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Monday, 1 May 2017

Hanwag Men's Tatra Wide Gtx Boots

Hanwag Tatra GTX boots takes you on a trekking tour

Hans Wagner, like his grandfather and father, learned the trade before becoming self-employed and starting Hanwag in 1921 in Vierkirchen, Germany. His small business developed and he eventually created ski boots for the Olympic Games of 1936. Footwear for skiing, climbing, paragliding, trekking added to the catalog with success. Now part of the Fenix ​​Outdoor AB group, the company continues to grow.
The Hanwag Tatra is constructed from a piece Nubuck leather, so there are hardly any stitching and the shoe has a nice classic look. The specifications are anything but classic. A rubber bumper on the front and on the heel and of course a breathable Gore-Tex membrane for dry feet. The tongue folds open up, allowing the shoe attracts easy. The laces on the forefoot running smoothly on ball bearings. Between the liner and the sole is a continuous plastic sheet that ensures that the shoe is pretty heavy. The midsole and sturdy leather construction ensure sure that this is one of the heavier shoes from the test. The shoe allows well resole. At the bottom is a Vibram AW Integral sole with a strong profile which both rise and fall provides good grip.Here the Vibram sole shows its strength. Excellent grip both in rock, clay paths and grassy slopes. The shoe further provides excellent support to the ankle, the foot is well absorbed when descending, and when climbing the heel is fixed neat. The one-piece leather uppers designed there asking to be walked for a while, in return, you get a shoe that is shaped perfectly to your foot where you will experience many years to come.

To the high peaks with your Hanwag Tatra GTX
Hanwag Men's Tatra Wide Gtx Boots

You especially enjoy the mountains. You appreciate being able to go to the assault of its steep ways and to traverse its sloping meadows. You know, then, that in order to get away so well, one must be well-dressed. Mountain hiking requires, among other amenities, a good pair of shoes. Thus, the Hanwag Tatra GTX trekking shoes will be totally adapted to your activity, providing you with a considerable comfort, whatever the season. Everyone will find among the articles proposed the ideal model which will offer many qualities, making the hours of communion with nature even more pleasant.

Robustness and flexibility in Hanwag Tatra GTX

Since the mountain has no secret for you, your hiking conditions will be greatly optimized with your pair of Hanwag Tatra GTX shoes . You can, depending on the type chosen, make it coincide with your running conditions and season: waterproof model for a wetland trip, model with adaptable crampons for the snowy high mountain or glaciers. Made of natural leather and waxed suede or mountain bovine leather, these shoes are specially designed for the toughest situations with proven resistance. Different weights, between 375 grams and 760 grams, will make them lightweight for extra flexibility or sturdy to hold your foot and ankle better during your trek on the summits. Strong laces and fastening hooks reinforce this footwear. Everyone can find the pair that suits him, from 37 to 48.5 and gray to ruby ​​or tone buff to the earth tone.
Hanwag Tatra GTX perfectly fits you

Here you can find the pair of Hanwag Tatra GTX shoes that will suit your needs and desires:

Hanwag Men's Trekking Boots Tatra GTX gray
Hanwag Ferrata II GTX ruby
Hanwag Men's Trekking Boots Tatra Wide GTX
Hanwag Men's Tatra GTX Trekking Boots
Hanwag Tatra shoes trekking Men GTX brown

A model that astonishes by its lightness with regard to its reliability on the rugged terrain. Stable sole, flared at the heel, with a well adhering relief. Good blocking of the heel in the axis of the ankle. Construction in sturdy leather with low seams for good abrasion resistance. As an added bonus, with its almost universal fit, its stem that does not rise very high and its collar soft, it adapts smoothly to the morphology and respects the unwinding of ankle. Whether we can appoint a minus? Maybe the weight, but the extra ounce of the shoe on the scale note you'll get back a piece of strength and durability. Not too heavy to lift so, the Tatras is a winner.

Super shoes, after a week of hiking difficult conditions: 20 cm of snow, scoops, bag of 18kg)
They keep hot, do not take water in spite of the day in the snow, the sole is rigid enough but Not hurting the feet, no blisters and lacing a bit difficult

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