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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

GoPro HERO5 Black Review

GoPro HERO5 Black Review

The new Action Cam from GoPro is finally there and is subdivided with the name "HERO5 Black" into the well-known hero camera series. In the run-up, the new action camera of the most famous manufacturer in this division was speculated and discussed. So much can be said right now, many functions have been improved or expanded in the GoPro HERO5 compared to the previous model. There is only one version with the HERO5 Black and you do not have to decide like the predecessor between Black and Silver. Users can also look forward to new features such as voice control. How the HERO5 performs in the test and what it actually can, is detailed below.
GoPro HERO5 Black Review

First of all, it is important to clarify what is included in the scope of delivery and what is also needed. The scope of delivery is usually small at GoPro and thus also with the GoPro HERO5: In addition to the Action Cam is a battery, whereby the HERO5 is supplied with energy. The well-known waterproof housing is not included in the scope of supply. It does not have synonymous, because the HERO5 is now waterproof without housing (up to 10 m depth). In order to be able to attach the camera to different brackets, there is a frame which once passes around the camera and is fixed to the brackets using the typical screw.
GoPro HERO5 Black Review

There are also glue holders (flat and curved) to attach the HERO5 to various things such as a helmet. In addition to the mounting clip, the USB-C cable is also included in the scope of delivery, whereby the HERO5 can be connected to the PC or to an adapter with the socket.

  • GoPro HERO5 Black Action Cam
  • battery pack
  • frame housing
  • Adhesive brackets (flat and curved)
  • mounting clip
  • USB-C cable

Technical characteristics of the GoPro HERO5 Black

Who now hopes for an 8K resolution, unfortunately, must be disappointed. But anyone who has once thought about a 4K resolution should realize that this is completely sufficient and a resolution increase would bring many problems with it. Nevertheless, the HERO5 has very good technical characteristics, which are located at the top of the Action Cam division. Let's begin with the video recording. The following resolutions are possible here:
GoPro HERO5 Black Review

4K at 30 fps
1440p at 80 fps
1080p at 120 fps
The photo recording is also good enough with 12 MP and ensures sharp shots. More exciting, it is now with other technical functions of the HERO5 Black.

The HERO5 has a 2-inch touch-screen, with which the camera can be operated well and the film can be tracked directly. It can even be viewed on the camera and cut. Waterproof up to 10 m, the GoPro is now even without a housing. If you want deep diving, you should get an additional housing. With the 1-button operation, recordings can be started quickly without having to select a mode first.

But there are also very new abilities of the action camera, which inspire while reading. Voice control, good image / video stabilization, direct cloud upload, exposure control, GPS and RAW & WDR photos. These new features are discussed in the text below.

Operation and processing

If you ever had a cheap version of an action cam in your hand and now get the GoPro HERO5, the difference will immediately notice. The processing of the materials and their surfaces is very good and has an extremely high quality. Very well also the operation of the touch screen, here is only a little fingertip feeling is required. Likewise, the operation works by means of the voice control, more about this below.

New features

The new functions of the HERO5 have of course deserved a special consideration and these are now under scrutiny. Anyone who still has questions after this section, should be happy to comment on them in the comments section.

voice control
The control from a distance or without touch has so far only been possible with a radio remote control or by smartphone. The remote control costs however however additionally money and the WiFi for the smartphone control has scratched quite at the Akkulaufzeit. Therefore the language control is a super feature, to be able to trigger the GoPro at no extra cost, without additional equipment and without a hand. The following functions are available for voice control:

GoPro Start recording video
GoPro HiLight
GoPro Stop video recording
GoPro photo shoot
GoPro Start recording
GoPro Start Time Recording
GoPro stop time recording
GoPro video mode
GoPro Photo mode
GoPro serial image mode
GoPro time-lapse mode
Turn off GoPro

The voice control really works great! If you do not reach the camera by voice, because you are in action or the camera is placed too far away, a remote control with microphone can be used.

Good video stabilization
Through an advanced stabilization, videos should be even more professional and liquid. What for the hobby filmmaker may be rather secondary, can be for a (semi) professional filmmaker quite an advantage. Because quality is synonymous with video recordings through, and especially in the action division, smooth shooting is particularly important. In the test, the video stabilization has so far convinced, but this must prove above all at fast speeds with strong position changes.

Cloud upload
As we already know from many other areas, GoPro now also offers a cloud service. This must be activated as a GoPro Plus subscription and the HERO5 uploads the photos and videos directly into the cloud. What is exciting is how this function affects the battery life. Likewise, the user has running costs, which are paid by monthly contribution. However, the cloud service is a great feature to be able to access the recordings and share them with other devices regardless of the location.

GPS data
Recordings now receive GPS data, which allows position and speed to be accurately output. The speed display will surely soon become popular with action videos and so will be measured directly on ski runs or mountain biking tours now with GoPro video.

Rating 7.5/10

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