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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Inateck Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Speaker with Stand for iPhone 7/7 plus/6/6s, iPad, iPod

Inateck BP2001 a Bluetooth 4.0 case that also acts as a tablet support that has Bluetooth connectivity, 3.5 mm jack, internal battery.

Amazon does not lack the Bluetooth speakers: they are for all tastes and all prices, among these there is also someone quite original as the Inateck BP2001 , an interesting, on paper , support for tablet that has Bluetooth connectivity, 3.5 mm jack, internal battery, all for 36 euros, shipping included. We tested it to see how it behaves on the field.

Inateck BP2001, as it is
The device arrives at home in a rather simple cardboard box in which we find a synthetic manual, a Micro USB cable for charging, a cable for the analog connection. The actual speaker is quite small, even if for obvious reasons (it must support a tablet) not very small: 28.2 x 10.6 x 7.2 cm. It is made largely of glossy plastic, although the top where the groove is located to place an iPad or any tablet and even Phablet (works perfectly from the dimensional point of view with an iPhone 6 Plus), is edged in rubber. The front grill is in metal; around we find a silver plastic edge. On the back there is a removable support, which must be used to give greater stability to the box when the cash is used, as mentioned, in support function. The general impression is that it is a product made with an eye to cost, but able to reduce the price by using a simplification of design and a careful eye on materials not too ambitious, but not low quality. Finally, stylistically, we are dealing with a device that is not too original, but still pleasant to see and also to be placed on a bedside table, a desk or in a room.

How it works
The Inateck Bluetooth 4.0 BP2001 is a Bluetooth accessory. Just put it in search mode and it will appear in the list of wireless devices and connecting it will be very easy. It is important to point out that it only remembers one device, so if we want to connect it, for example, to an iPhone and then to an iPad, we will have to search it every time. During our trial we connected it to our Mac, an iPad mini, an iPad Air, an iPad Air 2, an iPhone 5, 6 and 6 Plus without any difficulty whatsoever. However, it is free of controls for tracks and volume; in practice we can use the single key only to play the tracks or pause them. The same key also allows you to answer telephone calls.

On the back we also find an analog connector, a 3.5-inch jack, which will allow us to use it with virtually every single device that has an output of this type, although obviously it is designed to work wirelessly.

We tested the speaker as a support with an iPad Air 2 and in the "stand" function it is definitely stable, thanks to the arm that comes out from the back and, if necessary, it folds into the speaker body. Unfortunately it is not possible to adjust the inclination which is quite comfortable, but it may not be suitable for all situations or all tastes.

Inside we find a 800 mAh battery that allows it to work without being connected to the current. Hours of autonomy are not declared; we managed to make it sound for about 7 hours before seeing it go out. The charging is quite long: connected to a wall power supply requires a dozen hours before returning to the maximum capacity.

Inateck Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Speaker with Stand for iPhone 7/7 plus/6/6s, iPad, iPod Inateck Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Speaker with Stand for iPhone 7/7 plus/6/6s, iPad, iPod Inateck Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Speaker with Stand for iPhone 7/7 plus/6/6s, iPad, iPod Inateck Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Speaker with Stand for iPhone 7/7 plus/6/6s, iPad, iPod Inateck Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Speaker with Stand for iPhone 7/7 plus/6/6s, iPad, iPod Inateck Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Speaker with Stand for iPhone 7/7 plus/6/6s, iPad, iPod

Inateck BP2001 as it sounds
Being an economic speaker it is basically useless to do very sophisticated tests to understand the musical performance. In any case, even without detailed analysis on the quality of the sound using the classic set of pieces of music that we use as a test bench, the impression is that this accessory does its duty, and is able to work in a more than decent tone medium-low and medium-high. It loses something on the two extremes of frequencies (the deeper bass is compressed and the highs are not too bright), but in relation to the cost there is little to say: the definition of the sound is generally discrete and in the central part of the arc frequencies, we have a rather pleasant sound. One of the advantages it offers is a generous amplification (Inateck, as 10W states) more than enough to listen to music in a room or, even better, to watch a movie or music videos using it as a stand and speaker together. In this perspective, the sound quality is certainly much higher, more airy and more enveloping, compared to what we can get from the integrated speakers of iPhone, iPad and a large number of mobile devices. Worth noting is a certain distortion, especially on bass, when the sound is maximized.

We also did a test during the telephone call. The speaker faithfully reproduces the voice of our interlocutor who, in turn, told us that the quality of our voice, thanks to the integrated microphone, arrived faithful and distinct.

In conclusion
The Inateck Bluetooth 4.0 BP2001 is an interesting product both for those who simply search for a Bluetooth amplifier, and for those who want a case that also acts as a support for watching movies or music videos. The quality and the power are more than good in relation to the cost and the form factor increases the value of the product; pity only did not have expected different inclinations for use as a video support. If you are looking for a cheap musical accessory, able to work reliably both via wireless and cable, the Inateck BP2001 is a product to be held in absolute consideration.

- Flexible, wireless and wired connectivity system
- Good materials and design in relation to price
- Sound satisfying, wide and airy
- Good output power
- Long battery life
- Also works as a stand for a tablet

- Unadjustable tilt
- Remember only one device
- Does not control tracks and volume

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Crane USA Filter-Free Cool Mist Humidifier

Cool ultrasonic crane review steam humidifier

Cool ultrasonic crane review steam humidifier The dryness of the skin is one of the worst defects of the skin. This is caused mainly by the lack of moisture or excessive hydration of the skin. The winter season is one of the worst seasons for different skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin. This is due to the increase in the intensity of the sun that warms the environment.

When the skin is dry, it allows the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and increases the aging of the skin. The longer it leads to the crack in the skin, which is never a good idea since it exposes the skin to various infections.

When the skin is dry, it can lead to inflammation and itching of the skin. When not treated properly it can lead to redness of the skin. Taking in clean air is very important to your health and that is why we recommend the humidifier crane. Ultrasonic crane cold steam humidifier give you a full 24 hours comfortable wet and clean surrounding in its middle position.

Its effect covers a range of 250 sq.ft. Crane Ultrasonic Cold Steam Humidifier uses an ultrasonic technology to reduce dryness in the air and increase humidity. This helps in the relaxing cough and nasal congestion. Ultrasonic crane cold steam humidifier comes into play 5 beautiful colors that may be suitable for your painting room.

It is important to know that at Greg Richards-we give you the best ultrasonic humidifier critiques, such as the cool crane view steam humidifier. In this review of the humidifier crane, we will demonstrate that the best way functions and the best way to use the humidifier drop crane in your home.

Characteristics of the ultrasonic crane cold vapor humidifier.
Noise: This is the most reason why we say that the ultrasonic crane cold mist humidifier is the best humidifier I would ever use. Iy operates with a minimum of noise and can be used while sleeping. Ultrasonic crane cold mist humidifier helps in the treatment of cough and nasal congestion, can be placed in your bedroom and the direction of the fog plume can be adjusted to deal with your bed while you sleep.

Convenience: Crane moisture percentage by ultrasonic cold mist humidifier can be adjusted up or down to adapt to room temperature. This helps maintain the humidity required for your room and health. Ultrasonic crane cold steam humidifier comes with a clear and simple design that makes cleaning, filling and carrying very easy.

Comfortable water tank: Most bottom-filled tank-design is poorly designed, but the ultrasonic crane cold steam humidifier comes with a removable top loading design. This means that it can be filled from any place where it is placed or taken to the sink to be filled. The tank can also be filled with the use of a tap or a cup. Make sure the lid is placed securely to prevent water spillage.

Efficient humidity: low and moderate humidity is what you need. Nasal passages are irritated by dry air and can cause itching on dry skin. Ultrasonic crane cold mist humidifier provides you 40-70% humidity level which makes it one of the best humidifier.

Large capacity and efficient moisture outlet: The ultrasonic crane cold mist humidifier tank is capable of maintaining one gallon of water, which equals 2.3 gallons of wet moisture. This amount of moist moisture is suitable for daily use and covers a range of 250 square feet.

The compact size and easy to use: Freshest crane ultrasonic steam humidifier proved that it is easy to use. Ultrasonic crane cold mist humidifier does not require any fancy operation switch and the ultrasonic crane manual cooling steam humidifier is easy to use. It does not require being a genius to understand technology and configuration. The size is compact and can be easily moved from one place to another.

Easy to maintain: Cleaning the ultrasonic crane cold steam humidifier is simple, as it does not have a complex design. Even when there is a need to change the air filter cartridges, they are cheap to get and simple to fix.

The best way to clean and maintain the ultrasonic crane cold mist humidifier.
Place the device on a raised surface or platform, possibly a table. Do not place it on sensitive wooden furniture. Cover the table with a thick cloth and place it. Filtered distilled water is highly recommended to be demanded in Crane Ultrasonic cold mist humidifier because the water that contains minerals will damage the equipment.

On a regular basis clean the machine by emptying the water tank after use so it prevents bacterial contamination. For the disinfection of the basin of the use of water and tank of white vinegar and fresh water. This should be done on a weekly basis in order to increase the useful life of the equipment. Let the solution sit for about 3 minutes and rinse with clean water. After rinsing ensure that the container is completely dry before storage.

An effective way to relieve cold and flu symptoms.
It requires 1 gallon of fresh water to give 2.3 gallons of moisture.
A filter is not required.
Easy to refill when used up.
Fast humidity up to 250 square feet.
Automatic power off function is activated when the water from the tank ends.
Silent and safe machine for use during sleep hours.
A dimension of 9.8 "xc14.7" x 9.8 "
A weight of 5.6 pounds.

You do not like bubble noise through its minimum.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Hope's Relief Scalp & Hair Therapy Shampoo Review

Are you looking for a natural alternative for dry scalp care? Do you want a soothing, soothing and non-medicated dandruff maintenance among those packer shampoos? Then Hope's Relief Natural Hair & Scalp Therapy Shampoo is just what you need. Formulated with a quintuplet of natural assets with Manuka honey, aloe vera and licorice, you will surely feel relieved, calm and protected.
Hope's Relief  Scalp & Hair Therapy Shampoo Review

With an impressive yes and no list of natural dry scalp itching saving ingredients, Hope's Relief Natural Hair & Scalp Therapy Shampoo is a diamond in the rough. Trust us, you often do not find a list of ingredients like the one we're going to detail here. With 5 natural non-clinical active ingredients , Hope's Relief Natural Hair & Scalp Therapy Shampoo could very well be your answer to flay days without risks.

Founded in 2006, Hope's Relief wants to ' solve their skin problems ... naturally '. The company was driven by a man's mission to solve personal eczema: suffering and struggling for more than 10 years. Malcolm thought he could find a better way ... and he did. A husband and wife team that Malcolm and Julie want to share with you. With more than 30 years of experience in natural products and an eczema cream without steroids, awarded and very commented, its expansion in the dry scalp shampoo is an important factor.

Professional appearance, but not medicinal. Intelligent and clean Reliable and easy use. In the first appearances, you receive a 200ml hope relief box of adequate size that has a natural formula free of unpleasant . The box says that Hope's Relief is a proud supporter of the Eczema Association Australia, which is where Hope's Relief is founded. Outdoor advertising also promises 1) to soothe the itch and 2) Desquamation control: perfect battle winners for dry scalp caused by eczema, Derm SEB or dandruff

Natural activity to consider. The hopes are high.

When you open the box, you will discover a white cap bottle with the well-chosen purple mark of Hope's Relief. There is also a useful pump supplied. After deploying the pump in Hope's Natural Relief hair and scalp therapy shampoo, you have a handy shower application.

Note: Do not use it as a travel shampoo with the pump in place, as it will leak. Save the cover to travel with Hope's Relief shampoo.

The bottle is great, so how do you wash the Hope's Hair & Scalp Therapy Shampoo therapeutic shampoo?

Now this is where your experience will be a little different. The Hope's Natural Hair & Scalp Therapy therapeutic shampoo is not the usual shampoo consistency. Being more like water than shampoo, the application may seem a bit difficult. Some more pumps are needed to truly feel that you have a good extension on the top of the head.

For the benefit of softer natural ingredients, the consistency may be compromise, but if Hope's Relief Natural Hair & Scalp Therapy Shampoo can work to clear the itchy scaly scalp, it's a small one to do.

You will also experience significantly less foam than a typical shampoo. You will definitely find yourself using some more shampoo pumps than usual. A change that could be great for your dry, scaly and damaged scalp. Why? Because high foam cleaners tend to contain harsh sulfate, write the ingredients, which can be extremely drying and irritating to the skin.

The wash performance is excellent for dry hair and dry hair, but if you have a classic oily case of dermat seb, you will find that your hair is a little straight, dull and lumpy.

This is definitely a mild cleanser - designed to preserve your skin's natural oils.

Now in the most important part. The substance behind the brand - formula. What's in Hope's Relief Natural Hair & Scalp Therapy Shampoo and does it work?

A decidedly different formula, Hope's Relief Natural Hair & Scalp Therapy Shampoo is based on a combination of natural assets 5;

1. Manuka honey NPA 10 +

2. Aloe vera

3. Licorice

4. Gotu Kola

5. Calendula

Are these options worthy of their place? Do they work? Can they effectively resolve excess scaling and itching?

We start with Manuka honey, a specific type of honey with known antibacterial benefits. There is a proven link between seborrheic dermatitis and the presence of Malassezia yeast. Honey can be specifically effective against yeasts that help control scalp populations. There are also some small-scale studies that suggest that honey can help cure the eczema conditions of the hands, help heal wounds significantly faster and help the skin against irritation with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity.

We can tell you a little more about the Manuka honey that Hope's Relief uses in its Natural Hair & Scalp Therapy Shampoo thanks to the end bit - NPA 10 +, which means peroxide-free activity , a classification system used to qualify antibacterial activity. 10+ is from low to medium, a grade used to help maintain healthy and happy skin.

Next, aloe vera, n extract with a significant history of soothing skin, soothing irritation and the prevention of sensitivity. Published studies tell us, aloe vera can be effective for psoriasis and can help heal wounds and prevent inflammation, effects that often cause itchy skin. As the ingredients go, there are no large-scale test studies, but again, for already well-known and non-patentable ingredients, this is not necessarily an indication of effectiveness.

3rd up, a popular ingredient for skin care, licorice, which has a complete trophy of benefits: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant, antifungal and more. Again, small-scale studies show that concentrations 1 and 2% may be effective in the treatment of atopic dermatitis.

Gotu Kola is another natural with similar benefits although less studied. Gotu Kola is an extract from the Asian pennywort. Used meaningfully throughout the history of Asia to help heal skin conditions, modern science now suggests that Gotu Kola can help improve the overall health of the skin and, at the same time, be effective in the treatment of psoriasis

Our final finisher of quintuplets of ingredients - Calendula. A highly effective solution for acute dermatitis that anecdotally is used to treat wounds while possessing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

While most of the natural products found in Hope's Relief Natural Hair & Scalp Therapy Shampoo have only small-scale studies, their combined effects are much greater than those alone.

Hope's Relief Natural Hair & Scalp Therapy Shampoo has been formulated with imagination and style. If you are not sensitive to betaine or alcohol, this is a very good natural alternative to help you find a healthy and happy place for your scalp.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea infusion - Home Remedies

This aromatic herb is one of the best known and recommended by herbal medicine specialists to treat various conditions. Find out what your benefits are and to what extent it should be consumed to be effective.
Chamomile Tea  infusion

Therapeutic action

Internal use

√ Digestive, antispasmodic and carminative (favors the expulsion of gases).

√ Protective and repairing of the gastric membrane, which is suitable for those conditions of the digestive system.

√ Soft sedante.

√ Diuretic.

√ Anticancer.

In which cases to use it
√ Obesity, circulatory diseases and rheumatism: it favors the elimination of liquids in the body and toxins, being interesting not only to lose weight, but also in that set of ailments that improve with the elimination of water and uric acid.

√ Sinusitis: it deflates the breasts and eliminates the germs that cause inflammation.

√ Depression: relieves the physical effects of psychosomatic nature produced by it such as palpitations, heartburn and headache.

√ Cancer: the influence of caffeic acids, and flavonoids in the prevention or improvement of cancerous processes has been demonstrated.

√ Gastritis, diverticulosis, colic: favors difficult digestion and helps to expel gases from the digestive system. The azulene, for its anti-ulcer value, as well as the antispasmodic values ​​of the jaceidin and the gentisic acid can carry these properties.

√ Liver problems: stimulates the production of bile and liver by protecting this organ and helping it when a disease appears.

√ Intoxication: helps to reduce unpleasant symptoms. It also helps with irritated or inflamed bowel relaxation in diseases such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease.

Recommended dose
Take 2 to 3 cups per day of an infusion of a spoonful of dried flowers per cup of water.

In the diet
√ In case you want to incorporate it into your purifying diet, it is advisable to consume it with melon or pineapple.

√ If you prefer to incorporate it in the meals, it is ideal to take it with cooked vegetables of choice (chard, spinach, pumpkin, carrot, broccoli, etc.) and cheese to flavor them.

Prolonged or too many treatments can lead to digestive irritations with vomiting. In addition, in certain cases it causes insomnia and nervousness.

Do not use:

√ If you are driving because it may cause drowsiness.

√ If you are allergic. Although it is strange, chamomile can cause reactions such as bronchoconstriction with internal use and cutaneous reactions with topical use.

√ If you have fever or hay fever, it can aggravate these conditions.

√ Do not combine with anticoagulants, anti-inflammatories, barbiturates and aspirin because it can potentiate the effect of these medications.

√ Due to its sedative effect, you should not consume alcoholic beverages due to its sedative effect.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Chickapea Organic Chickpea and Red Lentil Pasta

Chickapea Organic Chickpea and Red Lentil Pasta

Chickapea Organic Chickpea and Red Lentil Pasta

What Chickapea Pasta says: "Only 2 ingredients: chickpeas and organic lentils."

That is true. These pasta made in the United States are composed only of chickpea flour and red lentil flour. Just cook them in boiling salted water before eating them with the sauce of their choice.

The list of ingredients is "very simple and short, made of whole foods little processed. These pasta have a higher nutritional value than whole wheat pasta or other gluten-free pasta. "There's a lot of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.
Chickapea Organic Chickpea and Red Lentil PastaChickapea Organic Chickpea and Red Lentil Pasta

These pastas are certainly more satiating than white or brown pasta, with or without gluten. They are an asset to your table, especially if your guests usually raise their nose on legumes or if they are sensitive to gluten. Suggestion, if their strong taste does not seduce you, mix them with pasta of wheat.

Vegetable Spiralizer Bundle - Spiral Slicer

To put more colors in your plate - and eat more vegetables - nothing beats the spiral cutter. Initiation to this gadget that turns heads (and zucchini).
Vegetable Spiralizer Bundle - Spiral Slicer

Spiral Slicer - Vegetable Spiriser. Now you can prepare wonderful salads with incredible looks in your home. Finally you can slice your vegetables and make the same dishes as those served in Japanese restaurants !! With the vegetable spiralizer you can, in an easy and practical way, turn into spirals several types of vegetables like zucchini, pumpkin, celery, carrot, potato. Simply place the vegetable on one of the two ends of the spiralizer, and rotate it. Perfect for preparing spaghetti of vegetables, to serve your salad in an innovative way, or even to decorate your dishes. Use your creativity and surprise in the kitchen.

These spirals seduce, in fact, fans of crudivorous, palaeo, vegan, gluten-free diets and, more broadly, omnivores who want to add color to their dishes. "It's convenient to include more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

The Spiral Slicer is a type of revolutionary vegetable peeler!
It is perfect for cutting small strips of vegetables and thus turning food like carrots into noodles.

So you can create highly healthy culinary innovations and replace masses and carbohydrates with nutrient-packed products.

Here are some characteristics of the Spiral Slicer:

  • Works for various vegetables, peels various vegetables and fruits like zucchini, such as carrots, apples, pickles, sweet potatoes, onions, beets, mandioquinha.
  • With the aspiral peeler, besides being very well sliced, the food will make a presentation in the dish worthy of renowned gastronomic chefs!
  • With the vegetable peeler, the food is cut into a spiral shape and you can make innovative creations.
  • The spiral peeler has two types of blades to achieve spiral and spaghetti shapes. Thus, cutting vegetables in small slices is a technique for preparing different meals.
  • This is because, when the product is cut with a vegetable peeler which ensures thinner blades, it is possible to reach a much higher level of seasoning fixation.
  • The Spiral Slicer has high safety because the blades are not exposed in any of the external spaces!
  • It is a way to turn vegetable consumption into a pleasurable activity and thus, to encourage consumption.

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, the product has been designed with great planning so that the cleaning is facilitated, without the risk of accidents with the blades.

In addition, all the compartments that are part of the Spiral Slicer fit inside the main tube!
Because it is extremely compact, it fits in any corner of the cutlery drawer and will always be on hand for continuous use.

Check current price on Amazon

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Proactive 3-Steps Acne Treatment

Proactive 3-Steps Acne Treatment

Whether acne, stressed and impure skin, freckles or age spots - here comes the solution for a flawless complexion:
Proactive 3-Steps Acne Treatment

What is the cause of acne?
Acne causesHow is it possible that some people suffer from acne for many years while others do not know this bad word?

In fact, some people have a skin that is prone to acne. This does not mean, however, that acne necessarily occurs, but only when certain triggering factors come together.

As long as acne bacteria, based on our inner skin balance, can carry out their actual task - protection against harmful microorganisms - they are harmless to humans. The bacteria feed on the secretions of the sweat and sebaceous glands. As long as the production of the secretions is balanced, our skin stays healthy.

Acne causes? As one of the main causes of acne is repeatedly called an overproduction of hormones, which stimulate increased sebum products.

As a result, the skin produces too much sebum, which then clogs the pores and eventually produces an inflammatory reaction with painful pimples, cysts and pustules.

An overproduction of these hormones is only 1 trigger factor (out of a total of 5), which in most cases can solve each independently.

What is Proactiv and how does it work?
The Proactiv brand has developed a revolutionary 3-step care system that fights pimples .
In step 1, the skin is cleansed with the exfoliator "Skin Smoothing Exfoliator", which consists of gentle exfoliating granules, glycolic acid and salicylic acid concentrate.
Step 2: The "Pore Targeting Treatment" powerhouse ensures that the salicylic acid is transported deep into the pores, so that sebum and bacteria have no chance to develop pimples and the pores appear smaller due to the active ingredient.

Last but not least, the skin is moisturized in step 3. The "Complexion Perfecting Hydrator" is responsible for this, a moisturizer that smoothes, softens and smoothes the skin at the same time effectively during the sleep.

The products are simply applied in the morning and in the evening. Even after the first few applications, improvements in the appearance of the skin should be visible

Step 1: The first step is to cleanse your skin with the Renewing Cleanser. The exfoliation removes dirt, oil and dead skin particles that stick to the pores. Your skin is thoroughly cleansed.
Step 2: Your skin will become softer and clearer in the second step with revitalizing toner. Dander is carefully removed. (The toner does not contain alcohol.)
Step 3: In the third step, use the lotion that soothes, nourishes and protects your skin. The Repairing Daylotion prevents clogged pores and helps prevent the formation of new comedones and pimples. The Repairing Night Lotion cares for you gently and at the same time effectively during the sleep.

Stars for Proactiv
Stars such as Jessica Simpson, Vanessa Williams and top model Ella McPherson are reportedly using Proactive Solution or promoting it. Britney Spears says, "Proactive Solution has completely changed my life" - but certainly that's what everyone says for their pay. Contents of the Proactiv Solution Package: Renewing Cleanser (120 ml), Revitalizing Toner (120 ml), Repairing Day Lotion (60 ml), Repairing Night Lotion (30 ml), Refining Mask.

Attention: Since the peeling removes dead skin cells and accelerates the skin renewal, sun protection after the application is a must

Monday, 4 December 2017

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream, Bestseller in the US: This is in great demand on Amazon.

When the number of clicks for a skin care product so rapidly skyrocket, even the most hardened beauty professional will be alert: The sales figures for the cream "Egyptian Magic" in the United States by just 5,000 percent (in words: five thousand!) gone upstairs.
Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream

Egyptian Magic - that can be the hyped miracle cream
We took a closer look at the cream and it is a real all-rounder, especially for the approaching winter: with ingredients such as nourishing olive oil and anti-inflammatory honey , it not only provides the complexion with long-lasting moisture, it also soothes sensitive problem skin.

But that's not all: A blob kneaded into the hair, makes the lengths beautiful shiny and less brittle. Dry, cracked skin on the hands and nails heals faster with it, many swear by their positive effect on stretch marks .

And that's not all: "Egyptian Magic" should also help against acne, reduce the pores, make the complexion shine, help with wounds, stings, sunburn, as a make-up base and remover work and and and ...
Does it really sound like magic, right?

Stars love the Egyptian Magic Cream
The recipe - consisting of 100 percent natural ingredients - is said to have been handed down from ancient Egypt and already several hundred years old. Apparently, Cleopatra should have cared for her skin with the cream.

Today stars like Gisele Bundchen, Madonna, Emily Blunt, Rashida Jones and Jessica Stam are fans of "Egyptian Creme" - and the list can be continued endlessly.

Kate Hudson, for example, takes care of her complexion before flying for several hours with the cream, Brooke Shields uses it as an eye cream and hair mask, Eva Mendes cares for her lips and Kate Bosworth conjures up a mega glow in her face.

And since the miracle cream costs only few dollars, we can safely try it out, right?