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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Wewood Wood Watch Review

WEWOOD watch Wood / wooden JUPITER BEIGE Dual Time Watch

The world is nowadays always cleaner, we make organic, we recycle, we repair, in short, we want a better world. Natural and original, today the wooden watches seduces eco Fashion enthusiasts. In recent years, the market has developed and new, very trendy brands are emerging. As most of them are still little known today you will  discover some of these very promising wooden watch companies.

wooden JUPITER BEIGE Dual Time Watch

The wooden watches field has no of possibilities, with a wooden watch from the Wewood catalog, Kerbholz, SPGBK,Komono, AB Aeterno are some brands available in market. you may opt for a singular and trendy accessory in a true ecological approach. The wooden watches are available in a variety of wood species and offer a wide range of colors and designs to suit your outfits and to be worn easily in any occasion. Let yourself be surprised by bracelets and dials with the most unusual shapes and styles, the most trendy! The Wewood wood watch speciality is ecological watchmaking. Behind the choice of wood as raw material, there is not only the desire to propose an innovative product. The Wewood wood watch is primarily engaged in an eco-responsible approach. So, Each of the models is handmade in wood from eco-managed forests. In addition, for every watch purchased, Wewood is committed to replanting a tree.
Wood is an a typical or even unusual material to design a watch. Yet it is a noble material, which may be perfectly suited to the manufacture  timepieces.
 For many years, wooden watches had a simple design, seeing boring and were sold  excessively at expensive prices.  The arrival of new watchmakers has given a fresh edge to this market, which is not to displease us. Those who are so attached to steel watches and most reluctant to wood watches , I will try to make you change your mind by presenting you some trusted brands who are very skilled in the use of wood.

Wewood wood watches

We had not really been seduced by their first watches, but weWood was able to improve the design and originality of its models. Made from wood chips recovered in factories, WeWood creates 100% natural watches, and moreover they are beautiful. The brand has for the moment a little more than 40 different models, different in designs. The brand now offers a wide variety of colors, shapes and dial sizes. One can find the simple round model, has a square or even rectangular model, offered in 3-4 colors, or rather 3-4 different wood materials. For men, we liked the Duhbe and Corium models for their refined dials reminiscent of those of steel watches. On the women's side, we appreciated the originality of the Pardus model with its leopard print dial or the very feminine design of the Criss models.

The prices of these watches also seduced us, the Duhbe or Corium being displayed for men and for the female models (Pardus or Criss).

The smallest ecological: WeWood is a company that fights against deforestation by planting a tree with every wooden watch sold


Conclusion: since wood is a natural material, on 2 similar models, depending on the season and the age of the wood, the color may be lighter or darker, the marks on the wood will not be the same. Each watch is unique and this is what adds exclusivity for a very reasonable price. I recently took a WeWood watch for giving gift to my uncle from amazon. Packaging level, the watch is delivered in a friendly little cardboard cube (recycled?). No tree killed to make this watch, recovery wood, a tree planted for each watch purchased, Etc. The ecological watch par excellence. The model Jupiter Beige watch impressed by its lightness, 59 grams weighing for an imposing object, and that stands out sobriety on the street. I just have a little apprehension over the long term, I do not know how will react the wood with the years, I read that there were no worries, so let's see. I proudly gave the gift to my uncle, wooden watch thinking of this tree that grows somewhere thanks to me.

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