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Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Dates bring the taste of the Orient to our latitudes. The desert fruit grows mainly in Israel and surrounding regions, and is one of the most popular and healthy sweets. Because of its high energy content it is also called "the bread of the desert". This article deals with the ingredients and the effect of the date.

Most of the dates offered are from Israel. They are usually already dried when they land in the sale. However, your valuable ingredients do not harm this. On the contrary. Even dried dates are full of power. They have a relatively high sugar content - yet they can supplement and enrich a healthy diet.

Ingredients of dates
Due to their valuable ingredients, dates can contribute to a healthy diet and better health. They are therefore far more than the popular nostalgia of the Orient.

Here is a small extract of the main ingredients:

  • potassium
  • calcium
  • magnesium
  • phosphate
  • iron
  • zinc
  • selenium
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B1, B2 and B6
  • vitamin C
  • Amino acid tryptophan
  • Unsaturated fats such as linoleic acid

Many of the ingredients listed here are part of a healthy and balanced diet. This makes dates a recommended addition to any nutritional plan. If you want to lose weight, enjoy the delicious fruits but only in moderation. Yes, dates are very high in calories. At the same time, however, they can help in small amounts during weight loss.

Dates of nutritional values
The valuable ingredients have already been reported, but how exactly are the nutritional values ​​of dates? The following table provides information on the nutritional values ​​of dates per 100 grams.

calories protein       fat   carbohydrates Dietary fiber
282             2g           0.5g     75g                 9g

These nutritional values ​​refer to dried dates. For fresh dates the carbohydrate content "only" is about 27g.

The calories of dates in the fresh state are estimated to be about 114 kcal per 100 grams, with dried dates it is already 285 kcal.

Effect of dates to good health
When talking about dates, their high energy (or the many calories) are often called as well as their many valuable ingredients. But how exactly can these affect the human body positively? Here is the positive effect of dates under the magnifying glass:

• Dates and the Immune System: The immune system is responsible for protecting the body from threats from germs and bacteria. However, to ensure proper functioning, it should be supplied with sufficient nutrients. This includes, for example, the D6 contained in the B complex of the date, which strengthens nerves and the immune system. Zinc also contributes to the promotion of the immune system.

• Dates and digestion: Since approximately 70% of the human immune system is in the intestine, a good intestinal flora correlates directly with a healthy immune system. For the intestine, the date can also do a lot. For example, the B3 contained in Datteln supports the elimination of nutrients. This stimulates digestion. In addition, the dietary fibers increase the dietary volume, which also leads to easier digestion and easier dosing.

• Dates for brain and performance: To stay efficient, we need energy. This is usually measured in calories so that "little calories" are not always the solution if we want to remain powerful. The date is therefore to be regarded as a healthy and helpful food. In addition, the vitamin B2 contained in it helps in energy production.
When the human being thinks, the nerve cells fuse between the synapses to convey information. This allows us to concentrate and react quickly. To make this possible, it needs potassium. The mineral regulates the water balance in cells and thus also ensures, for example, an unimpeded transmission of stimuli between the nerves.

• Dates in the fight against free radicals: Due to the stress and the inevitable cell death, which we are exposed daily, free radicals are created. These are known to suspect cancer. Dates can help with the selenium available to them to contain the radicals and bind them. In the best case, they can protect against cardiovascular diseases, for example, and can also help prevent cancer.

How dates can help with losing weight, sleeping and being happy
Looking at the application areas of the dates, these could easily be called a so-called "moodfood". In the case of losing weight, the date seems almost relieving, for immediately after eating, a single date can satisfy the hunger of the hot for sweet.

The amino acid tryptophan, which is rich in dried dates, has a particularly exciting effect. This is among other things responsible for the production of serotonin. Serotonin is the "happiness hormone" of the human body and is produced independently by the nerve cells in the brain. For this purpose, however, the cells need the amino acid tryptophan . For this to reach the brain, it needs a suitable combination of protein and sugar. Dates are therefore very well suited for transporting the amino acid tryptophan into the nerve cells of the brain. In the ideal case the mood increases with the serotonin content.

The same amino acid is also responsible for controlling the day-night rhythm in a human body. Not only serotonin, but also melanin production is stimulated by tryptophan. In the Orient, dates are also used as a help in light sleep disorders.

Dates in sports for head and body
It sounds like a contradiction, but is true: dates can help with falling asleep, but in the day but above all to provide more power. The production of melanin is inhibited during the day, so that the energy-absorbing properties of the dates are particularly important here.

The high sugar content in dates ensures the true energy boost. In combination with nuts, this can last longer. Therefore, the tip for athletes: Always have a nut-date mix for the intermediate.

Tips on buying and preparing
Matt glossy skin and a plump filling are the best characteristics of fresh dates. So that the sensitive fruits do not get pressure points, these are usually carefully packaged. Store in the refrigerator for about 4-5 days. They taste particularly good to hearty food like for example bacon, because here they form with their sweetness an interesting contrast. Alternatively they make a good figure in the dried state and together with nuts.

The dried version, on the other hand, is much more durable. In the refrigerator these can not spoil. If you want to buy online, then we can recommend the following products:

In summary , dates are a valuable part of a healthy diet and a nutritious treat. Nevertheless, the superfood "only" remains a food and not a medicine. Though the dates are praised as such.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Qi Gong is good for what?

qi gong for beginners

Based on the principles of Chinese medicine, qi gong (or "energy mastery") preserves health by reuniting body, breath and spirit. To feel better in his head and in his body.


Stress, overwork, difficulty concentrating, lack of self-confidence , trouble sleeping ... The qi gong helps to step back in relation to his emotions, to find appeasement. It includes the rebalancing of the energies yin (feminine, cold) and yang (mascu-

Linen, hot), exercises of rooting (position of the tree ...), automations, visualizations ... The Chinese place consciousness in the "dan tian", the center of energy under belly button. It is linked to our "second brain", the nervous system of the intestine, which plays an important role in the regulation of neuromediators (dopamine, serotonin ...) acting on the mood. After a session, you feel less fatigue, you find vitality and joie de vivre.


In Chinese energy, the eyes are connected to the liver. Through the opening and regularization of this organ, the massages of the eyes and visualizations, the meridian of the liver is stimulated. The eyes become weaker and the vision becomes stronger.


"We have too much to digest, in the literal sense (food) as well as in the figurative sense (information, emotions)," says Dominique Casaÿs. Digestive concerns are often related to fatigue in the stomach, spleen and liver, which eventually block the diaphragm. By circulating static energy, the belly relaxes and transit improves.


Work on rooting in the ground, verticality between earth and sky, relaxation of the pelvis and shoulders, opening of the chest and plexus ... The qi gong helps to be more aware of its posture. It loosens the joints and strengthens the muscles. This reduces back and joint pain, improves balance and reduces the risk of falls in the elderly .


Several Chinese studies have shown that a regular practice helps to regulate hypertension and anxiety manifested in the chest. " Relaxation due to postures and slow, deep breathing stimulates the parasympathetic system, dilates the blood vessels and calms the play," says Dr. Bernard Lamy. Of course, it is not about stopping his antihypertensive treatment, but qi gong is a good complement.


Some exercises specifically aimed at women aim to mobilize the pelvis and its organs and regulate the endocrine (hormonal) system. "The blood and energy that stagnate in the pelvis circulate again, which gives more fluidity. In the event of hot flushes , the excess yang and lack of yin are corrected by adapted exercises, often combined with herbal medicine, "says Dominique Casaÿs.


"People who regularly practice have fewer colds , respiratory infections, allergies ," says Dr. Lamy. Their bodies adapt better to destabilizing situations and inflammation. This may be the case in patients with chronic autoimmune diseases. At the CHU in Limoges, a 6-month pilot study of 40 patients with lupus is under way to show how qi gong can improve their biological parameters and quality of life.


Some midwives offer courses for pregnant women , based on breathing, postures that facilitate work and childbirth, and relaxation. "It allowed me to be more attentive to my body and to my baby, and to relieve the anguish of childbirth,  " says Sophie.


According to Chinese medicine, cancer is the manifestation of an energy imbalance to external causes (toxins, environment ...) and internal (overwork, rumination). Qi gong can help prevent these disorders. And better to bear the effects of treatments. The League Against Cancer offers qi gong classes to people who undergo chemo or radiotherapy . The benefits: less side effects (fatigue, joint pain, dry mouth, digestive disorders ), more vitality, breathing capacity. And morale up!

Saturday, 5 August 2017

I lack iron, what to do? | iron deficiency

A general fatigue that lasts, a lack of energy and muscular strength: and if you suffer from a lack of iron? Even without anemia, this decrease can disrupt the functioning of your body. Find out how to fix it to your usual shape.

Iron is an essential mineral for our body. It helps to make red blood cells and contributes to the transport of oxygen by hemoglobin. A healthy adult man needs a daily intake of 10 to 15 mg iron. For a woman, this need is higher before menopause because their iron requirements are increased during menstruation, during pregnancy and during breastfeeding .

But children and adolescents in full growth or often sick, elderly or chronically afflicted, and high-level athletes also have an interest in being monitored. In case of insufficient reserves (characterized by a low ferritin level below 20 ng / ml), anemia is at risk , ie an abnormal decrease in the level of hemoglobin in the blood. A real health problem that can lead to lasting fatigue, decreased immune defenses, but also in pregnant women, low weight in a newborn and  a risk of premature birth  without forgetting the risk of heart problems in the elderly . Iron deficiency is therefore a phenomenon not to be neglected!


Fatigue and even total exhaustion are the main symptoms. In addition, there are other signs: hair loss, paleness, difficulty concentrating, irritability, unusual shortness of breath while climbing stairs, lack of energy, poor wound healing. See palpitations or respiratory distress in case of severe anemia.

Anemia can be caused by a lack of iron supply: for example, people who do not eat enough animal or vegetable proteins may be deficient in iron. It may show bleeding. In women, menstruation is the leading cause of anemia, but it may also be a small but continuous bleeding such as a polyp on the intestine or a stomach ulcer.


It is the easiest remedy: increasing your intake of foods rich in iron often allows you to regain your energy. Red meat (black pudding, liver, lamb), fish and seafood (oysters, clams), eggs are preferred. Those who reject meat will turn to vegetables (especially pulses or legumes): spinach, salsify, endives, aubergines, soybeans, white beans, lentils, chickpeas ...

Do not forget tofu or micro-algae, such as spirulina , the most important source of iron from the plant kingdom. Not to mention cereals (wheat, millet) and whole grain foods (whole rice, wholemeal bread etc.). Beware, dairy products, tea and coffee, decrease the assimilation of iron: limit them. Consume fruits because vitamin C favors, on the contrary, its absorption.


By homeopathy : You can take Ferrum Metallicum 5 or 9 CH (5 granules a day for 2 months) to fight fatigue and other symptoms. If iron deficiency results from blood loss, opt for China Rubra 9 CH (5 granules per day for a month, without forgetting to increase the iron intake in the diet in parallel) Abundance of the rules responsible for this deficiency (wearing of copper IUD): Arnica 9 CH, 5 granules 3 times a day during menstruation.

With a dietary supplement : Iron-based food supplements are available in pharmacies or organic, over-the-counter stores, in the form of capsules, tablets or in liquid form, they must be taken for a month or two. No more because the excess iron is not good either. But it is also possible to choose vegetable and fruit juice concentrates that are better tolerated by the body.

In case of severe deficiency,  see your doctor for medication.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom

An internationally acclaimed health guide is here like a complete package if you are looking for health, food, good sleep quantity and many more… all under one roof. What else could you have asked for? Tasty food with lot of health benefits. People who are conscious about good health, weight loss, eating styles, moods, energy levels and self – esteem.. please give all your eyes, ears and of course the tongues to make your life a healthy and well maintained eating habits and life style. A book with absolutely stunning results  that have been proven for strengthening the immune system, improving digestive system and reduce cravings. Say good bye to all the health issues and unhealthy food habits and stretch your arms to welcome the most magnificent cook book ever!!! Here it is “The Whole30: The 30-day guide to Total Health and Food Freedom”

 the whole30

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Chia seeds - energy source of the Mayan Health

For the ancient Maya, Chia seeds were basic foods and remedies in one. Meanwhile, Europe has also become aware of the superfood from Mexico, because the small seeds have it all. With their high content of omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, iron and soluble dietary fibers, they put many other tried and tested foods in the shade. We would like to introduce you to these nutrient-loaded seeds and give you some creative recipes.
chia seeds

Chia seeds - energy source of the Maya
Do you know Chia? The small seeds from Mexico, Central and South America are currently conquering the health care market. As superfood, they are said to have various healing powers. However, this is not a new breed for health-conscious people. The Chia plant ( Salvia Hispanica ) from the family of the flower-flowers was already known to the Maya.
In this ancient culture, the protein-rich (and, of course, gluten-free) seeds were considered basic foodstuffs and served mainly as an energizing companion. The term Chia, which is derived from the language of Maja, means "force". If you believe in Mexican people's medicine, a single teaspoonful of Chia seeds is enough to provide a man with sufficient power for 24 hours.

Chia Seeds - The Nutrients of Superfoods
Chia seeds are called "Superfood". Why? Because these seeds are superior in their nutrient composition in a similar quantity to other foodstuffs, and have very special properties which are in vain in conventional foods. In the following, we list those nutrients that are in relevant quantities in one portion of chia seeds (15 grams):

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: The main reason for the consumption of Chia seeds is their high omega-3 fatty acid content. Chia seeds consist to 18 percent of the omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid. Chia seeds contain almost as many omega-3 fatty acids as linseed (about 22 percent) with significantly less calories, since chia seeds provide a total of 10 g less fat than linseed.

In an American study, published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in July 2012 , the researchers have shown that omega-3 fatty acid levels (alpha-linolenic acid, but also EPA) in the serum of human subjects are characterized by the (Chia seeds) (increased).

This is very interesting for the following reason: The vegetable alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) has to be converted in the body to the really important long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (eg EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) or DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) , However, it is often said that this conversion rate is so low that the consumption of plant omega-3 fatty acids does not have a noticeable effect on EPA or DHA levels in the blood.

However, the present study showed that ALA levels increased by nearly 60 percent after Chia intake and EPA levels by almost 40 percent. However, only in the experimental group that the chia seeds were ground. No significant change in the omega-3 fatty acid level was found in the control group (it did not have any chia seeds) but also in the group which ate the whole seeds. It is therefore quite clear to eat the chia seeds ground. Because if Chia seeds can influence the fatty acid level so well, then you can expect them also the omega-3 fatty acids own health effects, such as, As an anti-inflammation , strengthen the heart and memory , reduced arthritis pain ,

Proteins: Chia seeds contain about twice as much protein as corn , more than 20 percent with a carbohydrate content of less than 5 percent. This does not mean that you will have to eat chia instead of bread, but it shows that even the usually consumed small Chiamengen can contribute to the protein supply at least. Interesting is the amino acid profile of the Chia seeds that it contains high proportions of the amino acid tryptophan, which is known to raise the serotonin level and thus the mood.

Calcium: The calcium content of chiasamen exceeds that of milk by a fifth and is 630 mg per 100 g of chia. If you eat 15 grams of Chia every day, you are given 100 mg of additional calcium (without having to resort to dairy products), which already represents a tenth of the daily requirement of 1000 mg.

Iron: Also in terms of iron , Chia seeds are an interesting source. They contain twice as much iron as spinach . Of course, one can eat more of the spinach than Chia seeds, but 15 grams of Chia seeds deliver 1 mg of iron, which is 7 to 10 percent of the daily requirement, which is very important for small quantities of food. If you wanted to reach this amount of iron with the usual pastry, you would have to eat two large slices of mixed bread (à 50 g). But the one does not exclude the other. It is not about an either-or, but about the fact that Chia is simply consumed - just like a food supplement, which can make a significant contribution to nutrient supply in small quantities.

Zinc: The zinc content in 15 grams of chia seed is about 0.7 mg. Again, it is necessary to take into account the tiny consumption of the chia seeds, which can supply almost 10 percent of the zinc requirement. Of course you would get this quantity of zinc with 15 grams of liver or a slice of cheese. Maybe you do not eat liver every day. And what if you can not tolerate cheese (which affects more people than you might think) or you would rather live vegan? Then Chia seeds are an easy way to support the zinc supply with little effort.

Vitamin B3: The Vitamin B3 values ​​are unusually high in the Chia seeds. They are above 8 mg per 100 g of Chia seeds and thus far higher than in animal foods. Vitamin B3 is involved in many body processes: detoxification, fat breakdown, carbohydrate metabolism, regeneration and much more. 15 milligrams should be taken daily - and one serving of Chia seeds, mixed into the cereal or by the side of the hand, provides you with 1.2 mg of vitamin B3. However, remember to drink a large glass (at least 200 ml) of water per teaspoonful of Chia seeds, which you do not nibble.

Dietary fiber: The typical Western diet contains far too few dietary fiber . Therefore, digestive problems - from constipation to colorectal cancer - are the order of the day. Ballast deficiency, however, also leads to a disturbed intestinal flora , and this is involved in the development of almost every disease - whether acute or chronic. 34 percent of the fibers are put into the Chia seeds.

If chia seeds are used, a so-called gel of soluble fiber is formed. In contrast to insoluble fiber, the soluble are much more enjoyable and also more effective. They maintain the intestinal flora, absorb toxins in the digestive tract, regulate the blood glucose level and the cholesterol level and increase intestinal peristalsis,

Chia seeds are good storage
In contrast to linseed , Chia seeds are also significantly longer and are therefore suitable as food for the stock . Chia seeds can easily be stored for four to five years without losing their nutrient content, taste or smell. Flaxseed, on the other hand, is usually rancid within a few weeks and is no longer edible.

Chia seeds - The best food?
No wonder rave many people and especially holistically oriented nutritionist from chia seeds. The small nutrient bombs saturate persistently, thus helping to keep the weight and have a positive effect on the overall health - as we have already seen above.

As part of a meal , they regulate the blood glucose level as they create a barrier between the carbohydrates that are absorbed and the digestive enzymes. The conversion of carbohydrates into sugars is slowed, the energy from the food is thereby released only slowly in the body and thus allows a longer endurance. This effect is not only of interest to athletes, but also benefits diabetics or people with diabetes precursors (insulin resistance).

If Chia seeds are digested before consumption, they can also store larger amounts of fluid and thus maintain the water balance in the body, especially during exertion, without being difficult to stomach - which is also a helpful feature for athletes and active people.

Chia Seed - The healing properties
Already the ancient cultures of the Maya and Aztecs recognized the healing powers of the Chia seeds and used them with many complaints. Today, they are advised by naturopathic therapists in the following health problems:

Joint pain : Chia seeds have an anti-inflammatory effect due to their antioxidant richness and the high content of omega-3 fatty acids, which can also lead to a pain relief during long-term administration. The antioxidants in chiasamen were already analyzed in the 1980s. In particular, flavonolglycosides, kämpferol, myricetin and quercetin were found, which also make an oxidative stress agent from the chia seeds.

Diabetes : As described above, the blood glucose level is regulated by the gel-like dietary fibers of the Chia seeds. The glycemic index of the seeds themselves is, of course, very low. The effect of Chia seeds is so good that one would liketo develop corresponding natural medicines fromthe Institute of Biomedical Research in Mexico - in the combination Chia seeds, cactus leaves ( Opuntia ficus-indica ) and soy protein such as the Online Magazine Science Daily on May 27, 2015. All three ingredients have an extremely good effect on the blood glucose level - as a study from 2012 revealed to people with metabolic syndrome.

Weight reduction : The saturation feeling that occurs after the consumption of the Chia seeds helps with weight loss. In the study mentioned under "diabetes", it was also found that the visceral fat (abdominal fat), which was so difficult to digest, could be reduced with the help of Chia seeds.

Hypertension : In terms of high blood pressure was found in 2014 out in a Brazilian study showed that the blood pressure after 12 weeks of taking chia seeds (ground) could reduce blood pressure, which was not the case in the placebo group.

Irritive bowel syndrome : Similar to flea seed, the entire Chia seeds as chia gel can soothe an irritated bowel, help the intestinal mucosa and help build a healthy intestinal flora.

Decrease in cholesterol levels : Both dietary fiber and omega-3 fatty acids are known to lower cholesterol levels. Both substances are found in large quantities in the Chia seeds.

Heartburn : The dietary fibers of the Chia gel also help here. They absorb excess acids and soothe the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines.

Chia seeds are good storage
In contrast to linseed , Chia seeds are also significantly longer and are therefore suitable as food for the stock . Chia seeds can easily be stored for four to five years without losing their nutrient content, taste or smell. Flaxseed, on the other hand, is usually rancid within a few weeks and is no longer edible.

Chia seeds: eat whole seeds or better grind?
If you eat the whole Chia seeds, you will profit from the fiber and its advantages. Also, one can enjoy the water storage capacity and the saturation capacity (for example, if one wants to lose weight). The complete nutrient palette of the Chia seeds is not, however, because the digestive system does not manage to break up the seeds to get their nutrients. They are therefore partially excreted undigested.

If you want to benefit as much as possible from the trace elements, the minerals, vitamins and especially the omega-3 fatty acids in the chiasamen, you should grind the seeds and only then consume them.

The grinding is no problem and succeeds in seconds with a mini mixer, Eg the personal blender or, of course, with a coffee grinder or other kitchen utensils suitable for grinding. You should not use cereal mills because the Chia seeds are known to be very rich in oil and can stick the grinder.

Recipes with raw Chia seeds
The following recipes are creations from the raw food kitchen. Raw Chia seeds in combination with other raw foods and superfoods like Lucuma , Maca , Goji berries and Spirulina provide the body with a wealth of vital substances.
Convince yourself of the versatility of Chia seeds and do not let yourself be exhausted by exotic mixtures. The recipes are mainly based on swilled Chia seeds (soaking time: at least 10 minutes). But there is no reason not to grind the seeds before they spring. All Chia recipes correspond to one serving.

Chia-based gel

1/3 cup chia seeds
2 cups of water
Soak 1/3 cup chia seeds into 2 cups of water. Stir the mixture well and place in a closed container in the refrigerator. A sticky gel is produced within ten minutes. After a soaking time of several hours, the nutrients are even easier to use. You can eat the Chia-Basis gel pure or spice it with other foods of your choice. In the refrigerator it lasts up to three weeks.

Chia gel "granola"

1 cup of chia-based gel
2 bananas, crushed with a fork
1 teaspoon of Lucuma powder
¼ cup raisins
¼ cup of pumpkin seeds
Mix the ingredients in a bowl. Ready to eat!

Fruity Chia

3 small or 2 big apples
8 dates without seeds
4-5 teaspoon Chia seeds
¼ cup dried mulberries
Cut the apples and the dates into small pieces, mix the chia seeds and add the mulberries. Allow the energetic Chia fruit mix to stand for at least ten minutes to allow the ingredients to blend well together.

"Banapaya" -Chia

1 banana
¾ cup of papaya meat
6 dried Turkish figs
4-5 tsp ground chia
Cut the banana into slices and crush the figs. Add the papaya meat and stir the ground Chia seeds. Prepare the "Banapaya" Chia best at night and enjoy it throughout the morning for breakfast.

"Persinane" -Chia

1-2 persimmons (kaki)
1-2 bananas
4-5 teaspoon Chia seeds
A handful of goji berries
A handful of pumpkin seeds
1 teaspoon maca
1 teaspoon cinnamon
Cut the persimmons (kaki) and the bananas into small pieces. Mix the fresh fruit with the other ingredients and leave the "Persinane" china for at least 10 minutes before eating.

Raw Chia "Rice Pudding"

4-5 teaspoon Chia seeds
2 cups of almond milk
Honey or agave syrup for taste
1 pinch of vanilla , cinnamon or cardamom
Soak the chia seed for about 10 minutes in the almond milk. Savor the raw Chia "rice pudding" to taste with honey or agave syrup and season it with vanilla, cinnamon or cardamom.

Green Chia

8 dried plums, soaked in 500 ml of pure water
1 teaspoon of spirulina powder
1/3 cup chia seeds
Let the Chia seeds swell in the soaking water of the dried plums. Thus the seeds take the taste of the plum juice and no nutrients are lost. Then mix the plums and the spirulina powder under the soaked Chia seeds and allow the mixture to stand for at least 10 minutes. The flavor-neutral Spirulina powder supplements the vital substance rich Chia-Plum mix for valuable chlorophyll .


4-5 teaspoon Chia seeds
2 cups fresh apple juice
2 teaspoons of Lucuma powder
¼ cup dried mulberries
¼ cup of pumpkin seeds
Soak the chia seeds into apple juice. Stir in the remaining ingredients and allow the mixture to stand for at least ten minutes before eating. The taste of this fancy blend reminiscent of the Scottish biscuit classic Shortbread.

Chia "Fresca"

2 teaspoon Chia seeds
280 ml of pure water
Juice of a lemon or lime
Agave syrup or honey
This healthy refreshment drink is popular in Mexico. It is reminiscent of the taste of soft drinks, but is completely without chemistry!

Friday, 30 June 2017

Why every day should eat a handful of nuts

Hazelnuts , walnuts, macadamia nuts: According to the German Society of Nutrition (DGE) everyone should eat a handful of nuts every day. Because the small nuclei are true power packs and rich in valuable fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Each nut has its own strengths.


Nuts reduce the risk of heart disease

These fatty acids, stressed the DGE with reference to controlled nutritional studies, have a positive effect on the cholesterol values , keep the vessels healthy and thus reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. The regular consumption of nuts could even reduce the risk of a fatal heart attack by 39 percent and a non-fatal heart attack by 32 percent. A handful of nuts should be eaten daily according to the recommendation of the DGE. And the American Heart Association also recommends nuts as part of a healthy diet.

Macadamia nuts have the most omega fatty acids

All nuts contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which help keep the vessels healthy. Macadamia nuts, however, have the highest percentage of these polyunsaturated fatty acids among all nuts. In addition, they are rich in B vitamins and minerals. But: Macadamia nuts also provide the largest calorie boost besides paranuts. 100 grams have about 700 kilocalories.

Walnuts are good vascularists

Walnuts also belong to the vascularists because they are rich in valuable linoleic acid: 100 grams contain 7.5 grams of the valuable fatty acid belonging to the family of omega-6 fatty acids. Walnuts also contain plenty of tryptophan, which is not only calming, but is also converted into serotonin in the body and is lighter in tone. Ample tryptophan is, incidentally, also contained in cashews, which count as almonds to the stone fruits.

Nuts prevent hot-throats

In addition to healthy fats, nuts also contain a lot of secondary crops, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. They are also good protein suppliers. As a result, they saturate and defend themselves as intermediate snapshots of hot-hunger attacks. They also provide the body with energy and promote concentration.

Peanuts have a high protein content

A particularly high protein content of 25 percent has peanuts, which are actually not nuts, but belong to the pod fruits. They are, therefore, well suited as small nibbles, when hunger is knocking. Also almonds, strictly speaking, belong to the stone fruits, saturate and dampen the hunger for carbohydrates.

Paranuts and hazelnuts: a protective shield for the body

Also paranuts are not real nuts, but count to the capsule fruits. They contain a great deal of selenium: six nuts bring about the 63 micrograms of the nutrient. According to DGE, adult men should take 70 micrograms of selenium per day, women 60 micrograms. Selenium is an important protective shield against free radicals and strengthens the body's defenses. Vitamin E is also important for the defense of aggressive substances. Vitamin E is particularly rich in hazelnuts. 50 grams cover the daily needs of an adult.

Maroons are real fiber packages

Marons have the lowest fat and caloric content of all nuts: 100 grams are just 200 kilocalories. They contain more than 40 per cent of carbohydrates and almost 50 per cent of water. And: If you nourish 100 grams, you cover almost one third of your daily dietary fiber.

Incorrect storage makes nuts rancid

To keep the nuts fresh for as long as possible, keep them cool, dark, dry and well packed. Because of the high fat content, they become fast rancid. They then smell and taste not only bitter and modish, but also form degradation products, which are partly harmful to health and can cause gastrointestinal upsets.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Hi girls ! Today I would like to tell you about the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer . I do not know if you have heard of it recently, but in any case when I saw it I fell in love! It should be known that for years I no longer use hair dryer because otherwise 1) I look like a lion 2) I put two hours to dry my hair with. In addition, when traveling it is not very convenient to take away or the hotel's hairdryer is not powerful enough ... You know what! So I leave my hair dry all the time naturally but as you suspect, winter is not great ... Finally I imagine that I am not the only one to resort to this method.

Dyson has recently released a new "revolutionary" hair dryer, the Dyson Supersonic. You are surely wondering what can be so revolutionary in a hair dryer! That's what I'm going to talk about today.

What is revolutionary?

Design of the Dyson Supersonic
Already, its appearance! It has of course a handle, like other hairdryers, but this time the body is much less, as you will see in the picture below. It is therefore super convenient to carry it because it can slip everywhere

Moreover, the body of the Dyson Supersonic is not "full", but has a hole in the middle, all so that the weight of the hair dryer is balanced.

Weight of the hair dryer
Which brings us to its weight: much lighter than traditional hairdryers , it weighs only 618 grams versus about 800 grams on average for a traditional hairdryer. And in addition to being light, it is balanced and therefore much easier to handle. This is due to the fact that the engine is a "miniature" engine that has been redesigned and placed in the handle of the hair dryer instead of being located in the body. Moreover, the fact that the body is shorter allows drying less difficult because we are not obliged to hold our hairdryer at arm's length because of the length of the body.

Creation (engineers and pros)
It should be said that the Dyson Supersonic was designed by real hairdressing professionals as well as engineers after 4 years of research. The tests of this hairdryer were realized on real hair so that it has an optimal efficiency.

Heat control and hair protection
The problem with usual hair dryers is that they burn our hair. The Dyson Supersonic has a technology that allows to control the temperature 20 times per minute and to regulate it to avoid burning the hair and to avoid damage due to the heat. It thus helps to preserve the natural shine of the hair. In fact, as soon as the air becomes too hot, the hair dryer cools it to avoid damaging the hair.

Drying time
The drying time is considerably reduced with the Dyson Supersonic. Indeed, it is equipped with a motor that can rotate up to 10,000 revolutions per minute , which allows a much greater airflow than on traditional hairdryers (13 liters of air per second ). It is therefore really powerful despite its small size and practicality and allows to limit the drying time of our hair. For maximum efficiency, it is necessary to dry hair from the top of the head and not the sides.

The Dyson Supersonic can be controlled by just 4 buttons. No big innovation, except when you notice that one of the buttons allows you to choose the speed of the hair dryer (fast drying, normal drying and blow drying) and another to adjust the heat (115 ° C, 87 ° C, 65 ° C and 31 ° C). The other two buttons are used to turn on the hairdryer and send only cold air. A perfectly adapted use for all and very intuitive.

As I said right above, you can set your hair dryer in " blow-dry " mode to dry and style your hair simultaneously, which is super convenient since the Dyson Supersonic makes the hair more shiny and flexible And makes you have less hair everywhere. You can also use the appropriate tips, like the concentrator for example, to achieve your perfect blow-dry. The fact that the airflow is very powerful and that it is concentrated on a lock of hair thanks to the tip will allow you to comb your hair by wick and thus a better rendering. In addition, the Dyson Supersonic equally distributes the air to avoid frizz and make the hair look more natural.

Magnetic accessories
The accessories sold with the Dyson Supersonic such as the concentrator or diffuser are all magnetic , so they are very easy to set up and remove. Moreover, they are always cold even after a long use (finished the burns when you want to remove the tip of the hair dryer!). Three accessories are included in the box of the Dyson Supersonic: the smoothing tip , which allows to straighten the hair quickly with our hands, the concentrator of blow-drying , which allows to make a perfect brushing with the aid of A brush without burning the hair or the skull and finally, the diffuser that allows to dry its hair naturally giving them a good setting.

As I said above, the Dyson Supersonic has been designed to control the heat permanently, all thanks to a built-in microprocessor in the head of the hair dryer . This is a real revolution in hair dryers and this also explains its price.

Thanks to its 1,600-watt power output , the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer triple the airflow for faster and more efficient drying. That's where the whole innovation is: a much smaller engine but much more powerful. Which gives: a hair dryer much easier to handle AND much more efficient, we love!

Less noisy
The Dyson Supersonic has a much less noisy engine than traditional hairdryers not only because it is much smaller but also because it was designed to be quieter than other engines.

Static electricity
Negative ions are present in the air sent by the Dyson Supersonic, which limits the static electricity and contributes to the shiny appearance of the hair.

All this to say that we are convinced before we even tested it! Dyson managed to solve all the disadvantages that could be found in a hair dryer, that is to say its weight, the place it took, the airflow insufficient, the temperature too high ... Even If it is quite expensive, I think it is really worth the blow given the quality of the device! Let's say it's an investment.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

cheap Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinners are currently the new hype in every country.

Fidget Spinner - the new hype

  • The Fidget Spinner has just been voted "Must-Have Office Toy 2017" by the well-known economic magazine Forbes.
  • The hype around the gadget has only been used with us now, but it is not new. In the US, the small anti-stress toy has been used for therapeutic purposes for several years.
  • Especially when working with children who suffer from neurobiological diseases such as attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder or autism, the Fidget Spinner is gladly used.
  • Meanwhile, the small toy has already conquered the schoolyards and offices.
  • The most common is the so-called Tri Bar Spinner, which is reminiscent of a Ninja star. You get the anti-stress toys but also in other variants, like the Dual Bar Spinner.
  • Originally the Fidget Spinner was mainly made of plastic, now you get the gadget in the most diverse quality variants and price classes. You have the choice from plastic to metal to wood. 

Fidget Spinner: Click to search directly at Amazon 

What can the Fidget Spinner?

  • The small Fidget Spinner weighs only a few grams and lies well in the hand.
  • In the middle of the toy is a ball bearing, which you hold between the thumb and the index finger. When you get it moving with enough momentum, the gadget will spin in your hand for a while. If you can not get the spinner moving with enough momentum, try using the middle finger instead of the index finger.
  • If you have developed a feeling for the sedative toy, the time has come for small pieces of art with the Fidget Spinner.
  • For example, throw the gadget in the air and catch it again or change the spinner from one hand to the other. The Fidget Spinner must of course continue to rotate.
  • On the Internet you will find lots of suggestions for simple and tricky tricks with the Fidget Spinner.