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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Yamaha 2700 soundbar Review

Yamaha MusicCast YSP-2700: sound projection comes back strong

After the excellent sound bar YSP-2500 and bluffing Sound Projector technology (YSP), Yamaha is back with the YSP-2700, a model that shifts into high gear adds Wi-Fi, the multiroom and a new Cabinet low. Yamaha shows us once again that he has mastered his subject.

Like its elder, the MusicCast YSP-2700 has a very neat construction, at the same time discreet, elegant and solid. It fits easily in front of most TVs or easily attaches to a wall with the supplied mounting kit and template. The front panel always has a very readable front panel which is placed on the right side of the bar.

The YSP-2700 is always well equipped in terms of connectivity. Despite the loss of a Toslink connector and aptX for Bluetooth (A2DP, AVRC and SBC, AAC), this model gains flexibility thanks to the arrival of Wi-Fi and its lot of possibility (DLNA, AirPlay, Spotify Connect and compatibility with some streaming services). To go even further, the MusicCast multiroom is integrated. We will dedicate a test to him as soon as possible. Another nice point is that the Bluetooth connection is not just one-sided, because the YSP-2700 also acts as a transmitter in addition to a receiver. So you can easily connect a headset or portable speaker wirelessly.

In addition to the wireless connection (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth), the YSP-2700 offers 4 HDMI ports (including an ARC), Toslink optical input, digital coax input, RCA L / R analog input, RJ45 port, An input for the Intellibeam calibration microphone and an RCA subwoofer output.


The formats supported by the soundbar are numerous. One can mention the decoding DTS HD and Dolby True HD and file formats like MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, WAV, FLAC and AIFF. On these last 3 formats without loss, the bar can play files whose sampling frequency is up to 192 kHz. The complete list of formats read is available on the manufacturer's website. On the HDMI side, there is always pass-through management of all formats up to 4K Ultra HD (60 Hz / HDR, HDCP2.2, 4: 4: 4) and 3D.

The Yamaha YSP-2700 is always easy to install and use, while offering advanced settings for the more experienced. The small front display shows the essential information, supplemented by a user interface on the TV screen to navigate more easily and see more clearly. The upper side of the bar conceals a few buttons (volume, tension, mute, source ...) and 3 leds (activation of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and power on).
Yamaha YSP-2700

For a sound bar, the YSP-2700 offers a well balanced and rich set, which is still less pruned for musical listening. Unsurprisingly, the voices are clear and well defined while benefiting from a highlight. The Clear Voice option allows you to detach them more radically if you want to hear your program or the newscast, for example. The subwoofer gives us deep, diffuse and warm bass than the YSP-2500. Even if the bass may lack percussion from time to time, it remains natural and never obscures the rest of the spectrum. The high-mid / treble are revealed in a gentle and detailed manner, without going into the higher bid. However, they can become more aggressive and sharp if you are too shifted from the listening point (too close or too much on the sides), especially in surround mode . The different DSP modes proposed, although not essential, remain interesting for their work on reverberation.

The system is very powerful and will not hurt to sound a lounge to watch your favorite movies. Distortion, discrete, but not inaudible in the low / low-medium, can become too present if you push the bar of sound to excess. Better to stay at a reasonable level of listening for a perfectly clean signal.

Notably disappointing, the restitution of the Bluetooth input is quite confusing and suffers from a few cuts and especially from a large lag (almost 550 ms). Fortunately, there is Wi-Fi to listen to wireless!

Sound rendering well balanced.
Subwoofer performance.
Nice reserve of power ..
High performance sound spatialization.
Quality of manufacture and discretion.
Connection / complete remote control.
Intuitive operation and fast configuration.
Automatic or manual calibration.

Quality of transmission in Bluetooth.
Distortion not negligible.

Yamaha is another hit with this YSP-2700 sound bar. The sublime manufacturer's YSP-2500 by further improving a little more sound rendering and adding more functionality with Wi-Fi and multiroom . The sound projection, which is always as bluffing, offers us an immersive experience incomparable in the category of sound bars with a subwoofer. Too bad the integration of Bluetooth was a little sloppy.

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