypothesis studies are underway to learn more, "says Professor Hillon.

To test
Meanwhile, we also monitor the liver closely. And to avoid having to multiply unnecessary liver biopsy (a test that requires several hours then remain elongated and avoid effort in days), simpler tests are developed. "In addition to conventional examinations such as palpation looking for a big hard liver, a blood test to check liver function and coagulation factors are very disturbed and ultrasonography of the liver, others appeared . This is the case of Fibroscan, which is to measure the elasticity of the liver and goes a little like an ultrasound. Or Fibrotest from FibroMeter or Hepascore, based on the measurement of biochemical markers (blood tests), "says Dr. Nalet (Hospital, Montelimar).

These reviews do not replace biopsy, but can better select those who really need it. A step towards better support ...

Facebook is testing a prepaid card in the United States

The network social Facebook launched at the end of January, a new prepaid card.For the moment only available in the United States, this card - physical and reusable - allows the recipient to spend his credits in several brands.

The announcement of Facebook, which claims more than one billion users, fell at the same time as the presentation of its financial results. The social network displays a strong growth in sales, which jumped 37% over the whole year, to $ 5.1 billion (3.8 billion euros), and 40% last quarter, to $ 1.6 billion (1.2 billion euros). Net profit for its part collapsed, only 53 million ($ 39 million) for the year, against $ 1 billion (742 million euros) in 2011. The group cites in particular the costs of share-based compensation paid to its executives after its entry into Exchange .
The bulk of the revenue comes from the social network advertising. In the last quarter, advertising revenues accounted for $ 1.33 billion and (986 million euros).Facebook, which has long struggled to monetize its audience, including mobile, is also looking for additional sources of revenue, including by trying to electronic commerce. 

At the end of September, the social network has unveiled a service selling gifts to its users, which claimed up to several hundred dollars.
In the past, the social network has also attempted to impose its currency "virtual", the "Facebook credits" in many services , be it video games or even video on demand.
In 2011, the social network was also launched in a service group buying - on the model of Groupon , the service that allows you to get discounts on products after a number of buyers have expressed interested - which has not been successful.


For semen quality it is recommended not to watch TV but do sport!

The information seems obvious. It is better to do than watching sports on TV. But this simple advice healthy lifestyle, enables men to produce fertile sperm and quality. In fact, according to a study by the School of Public Health Harvard, crazy remote control would be less fertile than men who practice jogging or tennis.

FERTILITY: TV AFFECTS THE QUALITY OF SPERMstudy shows that sperm from men over 20 hours per week watching television has a sperm concentration of 44% less than those who watch very little time. In contrast, the sperm of men who engage in physical activity at least 15 hours per week contains 73% more sperm than those who are less than 5 hours of sport a week.

Good news however, in the survey conducted by the school Harvard, even the small screen addicts were above the threshold set at 15 million fertility of sperm by WHO.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Different Face Masks

In winter, our skin more than ever in need of comfort. To compensate for the drop of mercury is heated and softened our face once or twice a week with masks easy and suitable for oily skin sometimes and sometimes dry.

A honey mask, egg yolk and lemon

 Mix one egg yolk, two teaspoons of acacia honey, one teaspoon of lemon juice. Spread the mixture on the face without forgetting the neck. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

The honey nourishes the skin while regulating sebum production and tightening the pores of oily skin. Lemon cleanses oily skin and egg yolk nourishes the skin.

A clay mask and cucumber

Spend half a cucumber in a blender after peeled. Add two tablespoons of acacia honey and a tablespoon of green clay powder. Stir until the mixture is homogeneous. Apply on face and leave on for twenty minutes before rinsing with water mixed with lemon juice.

Cucumber has a purifying and astringent (which tightens pores). The green clay, often used in masks, with oily skin to get rid of its excess sebum.


A mask with avocado and olive oil

Mash the pulp of a ripe avocado, add two tablespoons of olive oil soup and mix well. Apply on face and neck and wait 10 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

The avocado flesh is rich in essential fatty acids to nourish effective dry skin depth. Olive oil fight against dry skin.

A mask with banana

Mash a banana peeled ripe flesh and mix with a teaspoon of almond oil and a teaspoon of acacia honey. Apply on face and neck and wait 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Bananas naturally hydrate the skin while the softener. The sweet almond oil is ideal for sensitive skin that moisturizes, soothes and nourishes.

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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Cabbage Soup

For 4 persons 
4 pieces of garlic
6 large onions -
1 or 2 cans of peeled tomatoes
1 large head of cabbage
3 liters of water
2 peppers
5 carrots
1 celery
1 branch parsley
Seasoning: salt, pepper, coriander leaves

Blanch the cabbage for 25 minutes.
Cut the vegetables into small to medium pieces and cover with water. Add Seasoning to it.
Boil for 10 minutes.
and continue until vegetables are tender.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Pumpkin Soup

1 fresh pumpkin
1/2 l of milk
salt and peppernut
50 g butter
pumpkin soup


1.Heat the milk, salt, pepper in a saucepan , add some nutmeg graters.

2 Once the boiling milk, add the pieces of Pumpkin previously washed, peeled and cut into small pieces.

3 Wait reboiling and reduce heat to get a little broth.

4 When Pumpkin is cooked, turn off heat and mix the mixture to make it homogeneous. However, if it is thick, add a little water to liquefy. Once the homogeneous mixture, you can add a knob of butter to bind the whole.

5 Serve hot, with possibility of accompanying croutons bread homemade. Well, bon appétit!

Benefits of Green Tea

Tea, especially green tea, more interested for scientists. Its health benefits are well documented. This drink remains the most consumed in the world after water.

benefits of green tea 
More than one billion cups of tea are drunk every day in the world, mainly by women. A gesture particularly good for health as tea, whatever, improves the body's defenses by providing numerous antioxidants (vitamins C, E, zinc, selenium ...).

The benefits of tea have been reinforced by a survey * revealed in Japan in September 2006: tea reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, improves fat distribution and slows the aging brain. Another positive point is the caffeine or caffeine in tea stimulates mind.

Benefits on cardiovascular disease
Drinking tea reduces bad cholesterol and fat. This has the effect of reducing mortality due to cardiovascular disease in people who regularly consume. It drops including 23% among women who drink at least five cups daily.

Benefits on the Shape
Attention tea has no effect on weight but on the Shape, he does not lose weight. Indeed, consumption promotes better fat distribution, particularly at the waist and hips. It can, however, help to maintain weight after a diet because active energy expenditure.

Benefits on brain aging
The neuroprotective effect of tea is one of the themes of the most promising research. Thanks to its very rich in antioxidants, this beverage has interesting virtues level cognitive functions. Researchers have observed that particular subjects over 65 years, tea drinkers are less affected by brain aging and by neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. course these advances in the cognitive domain remain to be confirmed by other studies.

Tips while consuming
To keep all its properties infuse the tea must at least three minutes, to be eaten hot and quickly so that its components, including antioxidants, do not fall to the bottom of the cup and do not lose their effectiveness. Attention, it should be drunk without sugar.

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