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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

BleepBleeps Sammy Screamer Motion Alarm

BleepBleeps Sammy Screamer Motion Alarm

Sammy Screamer is a motion detector to help parents keep an eye on children

Have you ever wished you had an extra set of eyes in the cookie jar, or someone making sure that children are not hidden outside their rooms when its time to do homework? Looking to help with these and a host of common parental duties is Sammy Screamer, a small motion sensor that sends alerts when it detects movement.

With a built-in accelerometer, Sammy Screamer beeps and sends an alert to a companion smartphone app when motion is detected. Using Bluetooth 4.0, the device connects to an intelligent at a distance of 50 m (164 ft) phone. The volume of the acoustic signal and the sensor sensitivity can be adjusted through the application, which is associated with the back and a magnetic loop fastening, it allows the alarm can be tailored to serve different purposes.

Examples provided by the company include installation in the stroller with a sleeping inside so you know baby when you wake up, slipping on a door handle so you will be notified know when someone leaves (or in) a local, or stick it in the fridge to keep naughty snackers in between meals.

The simple functionality of the device could see its use extends beyond an extra pair of eyes for parents, however, it does seem central focus of the company. For example, it could be hidden in your front door to warn of an intruder, or connected to your bike so that will alert you if a thief is doing with his ride.

Sammy Screamer is the first of a line of breeding assistants BleepBleeps developed by London-based startup, each designed to help in different aspects of parenting. The company aims to release other devices connected in a span of five years, as Tony Tempa, a thermometer digital ear, Cecil G a GPS bracelet to track the whereabouts of her son, Ultra Stan, scanner ultra pregnancy sound and Master Bates, male fertility tester.

Sammy Screamer works with a normal button type battery which the company says will last six months of moderate use. It is compatible with any iOS or Android 4.0 Bluetooth enabled device.

Sammy Screamer currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, promises US $ 65 are available with the estimated August 2014. You can hear from CEO Tom Evans BleepBleeps video on Kickstarter shipping team down.

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